Cold Clammy night sweats and cold feet

Am so fed up with these. It's bad enough in the day too but I just can't get comfy at night. I feel cold but my body must register hot, or at least part of me feels cold and other parts warm. It's a nightmare trying to get comfortable at night, I have towels stuck down my front and around my legs because I get soaking. But my feet need a hot water bottle on the,. This is ridiculous, it's May!! I had the lecky blanket in last night. I am menopausal too which doesn't help...but just don't know what to take. Have tried all the usual sage, black cohosh things etc. not tried oestrogen because that gave me high blood pressure in the past.

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  • You can get a fairly low dose of oestrogen which may not send your BP through the roof. Be kind to yourself and ask your GP for help! You can't carry on like that. We're no longer in the dark ages where women were expected to suffer. It has made a huge difference to me xx🐸

  • Hi there. I went through the change at 28. I was given GET patches which worked but I put on but of weight. I have fibro as well and experience the same issues so what do I do: instead of hot water bottle put cold water in 2 or three bottle in bed around 1-2 he's before bed for the areas where you feel hot.

    Then use a bit one same 1-2 before bed. You feet will be toasty and your body cool enough to aid a good night sleep.

    I hope this helps you take care

  • Thanks Shazmill, I will have to try that! Most of me tends to feel cold, especially my feet. My problem is sweating without feeling hot at all if that makes any sense! I just sweat so I put the towel around my legs so I can wipe the wet down. But I am always open to new suggestions. Maybe the reason I sweat is because my body IS actually hot but my perception is that it isn't so it's very confusing. 28 is very young to go through the change. I am twice that age and only just going through it now! Just shows what an age variation there is.



  • I've not really been through the menopause as such. Had my ovaries removed at 28 and been on oestrogen since. I went through some very strange things in the 2 weeks between the op and the pills. I often wonder what I will go through when I'm not allowed the oestrogen any more 🐸

  • That sounds like a good idea!! Will have to give it a go 🐸

  • I'm sorry to hear this as I am the same way. When I first started black cohosh it may have heloed...maybe I just wanted it to??? Have you had your thyroid cked?? I wish you the best as I know how you feel.Be blessed.Peck🐤

  • Hi Peck, I'm in the process of getting my thyroid checked but as you probably know that they only take your TSH routinely and if that comes back 'normal' they won't take any further action. I had to have my T3 and T4 done privately twice and even though they were in the low side they still wouldn't take any action. It's very complicated but I'm due for another batch of blood tests when I cam get it set up x

  • We have ours checked every 3 months.Mine was very low and they put me on meds 7 years ago abs still abnormal.When dealing with thyroid it's done slowly the med part that is and it can make you crazy...I am lol.Good luck Peck

  • I have to get my T3 and T4 done privately so couldn't afford it every 3 months especially as the results ignored by my GP even though on here they said they were low. Once it was just outside range, my T3 and the next time just within range. But I have just emailed my GP and listed the bloods that I want. I hope most of them will be free. I think 3 of them aren't. I don't think, I could cope with thyroid mess making me crazy! I have suffered with jittery nerves since childhood so deffo wouldn't want that! X

  • We are req to do it that often to get meds in the US.It would suit me to not have to ho that often as dosage has been the same for years.I wish you the best.Peck🐤

  • Thanks Peck. All the best to you too :)

  • Thanks sorebones. The problem is I had high blood pressure when I went on the low dose pill years ago. That was when I was in my late teens so I'd be much more at risk now. I,m caught between a rock and a hard place. Xx

  • That's such a shame. Can you remember if it contained progesterone too? I know progesterone plays havoc with my body! Still worth talking to someone, either a Dr or a nurse, about what you're going through. I'm on thyroxine as I have an under active thyroid as well. I came off my oestrogen to see what happened! That was a huge mistake ha ha. I was just like you at nights and the hot flushes during the day were crazy!! I went straight back on my Premarin. I also take tablets for high blood pressure. (OMG I sound like a real crock). I hope you get something to help you very soon. 🐸

  • Thanks Sorebones

    Yes it contained both Oestrogen and Progesterone equivalents (just looked it up) it was Microgynon. Could be that I reacted to one or the other or both. I have taken some progesterone cream but stopped since my blood pressure was a bit raised again but that may not have been the cream, could have been a number of things. Yes, I remember taking things for my high bp too, and one caused me to wee even more than I do already, lol, and the other made me faint in public which triggered bad panic attacks. I'm sure the things they give for bp are much better than they were then in the 1970s! x

  • My BP was fine until I was in pain 24/7 lol. I'm very sure things have changed since the 70's. I can't remember the name of the pill I was on! Your memory must be brilliant lol. Microgynon sounds familiar though, hmmmmmm.

    It was my periods that caused me to pass out. The cramps were bad and I've been picked up off the pavement on more than one embarrassing occasion. I run to the loo often enough without any diuretic influence. I have some that I have to take at times and I just make sure I don't leave the house in case I get caught short! Tenna is good but........

    Hope you get something sorted soon 😀🐸

  • I think the name of the pill I was on stuck in my mind as one never to go on again especially after the bad experiences I had on it! I knew it was Microgyn something and of course the internet helped with the rest of it, lol. God your periods sounded even worse than mine. I had terrible cramps and heavy bleeding first two or three days but never collapsed outside although collapsed in my bed with the pain so to speak. I tended not to go out with them if possible or I dosed myself up. I think they are over, so pleased if they are. Not had one for nearly ten months now. I can see why they're called 'the curse', lol

  • Hi FoggyMoggy, just wondered if anyone has suggested oestrogen patches. They work differently from the oral pill and come in oestrogen/progesterone combination or oestrogen only. They usually start at low doses. I got put on patches through my gynaecologist who knows his stuff. I do have high bp but had it before being on patches. The patches have helped with my meno symptoms. They're another option to try.

    Hope you get some relief soon.

    Hugs xx

  • Hi Ladygelf, thanks. Yes oestrogen patches have been suggested and even though they are much lower dose than the pill there are still the risks associated with them which I discussed with my GP. I think I have been scared off anything that is a risk to my BP. Xx

  • I can commiserate as my body only has two settings s fawr as temperature is concerned boiling hot or freezing but like you one party of the body can be boiling and the other part freezing. I put the electric blanket on as I am cold and then half an hour later all the covers get thrown off. i can have a sleeveless T shirt on and a rug and hot water bottle around my legs. Grhh it is so annoying.x

  • Aw sorry to hear Rosewine. My two settings are cold and very cold! So although I am sweating I am not hot if that makes any sense. I just can't bear the sweating and clamminess which makes me even colder. I think my body is warm but my brain is perceiving it as cold. x

  • I fully understand those cold sweats are the worst thing as they leave you shivering. I often realise in the middle of the night that all my top half and hair is literally stucktome with sweat but like you I don't feel hot. I do wish they could find something to help us. You can sort of hide the sweats in th Summer but I dread it in the winter.x

  • Yes, that is it. In the summer, when it is very warm I wear fewer layers and therefore less likely to sweat. So I welcome the warmer weather although too much humidity and heat just brings on more headaches and fatigue :o x

  • I can tell when we are due a thunderstorm or muggy weather as every joint starts to ache and I too get a strange headache. I could be an accurate weather forecaster as I know at least a day ahead. Very warm weather kills me.x

  • Haha, Rosewine! I've said this myself many a time myself. My body is like a barometer and I know when it's raining outside because I go all chilly. Same with me, headaches when the air pressure changes, though I get so many headaches anyway! X

  • Hi FoggyMoggy

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I am the exact opposite as I suffer with hyperhidrosis and always feel hot and sweaty. I relieve this by having a shower prior to going to bed so I am at an over all even temperature. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken. I think I also suffer with excessive sweating but my perception is of feeling cold, so it's uber confusing! But either way is horrible, feeling you can't get cool or warm. Take care.

    Moggy x

  • It is horrid my friend I agree completely x

  • I know how you feel ! If im not awake off insomnia it's because I can't get comfortable always tossing and turning and i totally agree the sweating is a right pain! I get so soaked through that my back and hair is always so wet even when I'm out and it's not all that warm. Just today I was having a well overdue catchup and I got soo sweaty it started running down from my nose like I was crying :| was so embarrassed! I haven't found anything that helps yet either.

    I hope that you find something that helps soon and I agree with sorebones you should definitely be kind to yourself and see your GP and know you're not the only one!

    Sending well wishes your way xx

  • Thanks for your kind words, Kayleigh. Isn't it horrible? Yes I hate it when I am out and my clothes get soaked, I have to take three changes of clothes out with me sometimes, top layers that is. I'm bed I get the wet hair at the back too. It feels so horrible and also wet legs and wet chest. I have towels all over the place! Hugs to you xx

  • Sounds exactly the same as me! Yes it is aweful. I hate it when my legs are so wet , makes you feel self conscious wear light coloured clothing incase it seeps through. I feel your pain hunny!

    Thanks :)


  • Thanks Kayleigh. I have so many layers on it never seeps through with me, only underneath, lol. But I hear what you're saying.

    Take care :) x

  • Hi im the same its like you weed yourself and i do the same with towles ive been docs rumatolagy and no one helps x

  • Sorry to hear, Dawn. It's horrible isn't it? I hope you can get some relief. At least we know there are others on her like us. X

  • I no ive tried everything i av a sealing fan on all night hope you ok x

  • Thanks Dawn. The hot water bottle and electric blanket see me through though tonight I am hot and dry for the first time in months! Wonder how long that will last!

  • Yea i mainley get sweats when im asleep x

  • I also suffer badly with sweats and chills. If anyone else suggests it's my age I'll clump them. I recently brought a roll on antiperspirant like driclor and have been putting it round my hairline before bed. It's still early days but I think there is an improvement.

  • Thanks glochessum...I will have to try that :D

  • I feel you!!! I now understand why they call it men-o-pause!!! I can't decide if I am just hot or somebody put me in fire! I keep my room cold and have a electric blanket! So the parts of me that are cold get the blanket and the rest get the cold room! Plus right now battling my diabetes which is causing crazy things to happen! All I can say is I will be happy to get this behind me!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aw, I feel you too! Menopause, diabetes added to fibro is no joke! The temperature regulation is sooo confusing! Yes, can't wait for the upheaval of the menopause to settle down!!

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