Intense Knee Pain

I had to have an x-ray yesterday on my left knee. Went to see the doctor a few weeks back, as my knee was really painful. Felt like a deep rheumatic pain. Typical for the last week it has been fine and I felt a bit of a fraud yesterday when I had my x-ray. Hubbie thinks the cold weather made it worse a few weeks back. Sometimes it is difficult to ascertain whether it's fibro or some other related problem. Anyone else had this. I must admit, my knee does pop and crack; as my feet and ankles. Bit like rice crispies lol.

Tannels x

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  • Hi Tannels,

    Sorry about your knee I know I too suffer I had a terrible accident some 33 years ago achieved ramming my knee and putting my femur through my hip socket nasty. It is now giving me grief probably arthritis etc butb very painful. I also snap crackle and pop especially going up stairs.

    I hope you manage to get relief .


  • heheheh! the rice krispie syndrome I have that heheheh! :o

  • Hi Gins

    Goodness me, that was a nasty accident. It probably is arthritis that has set in and it must be painful. I have been using one of those hot wraps you put in the microwave, which takes it off a little, plus the painkillers. I must be rattling by now. Thanks for your reply.

    Tannels x

  • mine sound like a bag of buttons.

  • What a good description :) xx

  • hi i had that with my knee my rhumatolgy doctor sent me for an mri and i have osteoarthritis and will need a new knee.not saying you have that but i would request an mri .xx

  • Thanks for that. I will wait to see what the x-ray shows and then request an mri if nothing shows up.

    Tannels x

  • Hi

    I too have problems with both knees have had it since i was 14 now i'm 51 I had a new knee 6 years ago which is totally useless dropped me down the stairs wednesday night for the second time in a month I only had the replacement done because i was private with my ex husbands health insurance now i'm NHS its very difficult to get anything done I have demanded my GP refer me back to a consultant and am due to see them on the 22nd October but not seeing the top man himself just a registrar which is annoying so i'm guessing they are going to try and fob me off again. I have osteoarthritis in both of my knees and the weather has definitely aggravated it also have it in both my hands. But there are days i would quite happily amputate my legs from the waist down from the pain even with all the pain killers i take. I hope you get something sorted and they help you because i know its horrible to have to put up with this pain.

  • Thanks for replying. Sorry to hear you had a fall, hope your ok. It may well be osteoarthritis. I had an operation on my middle finger right hand last year, the tendon snapped and left the tip of my finger hanging. I had to have it pinned. Plus there are definate bends at the tips of some of my other fingers. Swan neck deformity. Another lovely title lol. With regards to the consultant, I agree. I had private health care when I was working, but it's true, you only get to the see the registrar when on the NHS. I hope your appointment goes well.

    Tannels x

  • I have been having a lot, lot of pain in my right knee. Went to have an xray 10 days ago so going to arrange to see doctor but he will probably tell me there is nothing he can do for it. I am on Zoromorph so he cannot understand why I should have ANY pain at all.

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