Pain in my left knee, unbearable :(

Hi, I have had unbearable pain in my knee, I slipped when the snow was here and my knee made a clicking sound and the pain has been really cruel, I had an ex ray and its come back clear !!!!! I can feel it and hear it when I move it, gp has put my butrans patches from 15mg to 30 mg but its still agony, I just don't know where to to turn with it, I'm really struggling at the moment, can anybody help, I'm desperate :(

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  • I would have thought you would have been referred for an mri scan by now. Pain is our body's way of telling us that something is wrong and something is obviously wrong with your knee. X rays only show a bone injury but you could have done anything to surrounding ligaments tendons etc. I would go back to your gp and ask for an mri scan, its all very well giving you pain relief patches but you wuld think they would need to know the cause of the pain. Please let us know how you get on ....Charlii xx

  • Sounds like a soft tissue injury - cartilage or tendons - they don't show up on Xray tho' they are terribly painful.

    Try an ice-pack, well wrapped, and put your legs up on bed or sofa and rest as much as possible.

    You could possibly take some paracetamol and codeine as well as the butran patches, but you should telephone and check with your pharmacist beforehand to make sure that's safe for you.

    This is going to be sore for a week to ten days, but you should be more comfortable in a few hours - if not, back to your doctor!

    Moffy x

  • Oh thank you so much ladymoth and charlii, it seems that my doctor puts everything under the fibro umberella, I also take a large dose of gabapentin, amitriptyline for the pain and venlaflaxine and seroquel for depression. I honestly think my doctor cringes when I go in :). I've tried ice and heat and nothing makes any difference, the pain is starting to go down my leg and to my Achilles' tendon that I ruptured about 10yrs ago, I think it's just a waiting game.

    It's so nice to know that you understand thank you :) xxx

  • Pennie,

    If this pain has been longstanding and nothing improves it, you should go to A&E.

    They will arrange some investigations for you, and give you some decent pain relief.

    Most soft tissue injuries improve greatly within 48 hours if rested and 'iced' so something is obviously much amiss

    You are getting worse, not better, and are in pain - so it's an emergency!

    Your doctor has no right to cringe when you go in - as I've said many times before, our taxes pay doctors a very generous salary to look after us, and they should do the right thing, not cringe!

    Take back some control and off to hospital with you. If they say you should have seen your GP, then point out that you are going to complain, which I hope you will!

    I do hope you get some relief soon!

    Moffy x

  • Hey moffy, I will go to A&E on Thursday if no improvement, my doctor once told me that I have a very high pain threshold but that's the case for all of us fibros as we would never move :) I'm going with my friend tomorrow to pick up her new car and on Wednesday I have to go to the hospital to have 2 teeth taken out :(( very grim, thanks again moffy, night night xxxx

  • Let us know wot happens. I have similar issue with my left knee. Had mri and only gen. Wear and tear showed. It is v painful and feels cold to touch xx

  • I have fibro and I am always told by hospitals after my 11 ops I must have a very low pain threshhold to be in so much pain after an op when other people are up and about....

  • FWIW a low pain threshold is a core symptom of Fibro - we genuinely do feel more pain from far lesser stimuli than is normal.

    However, many people with Fibro have a high pain tolerance (because we have to!) - we don't complain or what we would consider a moderate pain someone else would consider severe.

  • Have you not been referred for physio? It's a sensible course of action with any injury that doesn't quickly resolve, Fibro or not

  • I too have pain in my left knee, I was referred for a knee scan and am still waiting! My knee was swollen when I saw the rheumatologist although he insisted it wasn't I had my friend with me and she could see it was swollen not massively but still, I had previously been to my gp who noticed my knee was hot and gave me antibiotics, I had 2 weeks off work was hardly in any pain went back this week and last night my knee was swollen, it is so frustrating as your right everything is put down to fibro I have given up with my gp!

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