Hot and cold sweats

I have had a good summer but went down a bit when the weather changed in autumn. I assumed lower thyroid output re colder temps and my vit D is low in range. Anyway, now I am suffering with abnormal hot and cold sweats. My skin can feel slightly burning but cold or I can suddenly sweat. All other signs are hypo e.g low bp esp diastolic to systolic ratio, pulse 56. The fatigue, pain, sluggishness and dizziness etc I know can cross over into hyper. I wondered if anyone else experiences this thermostat turbulence? I'm thinking about stopping NDT for a day or too even though just lowering my dose knocks me out.

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  • Hi helbell

    I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue, but you are not alone. I suffer with Hyperhidrosis and feel so hot on occasion and get really sweaty and need to shower! I have pasted you a link from NHS Choices about this:

    NHS Choices - Hyperhidrosis

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you desire and deserve.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you, Ken x

  • I am in a mess with excess sweating, woke up halve an hour soaking wrt and freezing cold, drives me made and is embarrassing. I have noticed its worse when I exert myself and the pain kicks in. Sorry have no idea how to deal with it, it seems GP doesn't either.

  • Hi am haveing all the same symptoms. Hot, cold sweats pains all over can i get to see a GP NO only get a phone call back and they say i ts down to my fibro. Have had very low vit D ia few times over the past years

    So washed out at the moment. Could do with a sun holiday.I wish LOL Hopeyouget sorted soon. xx

  • Same here, I suffer every day with huge amounts of sweats to the point of undressing at home down to underwear, to then 10 minutes later I'm freezing cold. No one can help me. It's so annoying. So now I only wear T.Shirts and then dress in layers.

  • You know Lottie, you can help yourself. Self advocacy is required in the treatment of chronic illness. According to current studies, medical doctors are on average, 17 years behind the most recent research. We can't wait that long for help. Search the internet and do not stop learning ever. Start with your diet though. Clean it up, starting today. No processed foods, sugar, chemicals and preferably NO grains. Your sweats should resolve quickly as well as other painful fibro symptoms, at least it did for me. If you want more info just private message me and I can tell you more.

  • Wow I'm so glad it's not age related, iv been the same for months sweating,cold,sweating,cold thank god I wear layers, it's gotten so bad I have constantly got a tissue to wipe my brow, one of these days I will be wearing my birthday suit and still

    Have a lovely day my FIBRO family

  • Same here! So,hot all day long and I was like this before fibro got so bad too?

  • Snap, it's awful I know. I noticed that the administrator put a link for you, I th I'll have a look myself, I'm getting to the point where I feel like pulling my hair out (lol that's another issue-hair loss) As if it's not hard enough with the pain already

  • Hi Helbell,

    I am pretty much the same, though mainly iver heating I tend to feel the cokd more in the evenings! I am at that certain age & have been puting it down to that, I have just had my thyroid bloods done on Tuesday, jyst waiting on the results I have the palpitations & not quite the tremors but the feeling as though I'm plugged in to electricity, it's the best way I can describe the feeling! sorry for spell errors can't seem to go back & fix! can you not ask your GP to refer you to hospital specialist? my GP is happy to refer me I only need to ask. I will also be reading Kens suggested link, I hope you find your answers soon. Take care, hugs xx

  • Thanks so much everybody. I have a brain fog confession...I thought I'd posted this in the thyroid community. I have both. It seems. from your experiences it crosses over with FMS as well. Sweating while I type. I've gone way past the change and this is not those sort of hormonal sweats. But obviously it's something to do with temp regulation controlled by endocrine system somewhere. While I'm at it, I was diagnosed FMS two years before Hypothyroud...i.e. it was not showing up in labs test till much later on when I queried additional symptoms such as hair loss and weight gain...all the rest crossed over with FMS. And guys, I just wanna say that if you have not yet checked out the links between FMS and hypothyroidism...please do. For some of you it could be answer to your ills, it was mine...just trying to keep the pesky thyroid hormone meds in range is another issue though :)x

    I can't understate the pain and fatigue and general CNS overstimlation in hypothyroidism that my doc took for FMS.

  • I've had my thyroid tested a couple of times and it was okay (which surprised me as my mother had a severely underactive thyroid), however I suffer terribly from swings in temperature, which I always assumed was a circulation problem since my circulation is really bad. I often get very feverish, and I have dreadful night sweats, so bad that sometimes I have to change my pyjamas at least twice in the night, but I will be shivering with cold at the same time. I've never found any answer to it, I'm afraid.

    Mim x

  • Thyroid results can be in lab's range for years before symptoms appear, which is what happened to me. Hence my search for the FMS/Thyroid connection. We are all different but my journey is shared with so many other FIbro sufferers who eventually respond with thyroid hormone.

  • I think (not a medical professional just a very experienced, well read human) you definitely have low thyroid (are you treating it)? The hot flashes and cold sweats are unrelated to the thyroid issue. Do you consume white sugar in any form?

  • Hi Keirarose, Thanks, yes, on NDT for low primary hypothyroidism. Total elimination of white sugar and all refined foods and now of gluten because my hypothyroidism is most likely Hashi's like 95% of other hypo sufferers. Much of my research points to thyroid either triggering FM Syndrome or at least concomitant. Much is documented about thyroid and temperature control. What I'm finding difficult is gaging whether it's too much or too little thyroid hormone...or FMS or both. And I guess, until I have thousands of pounds to chuck at it, I'll just have to keep guessing.

  • Sorry for the late reply but I had not been on here in a while. I have been doing much research and have found information indicating that out of whack hormones are most likely the culprit in many, many symptoms, especially of fibro. Mercury overload can affect thyroid levels as well. It is all very complicated and intertwined. Patience and commitment is required for healing this horrible condition.

  • Yes, I keep off gluten, white sugar, meat, tea and other tanin containing foods, have done for years. I still continue to get worse! But as my husband says, I don't know how bad I'd be if I was consuming them!


  • I see that uncontrolled sweating can also be caused by cortisol and adrenal function too...very closely tied up with thyroid hormone production and or FMS. As far as I can remember all our glands are compromised in FMS and hypo/hyperthyroidism

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