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Knee pain and swelling

Hi everyone, newbie here, although have been reading your posts for quite sometime as fibro was first mooted as a possible reason for all my symptoms about 5yrs ago. I get the fatigue, brain fog, the ceaseless pain in back and legs and arms preventing sleep, but I am also now getting spontaneous knee pain, which feels like a knife being driven through my kneecap, and accompanying swelling. When I've been to gp to query this I'm told that I've obviously injured my knee by banging into something or twisting it during exercise etc, no way will they believe that this has occured spontaneously, often overnight when I'm doing nothing more strenuous than lying in bed trying to sleep! Has anyonr else had this problem, and if so any suggestions for easing the discomfort? Thanks in anticipation! :)

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Evening Choco bunny, so sorry to read you are having problems with your knee. I too have a problem knee which I injured some 33years ago in a car crash Yes I crashed my spitfire into a sewage van. My Mothers expletive at the time was "Oh S****** " I struck my knee hard by the impact of the colision and my knee on the glove compartment. It put my Femur through my Hip. It was my knee the reason for my Hello. My knee curiously shouts like yours. I believe it is arthritis and wear and tear and my knee increasingly shouts the odds.

As a new member welcome to our marvelous new site, we are very pleased to make your acquaintance.

do look around all the pages and it is well worth a look at our mother site

www, also


You say you have been about a bit so I am glad you decided to post.

Take care and enjoy



Hi chocobunny,In my experience with fibro it is very unpredictable you can I feel fine one day and the next day you can hardly get out of bed,and also if you bump or hurt yourself the pain is twice as bad it hurts for hours.the pain I get can be legs ,knees,fingers elbows,back shoulders hips and it can be spontaneous shooting pains,I find a nice warm bath or my favourite is my hot water bottle I find it helps to relax the muscles and also make sure you take your meds if you are on any.hope you feel better kim xx

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Hello Chocobunny,

Sorry to hear that you are having pain in your knee's I know what that is like as I suffer from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in my knees, hands, lower back and neck. The pain you describe is like a red hot knife being pushed in your knee? I get that a lot with my arthritis and the swelling. Have you thought that it could be arthritis? Sometimes doctors just don't realise the implications that this thing brings and seem to make it feel superficial. That is what I get at the doctors, I went to see a rheumatologist but had been to about 3 in total before I got a proper diagnosis. They then said I had inflammatory arthritis and prescribed Hydroxchorequine ( can't spell!) I don't think sometimes they have the complete answers themselves! I was then put back in the care of my G.P who totally ignores my Fibro. You must keep trying to get the answers as I have found if you don;t there's no-one who will help.

Take Care


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Hi Chocobunny :)

Welcome and I am so glad you decided to post :)

Your symptoms do echo those of fibromyalgia and we have a FAQ - I have symptoms of Fibro, how is it diagnosed? and the link for it is below

There are some handy links and info on it which may be of use to you :)

It can take years to get a diagnosis some times especially if your doctor is not too familiar with the illness. My problems started when I wan 19years old and every time I went to bed my knees were crippling me with pain I was told I had tight hamstrings and to take some pain-killers ie. paracetamol. I left feeling devastated as I had been very athletic most of my life and knew what tight hamstrings felt like :o I finally got a diagnosis last year aged 39.

Incidently, I now get it in both elbows and hips too :o

Your description sounds very similar and I'd like to say don't give up, hopefully we can help, advise and support you on your journey :)

There is an article in our 'Learn More About Fibro' section on our Mother site which Gins has already given you the link for, about dealing with doctors which I thought may interest you and the link is below :)

Becoming An Expert Patient: Article 3: Dealing with Doctors

I wish you wellness and am looking forward to seeing you around :)

Fluffie hugs and smiles

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Thank you all for your replies ... I have asked various gp"s if this knee pain could be arthritis related but 99% of the time my physical symptoms are put down to depression ... a problem that I know from reading posts a lot of fibro folk also encounter :( .. I acknowledge there is depression BUT this is due to the physical pain and discomfort that totally dominates the life of anyone unfortunate enough to be afflicted by fibro, sonething only a few members of the medical profession seem to be able to get their head around :( ... Altho I wouldn't wish fibro on my worst enemy, its nice to know there are plenty of people out there who understand purely from experience and not from reading a medical journal!! :)


{{{{{{{ choccobunny }}}}}}}

Fluffie hugs

xxx sian


Hello chocobunny, I don't think that you should be getting swelling on the knees with fibromyalgia. If your knees swell up, if they get warm and red than I would advise you to see a rheumatologist as this could be a sign of inflammatory arthritis.


Hi Chocobunny

Welcome to the forum and it wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have arthritis in my knees so the go red and get swollen quite often. I do not know if this is what is happening to you?

I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

Take care



Hi, I don't get a knife pain but my knee swells up, I was sent for a scan and of course couldn't find anything wrong! And they put it down to fibro so frustrating x


Take a look at this discussion. You might find something helpful. Seach the forum for your issue too. We aren't the first or the last. SUpport forum; I love it. Here is the URL:


hi chocobunny

welcome to the site hope you find it really useful you need to keep on at your gp as it is a suprise how many of them don't acknowledge fibro hope you can get help with your knees it does sound like arthritis.


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