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The Codeine Cometh

The Codeine Cometh

For all those who know their Flanders & Swann, this is to the tune of 'The Gasman Cometh' ...

It was on a Monday morning,

My alarm started to call -

My legs just wouldn’t work,

I could not get up at all.

They gradually started moving

As I went through the day,

And then it’s back to bed again

To ease the pains away.

Oh, it all makes work for the painkillers to do …

Then, on the Tuesday morning,

The alarm went off again -

The aching in my fingers

Lets me know it’s going to rain.

I’m glad to get to lunchtime,

‘Cause I think I need a break!

Then it’s nose back to the grindstone,

As I try to stay awake.

Oh, it all makes work for the painkillers to do …

Up again on Wednesday morning,

Another early start;

Nearly halfway through the week,

That’s the thought that warmed my heart!

By lunchtime, I was flagging,

There was still more work to do,

But then I went back home again

To rest myself anew.

Oh, it all makes work for the painkillers to do …

Woke up on Thursday morning -

In body, not in mind -

My get-up-and-go went off again,

And left me far behind.

Fell asleep at my computer,

But still got plenty done -

What a shame there’s no more energy

To have a little fun!

Oh, it all makes work for the painkillers to do …

I got to Friday morning

(How I did, I’m not quite sure),

Dragged myself through one more day

And my feet across the floor.

The codeine keeps me going

And my humour keeps me sane -

And by then, it’s Friday evening,

And the weekend starts again!

Oh, it all makes work for the painkillers to do …

On Saturday and Sunday, I don’t go to work at all,

But now it’s Monday morning, and so out of bed I crawl.

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Love it, so apt

Nicki x


really well put, its great xx


Thanks, both! :) xx


Thanks, both! :) xx


I seem to have acquired an echo ...


Brilliant SootyB! :)


that just puts the last 9-12months in a nutshell for me thanks :D im new to this and just reading through it all x


Pretty new to it all myself, Tinkerbell - been 11 months since the pain first kicked off (I'm thinking of holding it a birthday party ...), and since then, I've read just about everything I can to find out what the hell is going on!



Brill, just like i felt some 23 tears ago before finally succumbing. Still feel the same, but it's more comfortable feeling ill in your own home than having to go to work. This B of an illness got me since when I have retired on health grounds,but for all the years I worked I am now stuck in the house as am too ill to enjoy it. There are 2 victims here as my husband's boundaries are limited too with having to look after me.. Be lost without him. But dont deprive him of his little outing with his friends a few times amonth. They're like something out of "Last of the summer wine". I really hate him going out and leaving me alone, but not having Mr.Fribro get a hold on him as well.


Dear SootyB,

I may have be born in 1978 but I grew up with Flanders and Swann. My Dad had the L.P. "at the drop of a hat". Myself and siblings loved Song of the Weather so much that we ended up damaging the record!lol. My Dad passed away 18 years ago sadly but I managed to get a CD of the same album and the memories came flooding back. When I mention Flanders and Swann to other people I know they usually don't know what I am talking about so I play the music on my iPod. I know the song The Gasman Cometh. I like your version too, you're very talented. Hugs xxxxxx


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