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Knee pain &call over pain

My knee swelled up two weeks ago for no reason think I did to much walking had X-ray went to disscus with dr she has given me cream to rub in with chilli in it ??? I've had creams jells all sorts before but hey go I'll give it a go got so much on mind too can't remember stuff left the hot tap running all night as left the fridge door open while I went to work (only work hour a day) but had been out of flat for three hours oooops everything is in pain at the mo so much to do so little time as always but can't be bothered to go bk out once I'm in I have four lots of stairs to go up & down to get to my flat only got one thing to look forward too spending Xmas with my daughter son in law grandchildren & my son oh & my hubby who walked out on me after 16yrs so not sure how that will go but hope everyone has a happy Xmas & new year xxx I just wanted. Moan really xxxxx

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So sorry to learn that you are having so much trouble and so much pain. Hope the chillies work for you and soon.

Christmas with your ex could be difficult but remember the other people there and keep your moaning to this web site. Christmas when I was a child were not happy my great aunt always came and moaned and complained all the time and I am still upset about that.

Gentle hugs.


Thanks Hun I will enjoy it my hubby is really ok we are really still quite close think he just had some sort if breakdown so anytime spent together is good just cnt stop loving someone after all the good times we had not one year was bad he changed my life when we met although it's changed big time since he left too but thankyou & I hope you have a good Xmas too xxx


I agree about loving people I broke up with a boyfriend of 7 years because it was not progressing but I did care for him, Remember he sent me a card when I got married saying how disappointed he was. :-D


I've heard of these creams with chilli in them, but have not tried them myself. Hope it helps, x


Four flights of stairs would stop a lot of people going out more often than absolutely necessary can anything be done about that for the sake of your knees if nothing else.


The thought of you having to climb 4 flights of stairs makes me want to lie down with exhaustion.

The capsicum cream can be good unfortunately mine was prescribed for my back where the skin was already very tender so I had t stop using it as the effect was too harsh but I have heard it really helps some people it will certainly warm your joints. Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands afterwards as there is nothing worse than being not thorough enough and then rubbing your eyes.

I think this time of year everyones brains feel like they are disolving.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas.x


Hi suwie

I am so sorry to read that your knee has swollen up in this way, and I genuinely hope that it is much better for you for Christmas. I also hope that you have a wonderful Christmas despite your ex being there?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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