What do you do to relieve your pain or take your mind off it ?

Thought it would be a good idea for anyone or everyone to share their method of pain relief and maybe some members would have good ideas to share, especially with new members.

Is there anything that you helps, ease your pain in some way.

Do you use pain killers, Do you use a tens Machine, Do you use alternative therapies, Do you use hot & cold pads

I take Pregabalin, Amitriptyline, Solpadol, Quinine Sulphate. Butrans Patches

A hot water bottle Helps my back pain & legs sometimes

An electric heat blanket. Helps my pain in Back, neck, shoulders & knees

Massage. Feel in a lot less pain after a gentle aromatherapy massage

Just ordered an Actipatch Have not got yet but will update if it helps

Hot Shower. When I can manage to shower, definitely help with the heat.

Tens Machine. Help my back but only can use on back, it tends to hurt or tickle anywhere else.

Pillows & cushions. Lots to rest legs on, rest arms on, behind back, definitely help take pressure off.

Micro Beany. Really helps to ease pain anywhere on body.

Beany cushion. Use as support for arms, put on chest to prop book on.

Gentle exersize. Gentle stretches and rocking hips, Palates type movements. Helps, free joints, generally Keep Moving

Swimming Especially in a nice warm pool.

Jaccuzi Nice warm water and massages, really helps my pain.

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  • What a marvellous idea 😀. It will be very interesting to see what helps others.

    Like you, heat is my best friend for pain. And pillows for support. It looks like I make myself a wee nest when I get my pillows organised for comfort. I bought my couch specifically with pain relief in mind, but I know we can't all dash out and do that. Mine was needing replaced so in that respect I was lucky. I also have a body pillow to support me at times of pain at night. With the pillow behind for back support and in front to rest arms, knees, it does its job. They are known as pregnancy pillows. If anyone is considering one, make sure that the stitching at the bend doesn't feel proud or it will dig into your neck and hurt. I have one that I bend to the position I like. Pillow cases are hard to come by 🐸

  • Thanks for that my friend, pregnancy pillows, that's a new one, haven't heard of them. Where do you purchase & how much please. Sounds like a good 1 ☺

    Luv Jan x

  • I will PM you the details tomorrow. If my memory doesn't fail. Please remind me if I forget to send you the details 🐸

  • Okay dokey will do thanx

  • Heat heat heat, Epsom salts baths, lots of gentle walking, heat pads/ hot water bottle., same as everyone else I think. 😃 Bought an actipatch today In Boots.

  • Hi there, thanks for that. Yes Epsom salts, another one I didn't know about. I see quite a few people use in bath. Only trouble is I can't get in or out of bath. Maybe good to soak my feet when they ache though ☺

    Luv Jan x

  • Is actipstch one of those stick on over the counter pain patches? (I'm in US...so maybe we have them but called something else here) thanks

  • Edited By Admin check it out here Katherine it's a free trial for £3. I'm waiting for one but other people have used them and say they are very good. I think it's to do with magnetic properties.

    If you would like the link for the reduced price Actipatch trial please can you send a private message to Janet for the link. Thank you.

    Luv Jan x

  • OK, thank you. Admin removed link. Said to ask you directly for it. No rush. Thanks for your effort...very kind.

  • Hi Arymretep

    Would you mind letting me know how you get on with the Actipatch? I'd be really interested to know what you think.

    Thanks so much. Lu xx

  • I use cushions for support. Like others have mentioned, heat is a big help. My hot water bottle gives me a lot of pain relief. Warm showers or baths help. I use my acupressure mat now and then - like a bed of nails. It sounds awful but it can be effective. It releases endorphins and sends you to sleep! Keeping mobile is a good way to cope.

  • Hi Tuscany, thanks for that. Hmm acupressure Mat, like the sound of that. I love any alternative therapies. Where did you get that from ? Are they expensive ?

    Luv Jan x

  • I have a memory foam mattress needs replacing though now. I would like to get some softer pillows but I have loads and move them around to suit. I use plenty of hot baths ( dont have a shower unfortunately) heat pads and deep heat creams but i could go through a ton of them. My hot water bottle and those lavender microwave bags. I've tried tens it works sometimes. I have just got my trial acti-patch.


  • Hi Elleanne, thanks for that. Yes totally agree with the memory foam. I actually have 2 but the best one I have is in the caravan because its kingsize & no room for it in my daughters cos I sleep in lounge. This one is amazing, it should have been £500 but I was very lucky & got it for £100, it's memory foam 1 side & orthopaedic the other side. It's best mattress ever.

    The one I use indoors is single 12 inch thick & I tend to sink into it to much & it's not easy to move so I have tried for about 6 mths now but can't get on with it at all.

    Yes creams can really help but as you say, I'm the same & just need to use on whole of my body & it's not good to do that I don't think lol but yeah they do help.

    I'm still waiting for my actipatch so let me know how you get on with it please.

    Luv Jan x

  • Hi. Could you tell me what types or kinds of creams you find helpful?

  • I use Movilat gel and its very good and defffo helps.

    Luv Jan x

  • Yes I also have the same nesting instinct as others surrounded with pillows. I always make sure I have my electric blanket on before getting into bed and jim jams warming as if I get into a cold bed it all starts up twice as bad. Haven't got a bath now but used to get into the hottest bath I could stand laced with handfuls of Epsom salts, bathroom lit by candle light, towel warming and MP3 player stuck in ears and tried to just listen to the soothing music, would get out and rub something like Pernaton gel or Musselflex into aching joints and get into a warm bed always seemed to help.

    Conversely some other kinds of pain I have found better after being massaged with a cooling gel.

    I do use a Tens but it only takes the top edge off the pain as in my case I think it just acts as a distractor rather than a pain killer.

    Have just taken delivery of a Medipen so will be trying that out.

    My hot water bottle also is my best friend have one clamped to my hip at the moment.

    Hope to read others posts and pick up some good ideas.x

  • Great idea about warming bed...that might help with some of might night pain once I climb in bed to sleep. Thank you!

  • Hi Rosewine, that defffo sounds like good idea with warming bed with electric blanket. I have got quite a large heat blanket which covers my back which I could pop in bed to warm it, I think I'll give that a go ☺

    Never heard of the gels you mention. I've always used one that's called Movilat, it comes in a cream & a gel, I find gel is better, don't know why maybe not so messy as the cream lol

    I find the same with the tens machine.

    I would be interested in how you get on with the medipen, how does that work ?

    Oh for the Hot water bottle it's my best friend too lol

    Luv Jan x

  • The Pernaton and Musselflex massage gels are a deeply relaxing blend of menthol, glucosamine and green lipped mussel includes essential oils to soothe and unwind. I find it relaxes the tight muscles in my legs and arms and sinks in really well. It seems to have a cooling then warming effect. I've been lucky the last few times to get it off the internet at a cheap price buying three at the same time and I love the smell. You can use it as often as you like unlike the Ibuprophen gels.

    I bought the Medipen as it had been mentioned a couple of times on the site and Ken has bought one for him and his wife and they have found some relief. Haven't tried it yet as I am waiting for that terrible hit of pain when nothing works as that will be the true test of whether it is any good for me. Also I can react badly to things so want to maje sure I haven't got any commitments just in case. Fingers crossed for a good result as we need all the help we can get.x

  • HI Rosewine, sorry I have only just seen your post. That sounds lovely and I will definitely try to get some. I do love massage, it really does help.

    I will check internet.

    Can I ask where the medipen are from. Iv seen a few people mention now and interested if it would help or not.

    Luv Jan xx

  • Thanks for all your info....quick question what is a micro beanie?

  • Hi Katherine A beanie is just a bean bag filled with sometimes lavender or other soothing ingredients and you put in microwave for about 3mins and its great because moulds around your joints and heats them up & very good. You can get them in most chemists now, in all shapes n sizes.

    Luv Jan x

  • You can make your own: wheat grains, Lavender or whatever you like: ie Saddleworth pieces, dried thyme, rosemary. In a bag, sew. Microwave. voila!

    PS don't forget non synthetic material! Cotton good.

  • Hi Annunnaki,

    That's great, never thought of doing that. They can be a bit expensive for what they are.


    Luv Jan x

  • I know, right! For wheat!

    And you can make a long one with wide ribbons to tie to your back if you want. With straps going over your shoulders. It will hold as well as waist staps.

    Let me know how goes.

  • That sounds easy enough Annunnaki, think I might have a go at that. Where do you buy the wheat from though ?

    Luv Jan x

  • If you have an Asian shop it's cheaper. But bring a picture of wheat with you if it's green Street London or language barrier can be a problem. If not health shop. You can try Baldwins, elephant and Castle, UK. If you're over here. They deliver. I don't own any shares in that shop. Wishful thinking. 😔 If you get stuck let me know. 💗


  • Lol you do make me chuckle. ;-) Yes Iv'e just looked on Google & you can buy on Amazon so I'll get some, quite cheap as well.

    Luv n light


  • Hi Janet, thank you for a very interesting post. I have a large amount of medications as I have other medical conditions as well as my Fibro:

    Alendronic Acid Tablets –

    70 mg Tablets. One to be taken weekly

    Accrete D3 Tablets –

    Calcium / Colecalciferol tablets. One to be taken twice daily

    Prednisolone Tablets –

    5 mg tablets. 10 mg to be taken daily

    Ventolin Inhaler –

    100 micrograms evohaler. Two inhalations to be taken as and when required

    Atrevent Inhaler –

    20 micrograms inhaler. Two inhalations to be taken four times a day

    Symbicort Turbohaler –

    200/6 inhalation powder. Four inhalations to be taken twice daily

    Ranitadine Tablets –

    150 mg tablets. One to be taken twice daily

    Metoclopramide Tablets –

    10 mg tablets. One to be taken three times a day as and when required

    Nortripyline Tablets –

    25 mg tablets. One to be taken on alternative nights.

    Sumatriptam 50mg Tablets –

    One to be taken when needed. No more than 2 tablets in 24 hours.

    Pregabalin -

    75mg tablets. 75mg to be taken in the morning and 150mg to be taken at night.

    Co-Codamol Tablets 8mg/500mg -

    2 tablets to be taken as, and when necessary. No more than 8 tablets a day.

    Citalopram Tablets –

    20mg Tablets. One to be taken in the morning.

    Glandosane Artificial Saliva Spray -

    As And When Required.

    Furosemide Tablets –

    20mg Tablets, once a day.

    I also use a MediPen and a TENS Machine for pain. For past times that help me I have my gardens, my aquariums and I collect fossils. But most of all I love coming on here!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • My goodness Ken how do you use Glandosane, I find it really awful :-(

    Pleased you have 'stuff' which helps, did you put Medipen, glanced quickly as I need to run my bath so I'm ready to get in when my PA arrives. A beaker of Epsom salts :-)

  • I put my MediPen down at the bottom of the list. I sincerely hope that you had a wonderful refreshing bath. I miss having a bath as we have a wet room in the bungalow with a shower.

    The Glandosane is very unpleasant I have to admit, but once I have used it there is an instant cessation of my mouth being dry. I just wish it had some kind of flavour to it? Say coconut? Yummy! x :)

  • Haven't you been offered flavoured? Apparently it comes in Tutti Frutti amongst others. Really didn't help me for long enough to make it worth the awful sensation.

    Still have a spray by the bed :-P

  • No! I did not actually know there were ant flavours. I shall ask next time I go to the doctors :)

  • Ken, you like coconut too! I'm addicted. There's a coffee shop call bubbles that does coconut milky tea. Amazing. If you're anywhere near East Ham E6 there's one there. (Don't own any shares there.) 💗


  • Coconut is on of my all time favourite things to eat! I was flicking through the Traidcraft website the other week and noticed they now make a coconut sugar. It comes in 3 different kinds; two are for baking and cooking and the other is for drinks. I may order some next time I order my tea just to try it? x :)

  • There's a COCONUT SUGAR?

    * fainted in excitement*... Can I have the link please I'm hopeless at technology including online. - Carer had to order antipatch for me.- Thank you. 💗


  • Yes, I will send you a PM with the link in a few minutes :)

  • Hi Ken, thanx glad you like post ☺I think its great the people have replied with all the interesting things they use to relieve their pain and I know I have learned about things I've never really heard of so it's defffo helped me & i really hope it helps others too.

    Woweee what a massive list of medication, you must rattle lol

    Obviously have asthma related stuff with all the inhalers. How do you possibly remember it all. Do you have to go through the list everyday to remind yourself ?.

    Ahhh Aquariums are great I love fish especially tropical, unusual ones, so relaxing watching them. Wow fossils, that's really interesting. We are all really into fossils, where do you go to find them.

    We quite often rummage around on the moors with the kids, they love it. Can't climb Haytor anymore sadly but I can manage to have a little wonder.

    We also love to go to Boscastle near Tintagel in Cornwall. I remember when I was little my grandparents used to live on the Isle of White that was good fossil ground lol.

    Yes going back to the subject, I'm going to ask my doctor about the me medipen.

    Same, I love to come on here too. I'm so glad i found it. It's great to chat to everyone where no one judge's you and everyone understands how you feel cos we are all in the same boat. Also everyone is so nice & you can have a little giggle to chear you up. Luv it ☺☺☺☺

    Luv Jan x

  • Hi Jan

    I keep a list of all of my medications on the computer and have a diary alarm on my mobile phone. So when it goes off I get the name of the medication that I need to take on screen. Otherwise I would get completely mixed up! I have recently started on nebuliser fluid as well for my Asthma and COPD which can be a bit inconvenient as I also have a C-PAP machine. So I have a mask on for my nebuliser at bedtime and then have to change it for my C-PAP mask!

    I have several aquariums and my party piece is my shark. He is only about 4 ins long and I have him in a 50 gallon tank. I have collected my fossils from all over the country but I have bought some from the US and Russia if they have been interesting ones. I use to love going walking around Derbyshire and the Peak District but I cannot manage this anymore either.

    I find the MediPen really useful. the only snag I had with it was if I had more than half a dozen inhalations it would give me a headache. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with yours.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Hi Ken, hope your feeling ok today. Seems like your life revolves around medication, must be very difficult. I know last year my dad was on about 23 tabs a day & it was a nightmare for him.

    One of my friends has COPD & has a nebuliser and oxygen too, she is always in and out of hospital during the winter months. She lives alone and quite often has to get an ambulance and by the time they get there she is in a bad way. It must be terrifying

    Derbyshire and Peak District are beautiful. I lived in Northampton for many years, so was a bit nearer for me but I live in South Devon now and I love Dartmoor and all the lovely little secluded beaches around Devon. Best of both worlds, beach & country ;-)

    My Great grand parents were born and lived in Devon all there life in a little village just on the outskirts of Plymouth called Nos Mayo, its beautiful and I kind of feel like I have come back to my roots and I belong here.

    Maybe I was a Pixie in my former life lol.

    Luv Jan x

  • Hi again, I am so genuinely sorry to read that your dad and your friend are having such a tough time of it also, it sounds like a real nightmare for your dad with all of those medications.

    I have visited Exmoor and Dartmoor quite a few times over the years and I really love it down there. It sounds absolutely wonderful where you have moved to, please enjoy it x :)

  • Hello Janet28,,,,I have gone back to basics with my pain relief,,,,,,I now take 30/500 co-codamol tablets,,,,,2 at night getting into bed,,,,,,then have 2 whenever i need them throughout the day,,,,,,trying to keep low amounts,,,,,2/4 as and when needed,

    I have not got or used any of the items you have listed,,,,,,,i have a seat for under my shower,,,when I am feeling weak,,,,,,I have had reiki before,,,,and I felt the energy surge into my hip at that time,,,,I have not been able to have/afford any treatments for a long time,,,,,have to save up,,,,

    I have an adjustable bed,,,which I move to the positions best suited for me,,,and have a pillow under my knees to ankles,,,for soft support,,,,,,

    I have used the radox muscle therapy bath liquid (blue colour),,,on my scrunchie under the shower and it really helped with the joint pain and muscle tension,,,,,

    Not feeling brave enough to go swimming,,,,,,nor aromatherapy massage,,,,,and I took amitriptyline many years ago for the depression I was starting to suffer with,,,but it made me feel sleepy and slow,,,,,changed for another one, with more stimulating actions,,,which suited me better,,,,,, I do not have a bath,,,had it taken out,,,,,

    Been looking at the actipatch,,,,,may try for the free trial to see if it suits me,,,,

    I hope this helps with your quest,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • My Reiki master friend did a distant Reiki. I visualise my handbag, in it a bottle of Reiki energy. Works, to my amazement! Might be worth trying.

  • That sounds very interesting & i am definitely going to look into it & maybe give it a go. I love all alternative therapies. Much better than taking lots of pain killers that damage your liver & kidneys.

    Luv Jan x

  • All the best sweetie.

  • Hi Karen, thanks for that. Yes I take the 30/500 & try not to take to many. I have increased my Pregablin as requested by my GP to help with the pain. I used to have 75 mg but upped to 100 mg and I take morning noon & night & another 1 now to help me through night & that seems to be helping at the moment.

    Yes I know what your saying about the amitriptyline, some people get bad reaction from them. My mum collapsed in the bath after taking them.

    I would so love an adjustable bed, they are brilliant.

    I take the amitriptyline more to relax my muscles to help with the spasms and help me sleep, not that it does that anymore, hence still awake lol. Think I should have larger dose but again not wanting all this medication cos it just makes more problems.

    The Reiki sounds interesting, wouldn't mind giving that a go.

    My daughter is a qualified beautician & Masseur so she knows the amount of pressure to put on and its very slow, gentle movements & heaven, it really helps my pain and the lovely smells from the essential oils are lush, really relaxes your body ☺

    I'm not sure I would want anyone else to do it though, I would be worried they would hurt me & would be tense probably.

    Luv Jan

  • All interesting and helpful comment. I'm going to try that antipatch. And have plans for tens.

    One other things guys:

    1. SOOTHING: soft blanket, nice drink, hot chocolate, even teddy bear, why not?

    2. DISTRACTION: TV, reading. There's FANFICTION, I'll post on it at some point. Look it up. Short stories good for short term concentration 1000-2000 words onwards. FREE. (AO3)

    3. PHYSIOLOGY: guided Meditation, or transcendental like meditation. (again will post)

    4. In the same vein: VISUALISATION: what your brain sees it beleives. So see yourself in a sauna, jacuzzi, beach, and soak the imaginary heat.

    Your brain will start producing endorphins with those, because it beleives it's happening. You're happy, so follows happy hormones.

    Hope that helps.


  • Thanks for that Annunaki, defffo the teddy Lol I actually have a micro beany polar bear sits in my pillows ☺

    Am in full agreement with visualisation techniques and I do practice yoga and meditation, which I might add, has got me through so many very bad times in my life.

    I am an avid reader & have at times red 2 or 3 books in a week. Not so much these days because as you say, concentration can be difficult when in pain. I read a lot of spiritual books.

    My home is full of crystals, fairies and plants, especially Aloe Vera. We burn essential oils & joss sticks & get through untold amounts of candles lol. My daughter is a trained in reflexology which is amazing and really helps. Also hot stone massage and aromatherapy massage, both are brilliant & apart from heat are the only things that true my make me feel better for a couple of days,

    I have just got my Actipatch today & I was in absolute agony with my back but I took 2 painkillers and then I remembered the actipatch. Any was my daught has put on my back for me so I will let you know if it helps.I'm not in pain at mo but as I say just took tabs.

    I am extremely interested in what you are saying about the physiology and distraction techniques. Will very much look forward to your posts.

    Luv Jan xx

  • Thanks Janet28.

    * Blush* it's on my long to do list. Pc died. So temperament phone only part time working technology. I think I have a technology eating Vampire infestation! Cue scary music! Where's Ken? We need a song. Ave Satana? Twilight?

    You live in a lovely home. I'm can picture it.

    Why don't you do a post on helping fairies and hot stone?

    Has teddy bear got a name? 😀

  • Haha oh no lol that's not good these type of infestations can be very difficult to get rid of, a bit like headlice lol.

    Yes maybe I'll post a picture of one of my fairy jars. I'm on Pinterest and I put all my weird & wonderful creations on there.

    Yes it's not very original though his name is snowy lol

    Luv Jan x

  • I'm not on pinrest. Looking forward to pics. Snowy, very cute. Give snowy a kiss for me. <3

  • How do I post a pic hun x

  • Write a new post and under it Is" add a photo". Click on that, on my defective android phone, it's same as adding to text. Does that help? You can add video toi!

    Oh yes, here come fairies! happiness! 💗


  • I use gentle stretching exercises, breathing exercises, heat pads, Epsom salt baths, and distract myself by reading or painting.

  • Hi Mariliz, yes my friend totally agree with the breathing exercises, really helps and helps in doing the excersise with the breathing, just nice & slow & gentle stretching with breathing.

    I read and paint also, I went to art school for 5 yrs & did ceramics & design & i love to buy the polymer clay & make fairies or cover glass jars to make fairy houses & miniature fairy furniture, I make fairy gardens in big jars & pots too.

    It's so theraputic. Only trouble is I get so distracted by what I'm doing I forget to move & end up with Painful knees & usually seize up lol.

    I am very into arts & crafts & as you say, a very good distraction from the pain & i hadn't even thought about it.

    Luv Jan x

  • Post your work woman! What are you waiting for? For us to beg? OK, pleeeeeese? I'm begging, at your feet. 🙏

  • Lol are you on Pinterest ? Hope I can say that 😲

  • Hmm just noticed someone saying they use Magnesium oil to rub into painful thighs. That sound interesting, I'm going to look up that right now to see how that would relieve pain ☺

  • Wow now magnesium is mega important & looks like we are all seriously deficient In it. So many healing properties calms, aids sleep. Just reading someone saying it actually Improved ticks which I find interesting as my grandson has Torettes.

    Anyway makes good reading and am defffo gona give it a go. You can even make your own.


  • If I am upto it I try using crochet as a distraction - though i sometimes have to unravel it all the next day. When I can do nothing a simple repetitive prayer helps to distract from the pain.

  • Yes my friend, crocheting is a very good distraction. I used to knit a lot but makes my hands ache to much now. I do miss it though. I made lovely little dresses and clothes for my 3 girls. I even had a knitting machine for a few years when I was younger.

    I tend to read more now, doesn't matter so much if I dose off lol.

    I also make things with polymer clay when I feel ok. I find it keeps me moving my fingers & hands a little bit and again it's one of those things you can pick up & put down when you want.

    i like to paint as well but dont have so much energy for that or able to sit for that long. I end up making so much mess lol.Then I wish I hadn't started.

    Internet is the best, can lay in bed with my tablet.

    Luv Jan

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