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I was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago with Fibro. Many blood tests that came back fine then eventually got sent to a specialist who diagnosed Fibro. I am but not in too much pain compared to some of the messages on here (Hope that's not what I have to look forward to?)I do feel for you all. I know we are all different but does this Fibro come on slowly with most of you? Looking back about 3 years ago I suffererd with the itching on my scalp, neck and ears,but doctor gave me some special shampoo and some fungal cream for my ears but had no idea why I was itching in other area's ? It did not really work! On reading messages on here, a lot of you suffer bad with this so this could of been the start of my Fibro 3 years ago?

Have been on HRT for years tried to come off it a few times but the hot sweats came back with avengeance! So Back on it. Again after reading messages on here, a lot of you suffer with this so I am now thinking, is this part of the Fibro too? As still getting the sweats even on HRT (although not as bad as when I am on HRT)Are your night sweats just at night?

Not getting much sleep at night, tossing turning (Leg syndrome I Think) But I do not notice any pain so have no idea why I keep waking up?

Doc has put me on Amotriptoline and touch wood not having hardly any pain. It was mainly in my left arm and right down my Right leg. Have it in between my shoulder blades almost constantly but again not enough to make me winge about it. The leg and arm pain was not contant, just on and off during the day. When I am going about my day I am fine, just seems when I sit or relax, it comes on and off.

The symptoms are there but does it sound like Fibro to you? even though the specialist said it is. Or do they just put it down to this as they have no idea what causes it??

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  • hi, sorry that you are suffering, I too had sweats which part was menopause and was controlled by HRT but then I was also sweating just the neck upwards, it is probably just another condition that is attached to this horrible condition, I have had Chronic Pain Syndrome (they now call it Fibro as well) for 9 years and i am afraid to say that new symptoms have been added over the years. Getting back to the sweating I suffered with it for 2 years and recently went to the GP and explained and she prescribed an antidepressant that helped with sweats, 2 weeks of taking and i barely sweat now, it has been fantastic. Not sure if it would help you but it is worth talking to your GP and they might be able to prescribe something. The Menopause and this sweat was 2 completely different things. Good luck x

  • Thanks Metty, it is not knowing if it is the Menopause or the Fibro that is causing them? I only really get them at night but when I came of the HRT I was getting them in the day too. Maybe the HRT is helping, just been on it too long x

  • Hmmm tricky one, for me pain is always there, sweating I think is just because the amount of pills we tend to be on, happens to anyone, but if your constantly twitching ask your gp to try baclofen it's a muscle relaxant seemed to stop me twitching although it's now coming back, and fibromyalgia can range from anything I tend to ache more with the amount of movement I have, and have good days and bad days so the pains making think it's not however you must just be lucky and suffer others symptoms, hope this helps and I'm 20 male had it since 14 so not sure on the getting worse with time although I have in those six years! :(

  • Thanks Matthew. I am on Amatryptaline and the doc said that was a muscle relaxant? Seems to be working at the moment. But Hey, I may be lucky fingers crossed

  • If it's working then that's great but I'm on amitriptyline for sleep, it all depends on the dosage for amitriptyline it's a wierd one used for many different things but I'm on that for sleep and baclofen because i couldn't sleep due to twitching!

  • Yes originally amitriptyline used to be used for depression but apparently it is not strong enough in our day! I had sleeping tablets which I took poss 1 a month just to get a good nights sleep. I need to ask the doc if I can take those still and also the amitriptyline? poss not but I bet I would get a good nights sleep!...I am on the lowest dose of amitriptyline. I used to go to the Gym 3 times a week but the specialist said not to do any more resistance work so I now just do Pilates and dog walking. Not had pain in 3 weeks since on amitrip but last night as i did not walk the dogs I went on the tredmill for 15mins and got pains in my leg last night. It a job to know how far to go, trial and error.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and there is a condition called Hyperhidrosis which many Fibro sufferers also have to contend with whereby we sweat a great deal. I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices cache on this issue:

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken.

  • I suffer from craniofacial hyperhidrosis and it is a horrible thing to have! So uncomfortable and embarrassing. It is caused by the Fibro, EDS and dysautonomia in my case. It hugely dented my confidence and ability to do things because I knew it would trigger a sweat. Eventually I went to my gp and told her again how badly it was affecting me and begged her to do something. She spoke to a consultant dermatologist and I was started on a med called propantheline... it has been an absolute godsend!x

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