what meds can I ask Dr for with so many conditions?

I need painkillers off dr and she doesnt want me on more than paracetamol. Co codamol is contraindicated in emphysema. I do not believe it is unsafe for me to take every kind of painkillers nhs can offer. So am asking for names of painkillers please. I will check all info presented and then discuss with gp more forcefully when fully informed.

my main conditions are fibro, a group of heart problems under the term of sick sinus disease, Emphysema, M.E. Osteoporosis, Hypothyroid, osteoarthritis

I take diltiazem for heart, Spiriva inhaler for lungs, levothyroxine for thyroid, bumetanide diuretic, risedronate for osteoporosis, vitamin A, vitamin D, and paracetomol as my only painkiller.

suggestions anyone??


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  • Hi Carole, I think your GP is the very wise one, your gp definitely prescribing you if he/she think it is not contradicting, what about trying with alternative treatment such as acupunture or massage

  • would love to try massage but don't drive so cant get to places doing it, plus I couldn't afford it on a regular basis, but thanks for idea.

  • Have you got partner, family that can help you to do that?, in South East Asia they use an empty bottle (any bottle either beer bottle) just massage it where it hurt, or buy a magnesium spray..it might help..be careful what ou eat..small portion often rather then three time a day then big one, I stopped eating after 7pm..its helped me..I do not tend to eat anything that content acid and potasium as well (tomotoes, bananas, orange) its seems really help me..

  • on my own. Will check out the diet side though, thanks.

  • Nightshade family foods flared up my fibro, these include potatoes, tomatoes, aubergine, peppers and garlic so i cut them out when i was flaring.

  • You really must go along with your doctors recommendation, many pain relief meds can supress respiration and as you are already compromised in this way only a GP can advise. I do hope you can get some relief soon. Lou xx

  • I might agree with that, but dr failed to diagnose heart probs despite telling her it was my heart, I had to buy monitor to prove it, also failed to diagnose breathing prob, so again I had to buy screening equipment to prove it before getting diagnosed, and recently had to push again when told I didn't have apnea, got recording equipment and took results in, had the overnight home test and yep. Right again, so I don't honestly think my dr can be trusted, and tend to feel they may not even know my options for treatments. Thats why Im trying to look it all up for myself. Cant change surgeries and only one gp at mine, so am still hoping someone may have names I can look up as possible's.

  • Hi, my idea was to get the names and then look them up, Im not familiar with most names of these meds. I really do not plan on taking anything without talking to Dr first. Sorry if it sounded that way.

    Carole x

  • Thank you whistler for you support

    AnOther member has suggest I should know the basics before suggesting things to you . To me the basic is getting you pain controlled and empathising with you so I'm so pleased you recommended my reply

    Bless you

    Love squeak xx🐷🐭

  • I always thought non steroid anti inflamatries like brufen, voltorol were a no no for asthma and other breathing probs , and opiates can depress breathing

    Your GP may consider codeine phosphate or amytriptyline but if they won't help and you need more analgesic then ask for pain clinic referal if you can wait or tell GP your going to A&E and you will tell them that GP won't help you .it depends on how much pain your in at the time .

    you can google pain killers but GP or any Dr don't like being told what to do best way is to suggest that someone you know has found ............ Helpful .

    There should be no reason for you to suffer but alway do things with Drs agreement hope this helps

    Nice to meet you whistler good luck

    Love squeak xx



    Not nessecarily it depends contra interactions are warnings depends on individual patient and GP . I'm not telling whistler to take any drugs it up to her GP but


    Take care squeak xx 🐷🐭

  • Very amusing !

    Dan there is no reason why whistler needs to be in such pain .if you are on paracetamol you therefore can't have cocodamol.I'm not suggesting anything other than to ask the GP . im not pretending I know it all ,I'm just empathising with whistler .unless you are whistlers GP and you can perform an examination and read documentation you can't decide what contraindications need to be followed so closely . Please do not suggest I have nothing but Whistlers best interests at heart .you make some valid points as I do so can you just leave it at that .thank you


  • Thanks squeak, appreciate the input. x

  • Hi Dan

    as said before, I was asking for medicine names that I could then investigate prior to discussing with GP. I do have an ounce or two of common sense (cheeky grin). Apologies if you misunderstood, and thanks for looking out for me. x

  • thankyou so much, that's very helpful. BNF here I come. x

  • i think you can get hospital transport provided on the NHS if you can prove you're unable to get to the pain clinic (or other medical appointment) independently on public transport.

  • They stopped it where I live, but there is a voluntary car service, so that's an idea. Thanks

  • Whistler

    Is there any chance of you being able to change your GP as it seems they have failed to diagnose some quite serious medical conditions?

    I think perhaps you could do with being referred to the experts at a Pain Clinic so they can look at your specific problems and perhaps find a med that would work for you or offer some alternative treatment like acupuncture or the use of a Tens machine if that was suitable for use with your conditions.

    I know that my friend who has COPD has the same problem and she has been advised to only take paracetamol. She was prescribed Tramadol after an operation which she found very effective but it was only for quite a short period of time and her only other medical conditions were osteo and psorisis. I do hope that you can find something that can take the edge off your pain. I really feel you need some expert advice on this.

    Let us know how you get on.x

  • Thanks. Im investigating now, then going to wait till school holidays because the gp has all of those of and gets a stand in. Might be more helpful. x

  • Thats a good idea. Sometimes a new doctor who is not familiar with us looks upon us in a whole new light and does a proper examination. I have actually found some of our locums excellent. Let us know how things are going with you.x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way and I would think about changing to another GP / surgery? As I am not a doctor I cannot rally recommend any pain killers but it may be beneficial to ask for a referral to a Pain Management Clinic as they would be able to advise your GP on suitable medication. I would naturally be concerned that your GP has missed a couple of serious illnesses that you have now been diagnosed with. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Google names of medications such as 'anti inflammatory', 'analgesics', 'anticonvulsants' (some are used for pain such as pregablin or gabapentin) and amitriptiline. Then check all the patient information leaflets online and take names of safer medications to your Dr.

  • Thanks, didn't think of that.

  • Anytime had to do the same to find a brand of meds that i could take.

  • hi i know that not all meds suite everyone but i suffer from violent thigh pain every day and the only thing that takes the edge off the pain for me is Zapain which is codeine phosphate/paracetamol im lead to beleive that this med is morphine ive tried every tablet,medicine,patch and injection available im still under investigation its just a suggestion so anyone reading this dont need to get on their high horse and start having ago at me for offering you this info i know what is like to be in pain every day hope you find the right med for you take care joanne x

  • Thanks Joanne, at the end of the day it will be down to Dr anyway, as I wont be able to buy medications OTC. anyway, The names are just for me to look further at in order to assist the doc with suggestions Need to start saving now for a fancy soft mattress or topper. x,

  • I have been given Meloxicam. Started off on 7mg (half a tablet) but now need to take a whole one once a day. Also Amytripiline- but it doesn't agree with me so I've had to stop taking it. They all seem to have some side effects.

    Hope you find something- I always thought paracetamol was useless and not worth taking.

  • I am in exactly the same predicament as you! I have a heart arrhythmia & asthma so can't take any pain medication, apart from Paracetamol.

    I have Fibro & Osteoarthritis & am currently being investigated for another possible inflammatory condition. It is so frustrating when you are in pain but cannot safely take pain medication to help ease it. I totally understand how you feel BUT I too like to do my own research & can say with all honesty that I have found NO suitable alternative & my GP regularly checks for me too.

    I love proving the Doctors wrong, given that I too have had a battle!! but sometimes there just is no answer... no-matter how hard you search! Instead I have relaxed a bit & gone for 'alternative' treatments such as Acupuncture & Mindfulness Meditation. It's really hard to give in but sometimes it has to be done to avoid inducing more health problems through stress!

    Failing that, ask to see a Pain Specialist. I have one in my area & he knows all the latest treatments & pain meds.

    Best wishes...

    Debs <3

  • thanks Debs, x

  • Hi ask at chemist they have a better underdstanding of meds

  • good idea. Thanks

  • Hi I'm agreeing with maybe switching GP's they don't seem to have your best interests, I too have asthma talking steroids regular and suffer with heart palpitations (although I'm now not on meds for these) and I take paracetamol, codeine, ibuprofen, amitripyline and have just been put on gabapentin today. I'm just monitored regularly from my (very good) doctor. Hope you manage to get something sorted out, take care x

  • If gabapentin is no help ask for pregabilin. My sister got that after the gaba did nothing for her and says its good. Thanks for reply, x

  • Thanks for that advice, as I say I've just started today so just taken 1dose with it increasing up to 12 so fingers crossed these will work an I can get back to work x

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