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Cold feet and cold 'pain'?

I've always had cold feet, always. For about 4-5 years at least, my feet are always cold, even if the rest of me is boiling. I'm wondering if this is a common fibro symptom? I've read that it can be one but only in one place, so I'm just curious. They're usually cold to the point that it hurts, and they're a little numb from it. Sometimes when my legs/ankles/leg joints are in pain they'll also feel cold.

I should mention, they don't feel cold to the touch. Everyone says they feel fine, but to me, they're freezing. I had a random occurrence of a small, circular patch of skin on my thigh being freezing, and the rest of the leg a normal temperature, but I couldn't feel it. I thought the patch artificial somehow? So I asked my boyfriend to feel it, and he said it was ice cold, but the surrounding area was fine. I'm just wondering if I'm alone in this or if it's common.

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Yes alot of people with fibro get those sort of symptoms. You might find that the cold feet can also be a consequence of Raynaulds syndrome as that is what the doctor diagnosed with me. Have you mentioned these particular symptoms to your doctor as occasionally it can be caused by other things. I always think it is worse when it is very hot weather as you feel the need to wear socks even when the rest of you is too hot wearing a sleeveless T shirt and shorts.x


Hi Deaf_Havana

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have read posts from many members that say they have this sort of symptom. However, I am not a doctor and cannot say for sure that this is Fibro that you are experiencing? I have pasted you a couple of links below relating to Fibro symptoms, so I genuinely hope that you find them useful:

If you continue to have this issue, or it gets any worse, it may be advisable to discuss the problem with your GP just to rule anything else out and keep your GP up to date with how you are getting along.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I dont think i follow a normal pattern..... My feel are always hot. They feel normal or more on the cold side, to the touch though, but i cant bear socks or shoes either, winter or summer. If it didnt hurt so much to walk out doors in bare feet, i think i would!

I would mention it to your GP though just in case it isnt fibro related.

I know everything seems to be attributed to that. I dont know much about feet, so i'm sorry I'm not a huge help.

I must admit though i wondered if mine feeling hot all the time was Fibro related.... May be not!

I have to admit i do tend to get chilblains a lot, someone said to me they hadnt heard of anyone having them in years! I think i have suffered all my life and i'm 50+now!! Lol

A nice fluffy pair of socks may help xx


Hi fibro

I sincerely hope that you are feeling well today my friend?

My wife is like this because of her MS. She moans if she has to put socks on! The consultant told her to use compression socks and so I bought her some and all she has done is moan at me about them. Mind you, she can hardly put her socks and shoes on, so I really feel for her.

Take care my friend

Ken x


Hi Ken,

I really do feel for your wife. It must be so hard for her at times.

I'm doing well thanks. I'm walking again, unaided, well waddling really.

Being back in the hydro pool has really helped me. I cant manage without sticks outdoors though. Its always harder outside!

The sock issue is a really pain. After my first hip replacement it was such a battle, with a sock aid and a long handled shoe horn, i tried to wear trainers as thats all i had that i had that fitted comfortably . So after attempting to put all that on, i was shattered and needed a lay down, shoes firmly on too!

Now i just wear backless shoes! If i need to wear trainers, hubby comes in handy..... Or a necessity i should say! plus the use of elastic laces, So, as a rule i dont wear anything on my feet, all throughout the year indoors, whatever time of year it is!

After this recent hip replacement i had to wear the anti embolism socks for six weeks. I managed to rescue four pairs whist in hospital. As they changed them for me, i managed to keep them.

As a rule they only give you one pair, but how are you supposed to wash them, and dry them. It says to change them every two days! It was awful having to wear them!

There would be no way i would ever be able to put them on myself. Even with a sock aid.

I did have relief from them when having a shower and hated the thought of hubby having to put them back on again!

But i can't complain, i could never have coped without him.

Its 8 weeks post op now and i still haven't attempted any cooking, or can you count some toast or cereal. I just don't know where to start. We had a new oven and hob installed the week before i went into hospital, i have no idea how to use it! Well it makes a good excuse! no way can I use the oven as i cant bend. Or not meant to!

We couldn't afford to have a new kitchen and buy a new oven and hob, as really we could have done with having a split level oven. That may have been better for me, but i will just have to dream!

How does everyone else cope with cooking?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, the best you can xxx


That is great news that you are walking again! It is rather quick after such a major operation isn't it? I wanted to do the hydrotherapy but my physio told me that it would not be conducive to my well being since I have COPD.

As for cooking, I manage somehow, although we have been out for a meal today. I had a social worker offer me a carer to come in and microwave food for us, but I really do not like my dinner made that way.

Take care my friend

Ken x


Im with you ken re food. I much prefer food fresh.

when i was in hospital thats what you got, microwaved meals.i did find salmon broccoli and new potatoes palatable as was the tuna jacket potato, until one day my potato was still frozen! I ended up with toast for dinner! The food assistant wanted to reheat it, it had tuna mayonnaise on it! I couldn't believe what i was hearing! I don't think he quite understood the meaning of food poisoning! You cant heat up mayo!

The soup was just about ok, but definitely was a powdered soup mix. Hence picking salmon nearly every single day! That and jelly for dessert! No ice cream though :(

They tried their best to get me a care package for when i went home, until i could cope, but the council expected me to bed block for up to two weeks more doing nothing, before they could get their act together so my OH took an extra week off work off work and i was then just left at home alone, praying that the dog would keep her legs crossed until i managed to get to the backdoor!

Thats a real shame that they wont allow you to have hydro. You would benefit so much from the warm water. If you are like me and are unable to get in and out of a proper bath, its like heaven.

I have a friend who also has Fibro and COPD and has been to hydro, but i do know they ask if you have breathing problems. So may be it varies between hospitals who they allow or not :(

The only breathing problem i have is 'obstructive sleep apnoea' but would only be a problem if i were sleeping. So they wouldn't be bothered with that.

It is really quick that i have managed to walk again. I never expected it!

When i had the first hip done i was still on two crutches at 12 weeks!

I still need sticks to go out, i most probably always will, but thats a small price to pay. I have had to use a stick since my late 30’s now i'm 50+ !

One leg is longer unfortunately, so its pushing my back the other way as after 11 years i managed to keep fairly level. So i wasn't happy about that because when i had the first one done which was already much shorter, they were able to lengthen the short leg. Now the good in that has been undone! A bit of a vicious circe!

The best thing was getting to see the local hospital physio Dept. (Not that local at 16 miles away). They had a cancellation the week after i came home from hospital, so i managed to get in quick.

My sessions with the physio are coming to an end this week, but we are lucky as they run 'self help' sessions. You have to pay a nominal sum to use the pool. I have been doing this since 2002/3 and i will continue with the exercises i have learnt.

I find it very sad when i have read posts on here where people have tried hydro.....said it hurts so give up! Of course it will hurt. I had a few months break before going into hospital, so to get back into the water was hard, it took a few days each time to get over a 30 min session but has certainly been well worth it. Being able to walk again has been the benefit, a huge one at that! :) (Ok my walking isn't perfect, i doubt it ever will be! But its better than not :) )

Have a lovely sunday xx


Thanks fibro, hope that you are having a lovely day too. Hospital food really is gross, I hate it immensely. My closest hospital, the Royal Derby, do not allow COPD sufferers into the pool. However, they are well known for being ahead of the game when it comes to Fibro. They have had several open days and events about Fibro.

Good luck with your rehabilitation and i genuinely hope that your recovery continues well my friend.

Take care

Ken x


Thanks Ken, you take care too. Its a beautiful day today, as much as I'm not an outdoor person, the sunshine does make me smile, which is a good thing.

That is such a shame they wont allow you to use the hydro pool, but i can understand the risks. As much as it feels great, the warm air and warm water could have an adverse effect if you were to exert yourself too much. Its easy to overdo things in the water as its surprising how much more you can move in the water than on dry land.

I'm about 80 miles from your city centre, i dont know where the hospital is, just Costco lol but if you fancy a drive towards the east coast, i'll sneak you in the pool :) lol i haven't driven for over two years now, and am wanting to pick up the courage to drive again, even if its just to the next village. I hate the idea of having to rely on others all the time. Legally I can now drive, i only drive automatics, so i'm safe pas it was my left leg i had done this time. I just have to make my nerves ready! How long that will take,who knows!

I feel a bit guilty, hijacking this thread, but its been lovely having chat :) thank off now to catch up with the past few days daily emails to see what everyone else has been up to.

Have. Take care and have a Lovely bright and sunny week xx


I have raynaulds, my feet/toes are always purple in the heat of summer and my fingers go white in winter. my toes are the worst as the pain can be bad when they begin to thaw. I always wear 3 pairs of socks and fluffy slippers in winter and 2 socks in summer! lol.

I did have a random patch of skin on my shin for over a year where I had no feeling in it at all, it was warm and same colour as the rest of my leg so I didn't worry, its starting to become ok again x


very painful, must be autoimmune bc high dose vit d helps relieve pain. worse scariest pain. i get ice cold, then sharp deep radiating pain, feet toes hand wrist fingers, sudden then it all subsides. raynaud's is related to lupus and a few other autoimmune.


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