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Pain pain and more pain

As if things were not bad enough i had to have a fall yesterday, believe it or not i fell over the cat, yes the cat. spent the morning in A&E severely bruised my ribs on the left side, badly bruised my knee, twisted my ankle and fractured my scaphoid bone in my right wrist. The pain in my ribs is almost unbearable, can hardly move. Sleep is virtually impossible. So much for having a couple of good days from the fibro.

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OH my goodness, so sorry to hear that Linda. These little furry creatures do get under our feet don't they. We have two relatively small dogs and I am forever tripping over them, they seem to aim for my feet!

My eldest son broke his scaphoid on duty a couple of years ago, I expect you are in plaster now. I was going to say it sounds like your ribs are bruised too, that's really painful isn't it.

I hope you've been given adequate pain relief. Try to rest, take your meds and hopefully in a few days time the bruising will have subsided and you should feel more comfy.

Incredible all those injuries over a cat, it proves how dangerous they can be in terms of falling and tripping etc.

Take care my dear.

(((hug))) xxxx


You are in a right mess there hun and all down to the cat. I am not sure which is more dangerous to have around, a big dog or a small cat, both equally capable of sending you flying. I have a lot of falls but it is mainly due to my balance issues, part Fibro, part menieres and deafness. Me and the floor are very close indeed, but feel free to cut in anytime you like. But on a serious note I often am amazed at the scrapes we get into along the way. I can only hope that you start to repair soon. Little tip here, if you have a wheat bag(or can get one) just heat it in the microwave and put gently on your ribs, it may help. I do that when my COPD kicks off, it eases the ain in the ribs, just a thought xxxxx


Poor you as if you have not got enough to contend with. Hope your pain relief kicks in soon.

I fell over my little dog a few months ago when I was having a good spell and hurt my ribs so have every sympathy with you. I bought some Arnica gel from the chemist and rubbed it gently on the bruised ribs as I was told Arnica brings out the bruising, seemed to work.

The worst thing is Don't Laugh its a killer !!!!!!!!

take care gentle(((((((((HUGS))))))))


OMG! poor you. my dog does that all the time she follows me around like me and my shadow especially if there is food about. Like ozzygirl said wheat bags are good or even a hot water bottle but dont fill it too much as you want beable to bare the weight. I really hope you feel better soon as with one thing and another you have enough to put up with.

Take care vikki : )


Ouch. I had a fractured rib in January so I really do feel for you.


11 days on from my fall, i am still suffering with bad pain, sleep is impossible, have not been able to do a great deal, Saw doc again on tuesday, told me i do have a broken rib, gave me some anti inflammatorys as well as the painkillers. He said it would be a while for it to settle and the fibro will make things feel a lot worse. I am sick of the pain now, tired and fed up with not being able to much, my house needs a good tidy and clean but can only do a little at a time. Have a trip to Beverely Christmas market on Sunday, Looking forward to it and dreading at the same time, there will be crowds there and i am worried about getting knocked, because i know it will hurt. On a lighter note i go away for 5 days on 17th to Folkstone and there is a day trip to France.


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