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Just received a letter from atos regarding a medical I have to go to

Hi everyone,please accept my apologies for not being on here that much lately.I have been rather busy the last few weeks.Today I have received a letter from atos regarding a date for a medical after Xmas.What a lovely Xmas pressie to receive in the post! Iam going to try not to worry too much about it over Xmas but have read so many posts about how aweful they are so I would like to know if anyone can make suggestions on how to cope with the medical?Are there any things I should do?Iam going to ring them to ask if it can be taped as I've read that they tell so many lies.Thanks ever so much xxx

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Hi, Yes phone and tell them you want it recorded, they will try and put you off by saying you will have to change your appointment, but say that's fine. don't go alone and don't let them rush you into answering the question, also when they ask you a question don't answer with "yes" for example "do you hoover" say something like "when I can I will try to but it takes me ages to do it as I have to keep stopping because of pain and fatigue" otherwise they will put you down as fit and well to work, they may still do that, but give plenty of information about what you can't do, and base it on your worst day.

Good luck and try not to worry about it

Mazz xx


Hi Haribo

As Mazz says base your answers on your worst days. Be honest, not just yes or no, but not long winded, try for a happy balance if you can.



take all medical evidence with you even if you sent it with your form they dwp dont pass it on.

take someone with you get them to handle any papper work,to hold doors for you, hold on to them when walking,

get them to move chair for you and help you on and off exam couch

only do any activities that you feel comterble with and when they try to encourage you to do more be firm and say no.

and dont go to neat and tidy they hold that against you too

good luck lin


Tape tape tape, Atos have no morals and don't care what lies they have to tell to prevent you getting your benefit entitlement, but I am only speaking from my own experience of them. I did however, read that they had finished their contract with the benefits agency, that, again in my own opinion, can only be a good thing. Good luck.


Thank you everyone who has replied.I shall bear all this info in mind xxx


Merry Christmas haribo36 and good luck with atos xxx


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