Sick of Cold Sweats and Wringing Clothes

I had a cold recently and also at the change in life but during my cold I had to change my clothes nearly 30 times and that was just in the day time. Also changed lots in the night. It's ridiculous. The cold weather doesn't help a bit and I wish people wouldn't refer to them as hot flushes because I'm not flushing and I'm not hot. I have now started HRT patches, been on them a few days, but still changing clothes on average 9 or 10 times a day and several times a night . Maybe they patches just not kicked in yet. The warmer the weather the better I feel and the less I sweat.

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  • Hi FoggyMoggy , I'm so sorry you go thru this hun.I will say I'm not that bad but I c an relate and it is miserable., and that an under statement!! I don't get it , if I understood why I might not let it upset me so much I hope it eases up for you, I really mean that.Take care and sending hugs your way, Peck.🐤

  • Thanks so much for your kind words, Peck. I know so many others here are going through the same. Anyway, I'm just hoping the HRT patches will help. (((hugs))) Moggy x

  • Hi my friend

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read this and I wonder if the problem is being added to by 'Hyperhidrosis?' I have pasted you a link below to the *NHS Choices cache on this issue below:

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken. Yes it is hyperhydrosis. I have been to the GP several times about it but of course it is hard to disentangle what is Fibro and what is menopause too! I may try Oxybutin if HRT doesn't work although that can make you constipated my GP told me.

  • Good luck my friend

  • Thanks Ken

  • You are having a terrible time have you seen a specialist that deals with your over active glands l know what the night time hot flushes can be like I did get hot and wet with them I would lie on towels in bed at have been known to stick my head in the freezer I hope you get this sorted quickly

  • Thanks June. I did ask my GP whether I should see a specialist but I am giving the HRT patches a try first. Then I might try Oxybutin. But I don't feel hot at all. The idea of sticking my head in a freezer makes me sweat with cold even more! It is bonkers. Now if you'd said an oven I would agree with you ;)

  • i too get cold sweats but no HRT for me. and i should weight as much as a sparrow fart by now. but No I am still Obese so the doctor says . Last year i took to sleeping on a rubber sheet to save the bedding. i can be 5 below and still sweating just sat still . or it can be 22 in the shade and Im still cold and wringing wet. So i feel your pain and understand the cost OF LAUNDRY DETERGENT, grrr I think mine is down too the slow release tablets.

    maybe get my GP to try some different one to see if that helps :)

    I find that a good antipersperent helps or even cornflower with lavernder drops. talc can be toxic

  • Agree, don't use talc.....bad correlation with cancer.

    But using a rubber/plastic sheet won't help fact likely to make you sweat more. I usually remove sheet like that as soon as I step into any hotel room.

    Perhaps some of the other things may be useful, but why wear anything in bed anyway ?? I usually lounge in pjs but definitely remove before sleep....

  • Hi Moo - as I said they're cold sweats. I have to wear lots of layers to keep warm otherwise I will just shiver. But I agree about rubber sheets. No, I have an electric blanket and that helps. My body thermostat is broken so I sweat more when I'm cold. That is the paradox.

  • Thanks Neonking. I resisted tasking HRT because of High BP on the pill years ago but these are much gentler and in patch form, but my GP will monitor my bp. But I understand that some people can't take it. No, alas, sweating doesn't make you lose weight at all. It just makes you dehydrated. I did notice that I wasn't weeing so much and I can wee for England, lol. Yes, I've tried most natural methods and others to no avail.

  • I am sorry to hear of your sweats, it must be so frustrating to keep changing clothes so ofen. Sometimes it can be the medication we are on that is the cause or it could be a thyroid problem.

    A strong anti perspirant, (not deodorant) may help you but if this is a new symptom then I would see your doctor for further investigatons.


  • Thanks Bluebell. No, this problem has been going on for about two years but it got massively worse when I had a cold although t's settled down a bit since then but also it could well be my age. I am late 50s and going through the change. One doctor gave me a special deodorant to spray on but it didn't make a difference! So am just hoping the HRT patches work. I can also try Oxybutin but that can make you constipated apparently! Yes, I feel i have a thyroid or pituitary problem but it's very hard to get those recognised if your bloods are within range :( x

  • I can't have hrt as I'm the wrong sex

  • Lol Neonking :D

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