Night Sweats and Hot Flushes?????

Does anyone on here suffer with night sweats and hot flushes through the day? Are these symptom of Fibro or my Neurological Disorder Functional Weakness. I wake up through the night and my bed is wet through, pillows and all. I get regular hot flushes through the day and at work I have huge sweat patches under my arms and up my back (disgusting and embarrassing!). I now have a fan constantly blowing but I am still too hot & feel nauseous. I am a man so I am not going through the menopause:-)lol.

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  • Hi,

    May I ask if you are on Tramadol? It's one of it's many side effects. They can come with Fibro as well.



  • Yes i am on Tramadol but I had the sweats and hot flushes before I was taking it although it has got much worse lately. My G.P. said I should cut back on Tramadol when he gave me Pregabalin but I am still in pain so I take 8 x 50mg per day when I am at work as well as paracetamol. Thanks for your answer Jilly, hugs.x

  • must be awful for you mikeymoo! I don't have any answers for you, but hopefully someone will be on tomorrow who can help.



  • yes i have those sweats, im 72 I also take tramadol, but have had these sweats for a few years and wasnt taking tramadol then, so in my case they told me it was fibro, but having said that no two people are the same and with you it could still be the meds, I have a fan on twenty four seven sometimes even when its very cold I feel better if its blowing on my face, do hope u manage to get sorted mickymoo gentle hugs to all ...Dee x

  • Thanks Dee:-) I know that many things are attributed to fibro. It does get worrying sometimes though thinking that the G.P. may miss something. Hugs x

  • Morning Mikeymoo

    This may be a little un related but my OH suffers from terrible night sweats it drips of him particularly the back of his head. I have tried all sorts even changing the pillows and covers and synthertic ones made him so bad I had to change the bed every day. SO now pure cotton and pillows covered in cotton cases with natural fibre inside. It might help the night ones. Good luck xgins

  • Thanks for this, I might give if a try. I did buy some new pillows last year. They have a memory foam core so maybe these are the problem. Hugs x

  • Hi MIkeymoo, yes I suffer theses sometimes - tends to come in waves so suspect is fibro related. Can be sitting in a cold room and suddenly feeling roasting. Thought I'd done with all that. Not in Tramadol though x

  • Thanks Mistymeana, I've been exactly the same. I can be really warm and sweaty at work but when I suggest opening a window other people complain they are cold!lol. I just put a fan on all the time and it seems to help:-) Hugs x

  • Hello mikeymoo, I suffered night sweats too but only for a few months, i thought it was a age menopause thing but I am a man, 55 yrs old.....

    I now think it is a symptom of fibro, I take Gabapentin 400mg x 3 per day........

    Best wishes hope things improve for you too.

  • Thanks security, I also thought sweats and hot flushes were to do with menopause too. At least we can both now empathise a little with the ladies:-) I haven't tried Gabapentin yet but I may ask to try it soon as I don't get enough relief from my current meds. Best wishes.

  • Hello

    I am not on Tramadol (but on lots of other meds) and I get sudden sweats, and can be dripping wet. Mine happen in the day or night, and there is no rhyme or reason to when I will get one. Very embarrassing if you are out, or have company :-(


  • Cheers Maz, I can appreciate what you have experienced as I have been the same. I just feel paranoid when I am at work as I end up with wet underarms (despite anti-perspirants). I just think that other people must think that I smell. I already have had a supervisor asking me about personal hygiene as he had recieved complaints:-( How embarrassing is that?! Hugs x

  • Hi,

    My husband suffered terribly with night sweats, and I got him some sage capsules, they reduce sweating, and really did the trick, of course check if they go with your medicines!


  • Thanks for the suggestion cazbaz, I may try these if it gets too bad. At the moment I have a real bad night with sweats every so often but generally I am always hot. Its a good job i'm single as i don't think i could stand to share a bed with anyone unless they are the opposite and cold all the time:-) Hugs x

  • Lucky for my husband I am generally cold, lol! Do give them a go, they can be really good, and not too expensive,


  • God i know how you feel , iam like constantly and feel embarrassed about it, i wake up dripping and during the day the slightest thing i do my hair with be drenched and my skin gets very clammy, i always have 1 of those small fans in my bag, i can walk to my mams which is about 4 mins away and as soon as i go in she will say get a bloody coat on lass lol, but i carnt as i get too hot and iam dripping when i get there , ive been told its through fibromyalga , god its awful what we go through xx

  • i have also tried sage tablets but they didnt work for me x

  • Just the same. My hair just suddenly goes wet and tears run out of my skin down my face its so horrible. I get to bed every night and it starts and have cotton sheet and duvet with half of me out then have to turn over which hurts to get other side cool. I had no idea that this is connected to Fibro will ask GP if I can try sage tablets. Went to see a consultant about it but 7 more tablets as day and not any different. It is comforting to know so many others have this problem dont feel alone anymore, xx

  • I have exactly the same. Wake up soaked between shoulders and knees. When out, usually when stressed, I have rivers of sweat running between shoulder blades and down back of legs. My hair seems to sweat(????) And then I get paranoid.

    I also am roasting when others are cold.

    I ws even worse when on beta blockers.

    I dont take tramadol.

    I have GP this morning. Will ask.




  • Thanks Carole, everything you said, I have also had this. It's even more intense through the warm weather, I can't cope at work without a fan, even then I'm sweating. Good luck at the doctors. Hugs x

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