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Excruciating pain in knee area 2 years after full knee replacement

I had a knee replacement 2 years ago (am relatively young for one but have had wonky kneecaps since birth so my knees have worn out faster than they should) in one knee. Recovery has been very good. Am at the point now where everything had settled and was doing well. However, every so often I get this incredible stiffness that comes on suddenly around the knee area then intense pain, exacerbated by painful spasms at the back of my knee and upper calf - the pain radiates down and up my leg. I can hardly walk and my knee becomes unstable (the intense spasms make it buckle underneath me).

At first I thought it was directly down to the replacement itself and saw a consultant re my knee in December but its fine in itself.

I now feel its because of the op the FM has apparently begun to affect this area more (at the moment anyway).

Found an interesting article re this and it does make sense


And bizarre as it may seem had a chat with the vet/physio that treat my dog (they're probably more qualified than my GP is and any physio they might send me to) and she put me on to back on track products as I need support for me knee when I walk the dogs (something that gets me out) and have now ordered a knee support, which look very interesting particularly in the cold weather we have now

Am trying to work my way through this as its so painful and debilitating when it occurs - the pain is as bad as it was when I first came out of hospital after my knee op but am reluctant to ask for morphine when it happens (am currently on tramadol, gabapentin and paracetamol) but it means I can't work because of the pain then and can hardly walk but then am not eligible for any benefits either as it while in pain I can carry out most tasks but may not every day ;)

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So sorry to hear of such rotten on going problems. I do hope you achieve a good balance with pain killers.

Welcome to the site and do please take the time to have a look at ou mother site.

Lots of useful leads to articles that may be of use to you

Best wishes



will let you know how well the new knee support goes - interesting idea


I had a total knee replacement 2 years ago.

I gather from the surgeon they're not as good as hips - in that you always know you've had it. Mine still doesn't respond fully but I'm giving it some gyp. It WILL see things my way. I'm sorry to read you're having extra problems. The spasm must be muscle but the pain seems to from the ligaments. They have a poor blood supply and heal very slowly. Hugs and good luck :)



Know what you mean re knowing you've had it mine was quite settled and doing really well till this but do think the FM is making it more unstable and weakening the muscles so feel its back to square one and doing specific exercises for it.


So sorry to read of your ongoing problems and I wanted to wish you all the best of luck

All my hopes and dreams for you



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