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My right leg has just given up!!!!!!


I know that we all blog about different things happening to us Fibro wise......and I just wanted to ask a question really but it is too long and could be classed as a Blog :-)

Does anyone have a long term problem with walking....well to be exact lifting a leg? Last May my left leg started going off on an angle due to a knee replacement I needed! Then end of May my right leg began to be hard to lift if I was in the car or sat down anywhere. I also noticed that to sit back in a seat was impossible I just could not do it ( shouffle my bottom back in a chair.) Then in June I was driving and my leg was hard to lift onto the brake from the accelerator . I stopped driving that day!!

July and August it was worse and still today I cannot lift it even in bed,I have to have my leg lifted into bed,or into the car . If I try to lift my leg on my own into the recovery position I get a very excrutiating pain in my groin.

My reason for telling you all this is because my Dr and Fibro clinic and Surgion all just say it is muscle wastage due to Fibro,and that I have had an acute Fibro flare.....surly not for a year,so I just thought I would ask on here. My life is so affected by all this where I used to "live with " cvfs and Fibro it now rules me to the point of stealing my life! :-(

I used to be out and about all of the time now I am lucky if I am well enough once a week or two weeks,I cannot ever book a day or so ahead.

Love Light and Rainbow hugs to you all x ((((((((((((((((((((((((( :-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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I don't have leg problems for me its my neck and shoulders had to give up driving and I can't plan anything either ... I have gone from mrs mission planned and completed to mrs spontaneous .. Not easy when you feel great at 7am and nothing is open....

I certainly feel for you and I feel that fibro and arthritis have taken over......... my brain and personality is me ... But my body is Definately not the one I thought I had

VG x

rainbowdancer in reply to Hidden

Thanks VG Not even sure my brain is mine as I often speak gobble-de-gook and no idea what I am trying to say!! Very scary times x

i have drop foot ( spine problem) and the whole leg drops as a nerve is severed and you cant work your leg a bit like a stroke it causes great muscle wastage too but i was thinking why dont you ask to be referred to an orthotics specialist they make or fit you with all sorts of leg braces etc which can help you. They have calipers and foot raisers too and spine braces and bits and bobs for your hands and arms . The spine surgeon referred me and its changed my life . I also have had my car fitted with lots of adaptions so i can drive ( i use a wheelchair sometimes but i also want to keep walking a bit coz its good to keep going) good luck worth a try x

rainbowdancer in reply to peely

Hi Peely sounds like what I have going on, I have asked my Dr and if I lay down they lift my leg and rotate the hip and I have good movement just cant do it on my own, I will ask again. I am seeing my Orthopaedic Specialyst in two weeks maybe he can help. Although he did look at it last time,and said my muscles were wasted and I needed physio. They told me to use the pool because it would be better for me ,but I am bandaged up to my knee's so cant go to the pool!

Thanks for your help will keep in touch x

I had the same problem whilst driving literally couldn't move the leg - sounds strange but my knee felt as though it was twisted around the wrong way and nerve type went from my groin down my leg and made driving dangerous :-( so no driving rely on daughter .

That's what mine did,a year ago now! What did your Dr say it was due to?

when you lay down flat on your back does your foot flop? and the other stays in positiion? If it is dropfoot there are operations available but if the nerve is damaged it cant repair itself ( there is a 72 hour window for nerve repair in the spine) Perhaps ask your ortho about a orthotic referral to help keep you mobile . Best of luck x

rainbowdancer in reply to peely

No my foot turns in and I cant lift my leg at all,and when I turn on my side it kills me as it is so heavy!! The worst pain is in my groin x x

and to Mo1967 there are lots of things out there to help keep us walking, driving my car is fitted with different controls so i use my hands to do the things most use their feet for but its not for everyone i know x

big hugs


Anyone who has physical problems with driving can ask for an assessment at a Driving Assessment Centre - here's some more info

Thanks everyone for your comments x

That rings bells for me too, was at Physio just before Easter and she put me onto a electric bike which does the work for you, and it was agonising in my right groin. That is also the leg that drags and can trip me if I don't concentrate 100% when walking. Well, Shuffling in my case!

Cheers, Midori

Hi it might not be anythink to do with what im gona say but you have got pain in your groin area that is also a sign that your hip is playing up . i could be wrong but get your g p to check your hips good luck with it all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Both my legs are giving me jip at the moment. I'm finding it nigh on impossible to walk and now use a stick or crutches. I don't know what's causing it or what to do about it so sorry I can't give you any advice, I just wanted to let you know you're not alone in your struggles xx

My legs are worst, especially the right one. I can have pain all the way from my right buttock to my ankle, and even my toes if my gout is playing up too. I've never been offered anything just stronger pain relief and exercise. Yeah right! You try exercising in that much pain. End of that doctor for fibro.

Checked with the Dr today and he said because I had at some time last year torn a muscle,my fibro etc makes it heal longer than others. I have not been able to walk for a year next month had no physio as such and now my other leg is bad. I even thought I was going mad...or should I say more mad but it is all my health and family streaaing me out that is making my mind weird x

Thanks for all your help and love.

Hugs Rainbow x x x (((((((((((((((((((( ;-) )))))))))))))))))

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