Body wont let me sleep!!!

Holy smokes

It's now 5.18am and still unable to sleep due to pain,ive tried a massage,warm shower,and still nothing. I do wish i could get just 1 nights sleep in a week,i know i will suffer tremendously now later today and be so emotional and snappy.

My eyes are so sore too,they want to shut so much but my legs and arms are killing me,times like this i wish i was a hamster in hybernation LOL

Hope everyone else has had a good night and has a wondeful pain free or at least less pain free day. Hugs to you all my fellow sufferes and friends.


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  • morning Jules, I have been awake since 4 am. I suppose I am lucky in a way that I no longer have to go to work. Having a bit of a tearful wallow in self pity at the moment. xx

  • hi ditto here too been like it coming up 2 weeks at end of tether thank god i dont work i also am in pain all over love to you your not alone bless you love diddle x

  • Hi Julieanne39

    I can't remember the last time I had a full nights sleep makes no difference what time I go to bed. I sleep with a cushion between my knees to try to ease the pain, and have just been told I now have carpal tunnel in my hands which wakes me too as if having fibro was not eneough to cope with. People don't understand what its like to be constantly sleep deprived and in pain but you are not alone at least on here you have people who can sympathise. Sorry to go on but like siver52 I'm wollowing in self pity just now take care everyone xx

  • hi i am same big squashy thing under legs 3 layers on top of mattress and carpal tunnel thrown in for good measure have you got wrist supports they are fantastic got them from physiotherapy unit at local hospital as gp could not prescribe them so worth getting if not can buy them on e bay love diddle x

  • Morning All, yes me too - been awake since 3.30 - again! Last week I kept waking at 4.10 am each day. It's strange in this quiet nocturnal world but I'm kind of getting used to it now, as well as being spaced out all day, lol. Birds are chirping now and it looks sunny so that's a bonus. Have a restful day ladies. x

  • lol awful aint it love diddle x

  • Morning everyone.

    It is nice when it's daylight early and the birds are singing isn't it. Unles you're just nodding off after a wakeful night of course!

    Sue xx

  • wish i could cat nap in day arghhh no such luck love diddle x

  • Try cherry Active Julieann it helps me bit expensive but it works I was only getting a few hrs now i get 4 / 5 its avalible on line hope this helps

    Soft hugs ))) Allan.

  • Sorry to intrude on your world girls I have fibro to over 15 years now :-( not nice so I know how you all are out there have a good day off to sort breakfasts out now. Soft hugs )))) Allan .

  • dont be silly you are not intruding at all nice to have blokes on here too to see it all from there prospective thats not right spelling but washed out today lol and its only 7.30 you keep coming on here lovely to talk to you diddle and will try that what you jus said about sorry fibro fog forgotten what it called was it carrot cake ? lol ( you will have to look at the blogs form and to me in last few days to get that ) serously i will take alook at it as long as my gp says it is ok as dont want it to collide with any other meds i am on cant be too careful love to you diddle x

  • I think there's something in the air. I am getting to the point where I am actually dreading going to bed, as I know sleep will allude me. It's a vicious circle, the more I worry about not getting any sleep the less sleep I get. I can empathise with you completely.

  • hi everyone,i'm new to this forum.I've had five nights of sleeping for only 5 hours,feel absolutely yukky.My FM has returned after it cleared last time with a Fantastic Chinese Doctor,who specializes in accapuncture and some awful thing to brew and drink.Was expensive then,but can't afford again now,LOL.I need to win the lottery and we can all try it.I've had to come off all my drugs because i've now got a problem with my liver.What next,i feel desolate at times.But keep smiling all the same. God Bless,hope you all have quite a good day.Goslingxxx

  • Hi noted about Chinese Dr could you share and where?The treatments that this professional offered may be helpful to others if you would be so kind.gentle hugs

  • Hi Gosling,oh you poor thing,hugs for you hun.As if it's not enough that your fibro has decided to flare up again and now liver problems too,what a poor ordeal for you. I wish you well and we are all here for you,i'm new on here,but past 2 days i have had some lovely messages and brilliant support,such a lovely bunch of people to chat too. Take care hun and keep smiling,hard i know,but smiling is supposed to be very good for Jules

  • Hi

    I am going to ask everyone on here a question and please don't be offended it might be too personal a question. Are you on any medication from your GP? I have been there and I own the t-shit company (lol). `Sometimes I do get to sleep othertimes I end up like you and it's getting light before I fall to sleep and then sleep all day, I used to be on so much pain it is unceleivavble but I spoke to an A&E doctor who went through my medication with me and said that some of the tablets I was taking were toxic and I shouldn't be taking them. Amitriptyline for instance is toxic and can have the wrong affect on your symptoms, (but if you are taking Amitriptyline and it works for you then fine, but DO NOT discontinue without your doctors advice) I have been taking gabapentin (neurontin) and it was the best thing for me I remember the first day I took this little wonder capsule and I actually felt the pain seem to drain away out of the soles of my feet. I have been on this for 5 years and sometimes it helps me sleep sometimes it doesn't. I am on 300mg three times a day and if I miss the teatime one I have a problem sleeping and sometimes if I forget to take them before midnight it will be 4 am before I sleep but if you can take one in a morning (if you are in a job where you operate machinery then I would wait until you can take 2 weeks holiday as it takes this long for your body to adjust to the drowsyness during the day) nd take one about 4-5 pm then the bedtime one is around 9-10pm and I am out like a light until around 8-9am and actually feel like I have been to sleep, I also don't need to be woken I actually wake up naturally. I am not saying that this is ideal for everyone because a lot of medication isn't but I would talk to your GP and see what he/she suggests. Good luck and we have all been there. I sometimes read or watch rubbish on TV which actually bores me to sleep, but it is frustrating when you can't sleep. I had one of those the other night and my carer was due at 10am and it was 5:31 when I looked at the clock and I just didn't want to get up when she came but she made me a nice bath and after I felt much better. Also I used to get mad when doctors used to say whatever you do try not to take naps during the day because it stops you sleeping at night, but since I have a routine with the carer I feel much better and no matter how tired I am during the day I refuse to sleep and it does help to help you sleep at night.

    Best wishes


  • I have the same problem but if I get up my hubby cant sleep, so rather than 2 of us being sleep deprived I tend to just lay there, which in a way is probably a good thing as I do them manage to drift in n out of light sleep.

    I had a chat with my doctor and she has prescribed zopiclone tabs usually 10 at a time and if I have several really bad nights I can take one and hopefully get a full nights sleep which helps for a few weeks until I get to the stage when I need more sleep and so on, I know its not a cure but it sure helps to have at least one good nights sleep no and then, Kim xx (((((gentle hugs)))))

  • Wow I have the same problem i havent had a good nights sleep for years i change the hours i go to bed trying to trick my body but it doesnt work i have very tired eyes, i can lay awake all night and drop off about 5am i think then i could sleep all day, but wont cos i feel guilty lazy even, stupid i know but then the pain kicks in and off we go again. i take amitriptyline which doesnt really work and if it does i feel like a zombie the next day, does anyone take sleeping tablets? hugs to all and thanks for listening x

  • Hi Diddle. I have just had a call from Dr's start physio on hands 2nd May will ask about wrist supports as hospital mentioned them

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