Good morning all--knee pain

Can someone suggest what they do for nerve and bone pain. I need my knee scoped but can't be done till July. I have tried ice, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and went to emerg last week and they gave me morphine, but it didn't do anything, so didn't take anymore.

The surgeon said that narcotics will not help bone or nerve pain. I don't have a tub so can't soak in that. :(

With fibromyalgia involved it makes it even harder due to all the muscles involved around it. I have been sleeping in a recliner as I cannot get comfortable in bed.

Any suggestions? I told my husband the pain at times is worse than what I went through after I had a knee replacement on the other knee.

I am trying to be positive and at least I can walk with a cane. :)


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  • I can relate to the knee pain, and your struggles to get on top of it.

    As you have experienced already, there is not much that can help. However I did find some relief from using 10% Ibruprofen gel I had on prescription. It would be worth a try and could be approved over a telephone appointment to save time.

    Sleeping with a pillow between your knees can help and if you sleep on your back a thin pillow underneath the knee eases the pressure.

  • Yes I have tried all those things too. He is wondering if the pain is behind the knee cap and maybe also a meniscus tear, but their is also nerve pain coming from the L5 in the back and down the knee.

  • I got a lot of help/ treatment from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture for a knee problem. Have you had a MRI confirming the diagnosis. Some people find doing certain knee exersises helpful, so maybe worth getting an opinion from a Physio. Perhaps you have Physios at your surgery. I'm not knowledgable on scraping of knees.

  • Thanks for your help. They did try acupuncture with no relief. I am doing physio and massage as well. Massage therapist said today that she has never seen anything like it before as the kneecap won't move. It is the nerve pain that is so horrific!

  • "They" being ? Your doctor do you mean. I was saying Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Huge difference..

  • Have you tried 10 machine that's good for pain , might see you over to hospital suzey X

  • Yes I have tried that with no relief either, but will keep on trying different things. Thanks for your help.

  • I use BioFreeze doesn't take all the pain away but certainly gives a different sensation. My chiropractor has helped with my leg pain by manipulating my neck. seems my neck is out and making everything else wonky. just call me wonky donkey! Maybe a heat pad or alternate hot and cold wraps. It's awful to be in constant discomfort and pain. As Bluebell says a pillow can help. I sleep with one between my knees to keep the pressure off the hips and knees. Not a 100% cure but every little helps.

  • I also have tried biofreeze and it doesn't do anything either. The other night when I tried to sleep in bed, I had pillows under legs, between legs under chest and head as the physiotherapist thought that might help. It didn't. :(

  • Try a gentle swim

  • I am going to try that on Friday to see if that will work. I think there is neuropathy involved in the leg as well down to the foot.

  • I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees which gives me pain 24/7. I alternate between meditation, Tens machine, tramadol, hot water bottles, magnesium spray and voltarol. I don't use the same thing all the time as I believe your body gets used to something and it becomes less effective but what I use all work for me to an extent but nothing takes the pain away fully. Good luck. hugs Joolz.x

  • Hi MaryBac

    I am so truly sorry to read this my friend, and I personally use a TENS Machine for arthritis in the same area and I have found this does help with my pain levels. There are other medications that you could discuss with your doctor such as Amitriptyline or Nefopam if they feel they would suit you?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken. I have tried most of those things and the doctor put me back on gabapentin and amitriptyline. I have not noticed a difference. I am on toradol also but between the bone and nerve pain often it is uncontrollable.

    They did try cortisone but that didn't work either.

    I am not sure when things started going downhill. I had septicemia in December and almost died. I think after that, that things started going downhill. They figured the strep A came in through the open areas in the head from psoriasis.

    I will look into magnesium spray.

  • Good luck my friend

  • Hi I have painfully knees I got some gel from the doctors it's called FENBID it really helps and when I am walking I got a knee brace it takes away the pressure give it a try it might help you

  • I am new to commenting so bare with me apparently I have minimal arthritis in my knee but due to fibro the pain experienced I cannot describe in words all I can say is I've got a very high pain thresh hold and don't winge for nothing ,I am on a lot of prescribed drugs have been for years ,morphine 100mg ,pregablin 300mg. Diazepan, temazipan,duloxatine all taken twice a day ,my knee has been that bad I've called A and E and begged for help also to the point I want to commit suicide, and told them if they didn't help I would take my life ,(that says how bad my pain is) the response is quite shocking ,I'm told every time there nothing they can do coz I already on to much medication and twice the recommended daily dose of morphine so basically deal with it ,well hang on I'm saying its unbearable and u won't help and the issue of me saying I'll take my life not even being addressed either I was devasted but then someone told me to try the aci patch it costs 5.00 for a 7 day trial ,I laughed and said as if have you seen my meds they urged me to try it so I thought a fiver not a huge loss if it didn't help so I ordered and waited till it come still thinking why have I wasted a fiver but anyway I attached to my knee with micropores tape and waited ( members of family and friends laughing coz I sort of believed it would help) anyway that eve I thought "am I loosing it ,is it in my head," I called my sister and said I can't actually work it out is it in my head that its helping ,and she said it can't be ur usually screaming in pain by this time of day ,I thought OH MY GOD I ACTUALLY AM ,so all I'm saying is this for five pound this thing whatever it is or however it works has helped not saying no pain at all but certainly 40/60% better than when in worst pain my mobility has also slightly improved and my odema around my ankles has halved I don't no how or y or anything but please for a fiver try it you never no thanku. Good luck. Karen. ( forgot I also have regular steroid injections in my knees ). Doesn't help either

  • Hi Mary the only thing I can think of which hasn't been mentioned is the fentanyl patches, they are anasthetic patches that can be applied to unbroken skin anywhere. I have used them on my neck/shoulders, knee and hip. Fingers crossed for you

  • Anything is worth a try, I read in the paper yesterday that research has shown if you increase fibre in your diet you can reduce knee pain considerably.

  • TENS unit. Can buy at Walmart or drugstore now.

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