I would like some advice please, I have Osteoarthritis in my back and had an Atos medical

I have osteoarthritis in my back, and recently my left shoulder, spondolosous and sacrillitis in my lower back, sorry for the spelling. I also have clinical depression. I can't walk for long periods and have a tens machine and walking stick, as I also have loss of balance. I went to an Atos medical, and read the atos report and the dwp report, I pride myself as a spiritualist and believe in the truth, I'm 54 I was a personal support worker, the lies I read, were unbelievable, I have asked for a reconsideration, first fortnight rang up and they said they had just received it, mm, then told I had to sign on job seekers, or in other words sign up or starve. that was the 9th of may when they stopped my money, its now the 20th of june, rang yesterday, as it was the day they would make a decision, 40 mins on the phone, 3 departments, then answer machine said, all our advisers are busy goodbye! my family have helped with food and electric, but no bills, so getting letters about that, how can they be allowed to treat people like this, this does not help my depression, broke down and cried yesterday, there's nowhere to turn, thank you if you read all this, I needed to get it all out there, if anyone can help I'd be so grateful.

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  • Hello Yvon, welcome to the site. I am so sorry that you are being messed around.

    I think that the best thing to do is go to your nearest.Citizens Advice Beuro( cant spell this morning)

    They will be able to advise you and hopefully speed things along .

    someone else may be able to offer other advice on how to speed thing up.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Thank you, this is all getting me so down, and how many others is this happening too, its just not right to treat people this way.

  • Hi Yvon, I know how you feel, I got nil points from my so called second medical, I asked for a copy of the interview, and the way they twist things and the lies they tell, I did not say things that were on that report, I appealed and was turned down, so I am now awaiting a Tribunal, I have had a letter to say I have been receiving ESA contribution based for 365 days on 2nd July so I will not get any more money, after ringing twice about applying for income based ESA they decided to send me the book to fill in, don't know why they did not send me this with the letter instead of making me make 2 phone calls which took nearly an hour and will cost me money that I do not have, it is disgusting how we are being treated, all this added stress is making me really ill, you will have to keep fighting and applying hun,x

  • yes this is my second day of phone calls, another bill I will have to pay later, I got to a department that's going to email them, and they will call in the next 3 hrs, we are definitely treat like criminals, I didn't think these health issues would happen to me, its all wrong, even their attitude on the phone

  • Hi Yvon

    I'm so sorry your having such an awful time at the moment, like you i cant believe the way we are being treated at such a terrible time in our lifes.

    None of us have asked for these illness's, I also have asked for a reconsideration on my atos assessment as not once was my fibro mentioned and other things that would've given me a higher rate of DLA i also did'nt get any points for mobility..

    Firstly i went back to my doctor who has written a letter expladining how my illness affects my life,also i letter from my councillor to back up the doctors letter,and sent that back to atos and if this dos'nt work i'll have to appeal...

    I've also written to my MP, please also do this as they will look into your claim.

    I've also written a letter of complaint to dwp and when they did'nt respond to this i've gone to the director general who i'm glad to say is now looking at my case, lol when i say i've done this i mean my better half has, like you my nerves are shattered by lack of care we receive for being ill, also i think i would have thrown the towel in long ago.

    Sorry for the long reply..I also received a letter saying that my esa runs out on the 30th july as i've received it for 365 days..I've had three appointments for my assessment for ESA all have been cancelled on the day, my MP has been in touch with dwp and my next appointment is due on the 3rd of july and i bet they cancel this as well....

    Please firstly get someone to help you with the complaints procedure, CAB can help also Turn to us can help..

    Call your electric/gas/water/housing department and explain whats going on, I know how hard all this is but they will help you, Also contact the hardship departments of your gas/electric/water who can help with wiping off outstanding bills or help with your bills now..This might seem alot to do but look at just 1 thing everyday and sort 1 problem at a time, please get someone to help you and dont be scared...also call the benefit line who will help point you in the right direction.

    Please just take a deep breath and ask for help..and if you need any help with courage and support you have us here to listen.

    I'm sending you a great big hug to say everything will be ok.

    viv xxxx

  • Thank you bren, phoned this morning dwp, they still haven't made a decision, I've now spoke to the MP who says she will find out when the decision will be made, I'm also writing to the complaints dept. I'm lucky in one respect I have sons and daughters to help and keep me going with food and electric, I feel awful that I have to accept their help, as they have their own families, I know they don't mind, but it shouldn't be this way.

  • I know how hard it is to accept help i can honestly say that like you if my family had'nt helped me i would've been sitting in the dark with no food, No this is'nt the way it should be but we would help them if the tables were turned...

    We have wonderful children and family and thats one thing the benefit system cant take way from us..

    Keep us updated.... Big sunshine hugs to you viv xxx

  • yes thank you for your reply x

  • Hi Yvon

    I am so sorry to read that you have been placed in such an untenable position, and I genuinely hope that you can manage to get your disability benefit returned to you. There are emergency payments available for benefit claimants if you want to go down this road? It would help you a great deal if you have a representative from social services speak up for you, would you mind having this on your behalf? If not. ring your local social services office and explain the whole situation to them.

    I would also go back to see your GP and explain what has happened and see if they will file a report on your behalf of what your disabilities are and how they affect your day to day living? It can take time to do all of this, I am so sorry to tell you, but please do not give up on this.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken, I've never received any disability benefit, only the assessment rate of ESA. I thought at least they would put me in a support group, but no, with my conditions and clinical depression, I was expected to sign for job seekers, I was actually on a placement when my back and hips were so bad and made worse by the placement, that I was put on the sick, the job centre released me from the 3 month placement and only managed 2 wks, and now they expect me to go that road again. From the 9th of May, no money, 21st of June no money, the decision maker hasn't made a decision yet, my family has supported me with food, electric and gas, I've informed the water, tv, ect, that I have no money coming in. At the time my money was stopped, it was also the end of my flat contract, the council still pay part rent but I put £75 to make the rental price. I broke down and cried for ages, at the injustice of it all. I was a Personal Support Worker, and worked with people with servere challenging behaviour and made a thousand a month, and look at me now, treat like a criminal, if I could work and a job tailored to my needs, but no, treat worse than a prisoner. I've contacted the MP, and will be writing a complaint letter, about all this.

  • Hi Yvon

    I am so sorry to read this. However, since you suffer with depression also, you could submit a claim for PIP as well? If you do, ensure that you have a GP on board with you and get over in the form how you feel and all the things that you simply cannot do?

    I have pasted you the how to claim PIP link below, in case you feel up to having a go?


    I want to wish you all the bets of luck with this.

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken, I received a letter from the MP she has forwarded an enquiry to the MP a team of liasion's for Job Centre Plus, to look into what's happening, she has asked for a reply, and will get back to me. My daughter has said once we get through this to apply for PIP, my family is disgusted at the way I have been treat. I've only just had the assess ment rate' I've seen my Doctor a week ago, he knows I'm waiting for the decision, from the dwp decision makers, my money was stopped the 9th of May, my fit note as its called, is from the 9th, then a follow on one and it states continuous sick from previous note, he said he would write a report at the Appeal part. I saw my Doctor this time, for my left shoulder, seems that the cream is for osteoarthritis,I now have Osteoarthritis in my back, Spondalosos, Sacrillitis in my back, lower back, and neck I put the cream on 4 times a day, I take Pregablin morning and night, Naproxen morning and night, Omperazle,morning, and Docsate, 4 times a day, that's to go to the toilet.I take medication 3-4 hourly 2 Codiene and 2 paracetomols, approx. 8 a day each. 100mg of Sertraline, for Clinical depression, I also have an inhaler for breathlessness, sometimes I get breathless for no reason, or stress. I lose my balance, and can only walk for a limited time. I only sleep approx. 2 -3 hours at a time, and taking tablets on going through the night, To look at me you wouldn't know my life, as I get myself sorted at some point of the day, some days If I don't feel well in myself go to sleep after medication, other days I'm getting sorted late morning, every days different, and how I feel in myself, you can understand, how many times I'd rather be dead, but wouldn't purely because I wouldn't hurt my family. I live alone, and never had friends, only aquaintences from when I worked. I don't go out or drink. I'm sorry for the long letter, I'm also writing a letter to complain about the DWP.Thank you Ken and everyone that has been supportive, its nice to know there are people apart from my family to talk to. Thank you so much.

  • Hopefully something will get done about it then, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck with your PIP application also.

    Ken x

  • Yvon, i am reading your post os the sun comes up, and i am feeling so sick and stressed out reading everything that has happen to you. atos, dont care they are getting their money no matter what they do. they are doing the tories dirty work for them and getting millions for it, millions better spent on helping people. I have not has an atos medical for pip yet and i am not looking forward to it, they last time i had a medical was for dla and i think i asked for a copy of the report while it was going on, and i think i got it, i have dla for the indefinate period, but were does pip take those of us who need the help and support that now is becoming a major fight for every person, why did those penny pinching tories mess the system up, it worked and nobody was put into such dipiciable, desperate, heart breaking positions of utter penuary, they are not human. when i go I will just move at my own pace, have all the medical conditions, medications, and side effects on paper, and then carefully look at were they expect me to sit, too low and no go. take somebody with you and into the assessment with you, to listen and prompt you incase you miss something they say. i read that if they ask you to do stuff, becareful and dont do anything that is beyond your range of actions, and say no if you think it is beyond you.as for telling you ro sign on? what about the equally terrible esa, which is also a nightmare, let us know how things went, ttfn

  • Thank you for your reply, hope everything goes well for you, its a nightmare!!!

  • I'm so glad I found this site, and if I can help anyone, with anything, I'd be happy to do so x

  • Update on my situation, yesterday morning, under my shoulder went into a spasm, it was scary, as it hurt when I was breathing, I spoke to my doctor, and now have to have a muscle relaxant, I spent the whole day unable to move my left arm, as for the last week I've had an anti-inflamentary cream to put on 4 times a day, as well as the usual medication. I was waiting for a call from the DWP I was told this reconsideration was now being pushed for a decision. The call came, considering I've had no money since the 9th of May, they said it would be at least another fortnight, as they were only upto now dealing with 15th of April, I wasn't feeling well to start with and this news was devastating. I went through everything again, the MP being involved, my doctor, she said she could send an enverlope out and I could put a complaint in, I said I had done that, she said there was nothing else to do, sign on Job seekers, friends, family, food banks. I told her I'm a Spiritualist, and believe in the truth, I won't sign on Job Seekers and the first thing they ask you are you fit to work, and I won't lie, how many others I wonder are in my situation, my family or should I say my 2 daughters and twin sons are helping me through it all, I'm extremely proud my 4 children keep me going, and keep telling me we will get through it, so still waiting for a break through, I'm seeing my doctor on Friday, will update any news on this situation.

  • I read your last post about Job Seekers, and all the questions they ask with that, you tell the truth and when they ask you why you have applied, tell them, you need the money to live on, where else can Iget some?? bet they wont like that!! are you still waiting on the esa decision? or are you on pip decision waiting?. Sorry Yvon, but I am getting lost worrying about which is worse, esa or pip, keep telling us how you are getting on, ttfn

  • Hi, I'm waiting of the decision makers in Sheffield, they have a back log and are dealing with the 15th of April, its disgusting, they actually told me to get help from family, friends and food banks, luckily my 2 daughters and 2 sons, have kept me going, with food, elec and gas.

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