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So what does WRAG stand for then?

Yeah, I know what it really means!

I had my Atos assessment in Plymouth, 90 mins away, some 2 weeks ago. I'd asked for the assessment to be recorded and after at least 3 postponements, the audio equipment finally arrived.

The lady was very nice and totally disarming. It knocked me off kilter as I was expecting someone more cold in approach. Realised my mistake in strategy far too late!

Got my letter yesterday to say I've been put in the WRAG. No surprise there then. Amazing how she could define me, in a 75 minute interview, as fit to work, when I've spent the past 2 weeks in one hell of a state barely able to walk at times, the GP has signed me off for a further 3 months (it has been one month short of 2 years now) and I've now been prescribed codeine on top of 4 other painkillers ffs! So, fit to work am I???

Anyway, am going to write off and request a copy of my report. I had mine audio recorded, but havent had the nerve to listen to it again yet cos I know I made complete horse's arse of myself lol.

Am very glad to have such a supportive partner. The only good thing to come out of this is the backpay which is already set up to go into my bank account tomorrow. It will enable me to pay off a credit card, which is a very good feeling, albeit short-lived no doubt.

So.... what does WRAG stand for? the Worried Rage Against the Gormless? Warrantless Random Attitudes Goad? Warriors Roam All Geared-up? Wronged Rabid Antagonists go Guerrilla?

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When Reason Absolutely Goes ....and they send obviously Ill people off to look for work

VG x


I was told that it means that they are accepting you are unfit for work now but may be fit for work sometime in the future. Provided you show up to your 3 monthly check-ins at the job centre your money will continue to be paid.

My job centre support worker is a lovely lady. She admits she can see with her own eyes that I'm not fit to be working and she can't see a time when I will be so she fills in the form on the computer and sends me home.

they suggest you find some volunteering to do to keep the gov quiet but that can be half an hour here or there - it doesn't mean they expect you to go back to working all hours at all.

That's what I was told anyway :)


Thats what I was told too. I have been put in the WRAG without even a face to face. They are clairvoyant too! I have never been called to attend a group of any kind as I was told because I had appealed - Now 12 months later I have had to fill in yet another questionnaire about my illness and disability. I have also been switched from contribution based to income related ESA


For more info on WRAG etc., please click on the link below -

I hope you find this information helpful. :)


I never even made it into the WRAG group hun, I got no points from ATOS and no points from judge, so all told the ATOS doctor(and I use that term loosley) cured me of all my ills in 42 minutes, or 43 xxxxx


Wow that was speedy!


I know, I am wondering why the goverment pays NHS staff when they have ATOS!!!! xxxxx


Weary Retched Anxious Goaded is a reasonable definition of most of us. At least you get paid so pay some bills and try and enjoy Christmas someone said it was happening soon.............xgins


you mention you will write to get your ATOS report, no need to write, just give them a phone call and they will send it to you. I did xx


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