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hi everyone I feel so miserable what can I do

I have not posted for a while as my hands are so painful , I have had fibro for years but the last 12 months have been that painful I just cry, my rheumy diagnosed me with ankylosing spondylitis 2 months ago and im having loads of tests for other things as well, as if fibro wasn't enough. I take a lot of meds including gapapentin and tramadol and after having another mri scan today I have to start taking steroids and sulfasalazine and arcoxia tomorrow , I am really worried about all this medication but am told I need it .I feel so miserable my life revolves around pills, does anyone here take any of those meds I start tomorrow? if so do you feel better , sorry for the moan , I read your posts often and love the funny ones and the fluffies , thank you , gentle hugs xxxx sue

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I am sorry that you are in so much pain.I have taken steroids in the past when I suffered from intercrainal hypertension, They were needed to keep me alive until my condition cured itself I was on them for months and can`t remember having too much trouble with them. Both of my grown up children also take them to keep asthma under control. I know that taking so many tablets is a worry as well as a pest but if It helps with the pain and it should then wont it be worth it ? I think that you may find it will....lots of hugs from sue to sue


Have a good moan is one thing you've done. It can sure help. Sorry I have no experience of those meds.

When I wrote that first sentence it was Have a good MAN. I hate spellcheckers.

Glad the lunacy helps. It does me -it doesn't do anything to the pain but a good laugh sure helps too, and takes the mind off it.

I've only just been diagnose but am starting to wonder if I've had it a couple of years. I've had tramadol, didn't do a thing but I seem to be resistant. I gather from looking at other posts a liquorice allsorts of meds is normal. Keep a watch on their effects and don't be afraid to keep telling the doc whether or not they're working. A S is no walk in the park is it?

I'm on 14 pills a day so it's really not unusual to have a big mix. More hugs. . . :) :) :)

(I love fluffies too)


Im up to 12 plus 2 lots of medicine 3xdaily plus pain killers as needed, Fogot to pick up a perscription yesterday It meant that I had no dopermine last night - no sleep :(


Ooooh, nasty. So far I'm reasonably ok. I start ordering the next repeat script 4 weeks before it's due. By the time I get it, I've used up most of the leeway.

How about a league table of pill taking? :P :P :P


Should have kept my mouth shut. :( I'm already a week late this time - thanks for reminding me - and ordered something I don't need this time. D'oh


I am so sorry you are suffering from so much pain at the moment. Sending gentle hugs to make you smile and a bunch of wonderful fluffies smiling helps so much. I have had this plus other troubles for years we have to pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and start all over again.

Hang on in get the meds sorted xgins


thanks gins just feel so fed up of being in pain , just having 1 of those days (again) thanks for the hugs and fluffies they make me smile xxxx sue


thank you sue and fenbadger for your replies , I knew someone on here would make me smile (have a good man) lol I worry about what else they will find wrong with me , every time I see my rheumy I have something else,at the moment I am on 15 tablets a day and from tomorrow that goes up to 24 a day , well this time tomorrow I should be swinging from the lampshade lol big hugs and thanks again xxx sue


A league table. Good idea if we can remember what we are taking.


hiya im on arcoxia have been for 10 years i take tramadol amitriptline gabapentin i also take bp tablets and hr tablets i also take citraplam and take paracetamol with my gabapentin i suffer really bad with my arms and hands and got to a stage were someday i cant hold a brush to brush my hair even changing a plug i cant do now i live alone and cry nearly every day as i dont know which way to turn most days and wonder why god keeps letting me wake up in a morning sorry xxx


aww I know how you feel some days everything I pick up I drop and then end up in floods of tears cos im so clumbsy , my daughter washes my hair for me as I cant get my arms up, ive gone from a very independent woman to a wreck that has to rely on people to help me , its not nice, i wish i lived near you i pop in for a cuppa and a natter , take care and gentle hugs basket ( i don't think you are a basket case change your name hun to something positive , ) xxxx sue


Hi skippy1958

I have read your post with a great deal of pain and sorrow for what you are going through. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues.

I can understand your apprehension relating to so much medication as this is a real double-bind, in that, if you take them you are naturally going to be concerned about long term side-effects, and if you don't take them you will more than likely expose yourself to the possibility of even greater pain.

I sincerely hope that your tests go really well for you and that they can help you feel more at ease when you know all the outcomes. I do take Prednisolone (steroids) for another medical condition and the only side-effect I have suffered with them is indigestion. I have always been told to take them with food and early in the day as they can affect sleep patterns in some patients.

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as can be today? Please keep us all updated on how you are getting on with your new medications.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi to all of you, you all do sooooooooooooo well, life is hard with these invisible conditions. Please all of you be kind to yourselves. Trish


Hi there god so good to hear someone who feels the same way as me about taking all the meds im every four hours gabapentin, tramadol, paracetomal , metformin, amlodipine, mebeverine and amyltripoline. I would like to say that I have very occasional hot spots but it is rare and wouldn't call it my regular main symptom mine Is generally wide spread pain moderate to severe, fibro fog is a baddy for me and plain old exhaustion everyday I don't get bad days anymore just worse ones. Although all of us have fibro and we all get all of the symptoms you'll find that everyone has their own particular symptoms they suffer most from. Hope this helps to reassure you in some way. I have been told of a lady who cant leave here house due to the hot burning condition as she finds it too painful to wear any clothes at all, so I know it can be a fibro symptom but like ken so wisely put eliminate side effects first. xx


Oh Skippy I feel so desperate for you, I am sorry you find you are crying all the time. I do know what it is like, never ending and so heavy a burden to carry about. I am on so many meds its just ghastly. Like you I have been told I need them ad when I try and take the meds down I really feel the difference.

So skippy I just want to say cross your fingers (if you can) and hang on the meds will take the pain down and you can help by being as positive as you can be. They will help definitely .

Dont get cross with me when you have a bad day we all do :)

So what you need to do is be as positive as you possibly can be you can fight it and you will and we are here to back you up when ever you need us. You just message us and we are here any time remember.

Now prepare yourself you are going to take charge of your pain and battle it in to a corner !!



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