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hot sweats and Fibro


Hi all , just need info does Fibro cause hot sweats in people ,

my partner suffers this daily and we are trying to get to the cause as she suffers three or four more ailments as well as Fibro , thank you for any replies in advance

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Hi there, def seems to be an issue with body temperature with people with fibro. I personally am having an incredible amount of hot flashes. Have tried some natural remedies including starpowa gummies and a magnet worn next to the skin. Both claim to be amazing and help a lot of people. It could of course just be the menopause but fibro in my experience makes it even more severe. Hope this gives you something :) Take care

Hi trevdee,

Like erasurefan said, could it be your partner is going thru the menopause? Some medications can cause sweats, as I found out with Tramadol! So maybe check side effects, or ask your dr if meds could be the cause!?

We do tend to suffer with body temp tho, for me, weather like now, everyone sweats, me, I can pass out with how hot I get (and that's just sitting indoors) or when it's cold, my skin will go a purple/bluey colour, so temps can go to the extremes!? So fans around the house are amazing, and thick duvets and jumpers for the winter (and possibly a fan too!!)

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I hope what I've said helps, even just a little. Take care, and I hope your partner gets some answers 🤗xx

trevdee in reply to Nooby

Hi Nooby the menopause came and went years ago so it can't be that , appreciate your answer my friend thank you

Nooby in reply to trevdee

You're welcome, I really hope you both find the answer, very soon 😊xx

These temps are a killer for me as well....BUT I have started taking Sage tabs and they really help. It's worth trying as my daughter is menopausal and they work for her too. Hope you find something soon that helps. Even a bowl of cold water (with ice) and a flannel!!! Trikki

Hi, when I was experimenting with pillows and mattresses, I had noticed that any neck stiffness would give me hot flashes. After massaging my neck, it would go away.

People with fibro have a problem with their hypothalamus. This is what regulates your body temperature. Hence sweats, hot and cold temperatures.

Hi Guys, im in a state myself right now, been referred to everyone, blood says no menopause but GP says the test is unreliable, if i move i drip simple, doesn't matter how hot it is if im away from my various fans or air con i just drip its terrible! I know my bloods are all flagging up as a mess, i have hypothyroidism too with some other stuff, my crp infection marker is through the roof but who knows! I do find that if i wet a nice tea towel with cold water and place around my neck i cope better, but i dont have flushes im like this 24/7! Good luck, im going to try the sage tablets next :-)

Matrix in reply to hen-house

Same here it makes my life a misery .

It’s true I have been struggling with hot sweats for many years and not menopause.It can be very miserable I’m not kidding .I have not known anything that works but I’m considering buying a fan with fan heads that you can wear around your neck ,I get a lot of head heat and body heat but if my head is cool I can cope with my life.

Didoliz in reply to Matrix

Ditto. Makes my life a misery. I’ve got a neck fan and dozens of others. It’s ok but my favourites are the Meaco ones I got from QVC. X

Matrix in reply to Didoliz

Same I have not heard of that make ,do those neck fans work or not .x

Didoliz in reply to Matrix

Sort of but only around the neck. I need head and face too. Would get one as anything is worth a try x

Matrix in reply to Didoliz

I really need it for face too .Nightmare .

Heat is a nightmare for me too but sweating! after shower, after dressing, after eating, after pretty much anything flushed from chest up & a soggy mess! Had some relief with soya isoflavones from H&B but pretty expensive so only get them when they're on offer sadly😳

hen-house in reply to CheetieCat

I ended up with a wet tea towel around my neck, it helps but im the same i only have to stand up and im dripping from head to toe, i've just been looking into the Hypothalamus and im glad i have an endo appointment mid september, fingers crossed they may be able to get to the bottom of this - it might be connected! xx

CheetieCat in reply to hen-house

Interesting, please keep us posted xx

thank you all for your replies will try all that you suggested and fingers crossed something helps ,

Wonky thermostat is a definite problem with fibro - causes no end of problems here with the old man wanting the heating on and me sitting with a fan. If the skin is burning too try aloe vera gel. Otherwise not much else to suggest that hasn't already been said above.

I have hot flashes, I have fibro as well as gynaecology problems. Always on the hot side. It’s awful, it’s like an internal heater has come on all of a sudden. Not sure if this is a fibro symptom or something else 🧐

This happens to me too but I also run the opposite way too. It can be 40 out and I have goosebumps or now it's Winter here, 12 or 13 and I'm sweating. Sorry I don't have any suggestions.

I get the dreaded night sweats. Waking up soaked after what feels like just a few minutes, whatever's going on in those few minutes must be equivalent to running up a hill

Hi There, I am in my 60's and well past the menopause. I have fibro and other chronic pain conditions. I do find I go from really hot, then shivery and cold at times in a space of just 5 mins or so. I do believe fibro causes so many symptoms body temperature fluctuations being one of them. I can be really hot going to bed then wake frozen and shivery in the morning and I call it fibro-flu as that is exactly how it feels ,I get this regularly. My temperature is usually on the lower side and very rarely reaches 36. If I eat or drink it can cause a hot flush now and again. I take tramadol and they do make you hot as do other medications.

I went to see a Consultant with my older sister many years ago as she was having problems. Her Thyroid function levels seemed to be a bit all over the place when her G.P. took her bloods and she was experiencing other symptoms as was going through the menopause at the time and suffering from hot sweats most of the time. The Consultant told her that it was the menopause that was affecting her thyroid at times and he was still seeing women even in their 80's still having sweats and many other menopausal symptoms. He advised her to go onto a low dose HRT but she decided not to as was wary of breast cancers and side effects with hormone treament.

There are lots of information on the symptoms of Fibromyalgia online and various books on the likes of Amazon. There is also a monthly Fibro UK magazine you can buy if your partner wants more information and of course advice from all us Fibro-Warriors. It is a horrible condition and known as the "Invisible Enemy" as you can look so well and be in horrendous burning stabbing pains everywhere and totally exhausted most of the time and it is very difficult to cope with especially during "Flare-ups" It is difficult for others to understand this condition. If she is on medication check the information inside the packets as many pills cause sweats also. Good luck to you both!

hi guys, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for 10yrs. Hot sweats started about 5yrs ago. I was put on HRT 3 months ago which is helping a lot. Also changing my diet to LCHF is helping, I notice now if I eat anything sugary I have a hot flush virtually straight away.

I have that too and am going for blood tests very soon. I honestly don't know is the answer.

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