Why didn't I just have a shower!!!!

Why didn't I just have a shower !! That would of been my normal sunday evening but no not me and not tonight. I thought for a change I'd have a nice luke warm relaxing bath . Why ? Who put that thought in my head ? What possessed me ? Ran the bath put too much hot water in so walked away left it to cool so I could put my arm in to get the plug and let some water out . Went back about 20 minutes later water seemed fine so I let some out and put my feet in and oh my lord it felt like I had put my feet in to hells fires . Dame my nerve endings why do the only work in my feet ...pulled plug out had to put cold shower on my feet to ease the heat running up my legs ...... So I ended up having my usual shower in the end . Lol But thought stright to bed now but oh no stripped the bed today and hadn't re made it fiber fogg you have a lot to answer for :-) xx hope you all have a pain free and sleep filled night xxx

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  • Oh I so know the feeling why do we have these stupid ideas. I felt all itchy after having the temerity to think I could do some gardening. I decided to have a shower and then in my infinite wisdom decided to wash my hair as well. So I am propped up in bed absolutely cream crackered with a wet head and just too drained to dry it. I will now have to sit up until it dries or admit defeat and ask OH to dry it which is against my independent principles.😤😒😮

  • Lol I sometimes think our independence neds a kick up bum lol or if your like me you'll put a towle over your pillow and think what the hell :-) I need sleep . Hope you decide soon and get a good nights sleep xx

  • I've decided on the towel method as it is a warm night. My hair will be a wonder to behold in the morning and I shall probably regret the inertia but as the towel is already around my shoulders it is the easiest option. Night night .x

  • How was the hair this morning ?

  • Ha, ha I should have put a picture up but it would probably have given everyone nightmares for a week. To say it needed dampening and a complete restyle perhaps describes it. Gave up in the end and twisted it into a chignon. Well you can tell I am trying to be posh!! Well I twisted it up and stuck a slide through it as I had to go our and help with something and was running out of time and energy. Someone said "you look so different your hair up lovely and fresh" didn't know quite what to think but decided to take it as a compliment.💇👯x

  • Oh I hate that when it's bedtime and the beds not made up. I hate putting duvet covers on and usually make myself scarce!

    I now have a shower stool to sit on which helps when having hair washed. I love sitting with very hot shower massaging my neck and shoulders I can feel the tension leaving.

    I have never been keen on baths but occasionally have one with salts occasionly the pay back pain of getting in and out negates it though.

  • Oh yes mine is usually the hands and knees method lol showers from now on lol :-) a pain free sleep is wished for you xx

  • Ohh sleep would be lovely thank you! Maybe you could try one of the stools they are nothing fancy just light weight and rubber ends to protect bath. Mine is quite wide so you don't have to perch but sit comfortably.

    Wishing you a pain free night slumbering with the Stars X 🌟✨💫

  • I would love to have a long relaxing soak, but I know that if I managed to get in the bath, I wouldn't get out! Got stuck two years ago so showers from now on. :( bad enough trying to fet in and out the shower as it's in the bath. Oh well, at least I'm clean. I hope you are able to sleep after all that exertion. :-)

  • Ohh my what an eventful evening! I hope that your feet are ok?

    I do hope you get some sleep.

    Night 😴

  • stargirl47 , Sorry to hear about your bath...I do love my bubble baths every night#! If at first you don't suceed, try, try again! ! Have a good night.Peck🐤

  • Hi stargirl47

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that your shower eased your pain. i want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and I genuinely hope that you manage a wonderful relaxing sleep.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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