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the dreaded medical atos

Hi im new to this site i suffer fibromyalgia, underactive thyroid, acid reflux, hypertension, diverticulas and ibs, depression and fatigue.

I have recently had a medical administrated by dhss, i was seen by a doctor. I received a letter saying i had passed, and that i have been put on a back to work programme. On receiving this a asked for a copy of the doctors report which i have received, and boy am i upset. he said a got up from the chair in waiting room without difficulty and walked to the room ok [my sister had to assist me] he stated a sat in chair in room for 35 mins ok, then furthur on in report he said i was rocking in the chair [ i was uncomfortable] he made out i was nervous. he asked me to get on the couch [my ister helped me up im only 5 ft lol] he said i got on the couch unaided, also said i could squat and touch my knees which i did with difficulty. stated i looked unwell and tired, and unkempt. im wondering when he made this report they must think that we the person is not going to see it. One more point my own GP who is absoulutly a supportive and understaning man was not asked by the dhss for a medical report.

Im so sorry if this is long winded, but i hope this can help anyone who has to go through with this medical. On a last note he also stated that this lady will fit for work in the next 12 months also took all my hospital appointments and he never read them once had a skin cancer scare on nose , rhumatology and ent appointments having op on my nose this week these was ever mentioned xxx

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That is awful, i would appeal and also put in a complaint! This is not done often enough and these professionals seem to get away with it. We are not tick boxes, we are human and deserve to be treated better. Sorry you was treated unfair x


Hi im frightened to appeal in case they stop the benifit, its a catch 22 situation i feel lucky that ive been awarded benifit for 12 months. I believe anybody having these medicals, when they get there results wheather you have been awarded or not to ask for a copy of the medical report like i did. thankyou xxx


nanna if we do not complained then nothing will be changed. I am in the middle of all of this myself. Like yourself I was astounded when I read the report that was made on me. I immediately sent a complaint to ATOS directly and also have involved my local MP. I am disgusted to know that a so called Medical professional will stoop so low as to tell Lies on an official report. Please look up my blogs where I have been trying to keep the forum upto date on my progress. It is not easy by any means at all, it is incredible stressful and I have been in a terrible state for the last 3 months. But no one is going to tell LIES about me and get away with it without a peep from me. Go the CAB and ask for advise. I do not believe that at this present time they will be stopping benefits if we dare to appeal and to be honest I believe the uproar and carnage that would ensue for the government if they try to do that would be horrendous. All the best. Colleen

ps pls do read my blogs I hope they are helpful to you


Hi colleen i wish i had your strength and determination, im not making excuses but ive got alot going on medicaly at moment ive had skin bi-op on nose luckly not skin cancer but have lump inside my nose which im having an op on thursday [suffered already with a melanoma on arm]ive already gave my own gp a copy of report and when ive got this week over with i will go and see cab.

thankyou for your feedback i will look at your blogs ps sorry to waffle on xxx


It's a misnomer to call the Work Capability Assessment a "medical" cos it's anything but - I'm sure they only use "Health Care Professionals" as a smoke screen! From what I've read on hubby's report & others posted elsewhere online I swear they are having a contest as to who can write the worst work of fiction!

"stated i looked unwell and tired, and unkempt." This is actually in your favour cos if they said you looked well, had make-up on & your hair was done you'd likely be looking at being turned down for ESA!



Can I ask why cant we all take these reports to a court for Human Right? There are so many of us who have been treated disgracefully! We would not be allowed to treat animals like it! They make you feel the lowest of the low, stupid, thick, scum! Well thats how they make me feel!! When we have consultants, Doctors, Nurses, Ot`s all trying hard to make our lives better, why cant they listen to these people who know how this affects our lives! I just dont know what this world is coming to?


Hi we must have some rights i have been to 8 of these medicalss at bootle every time i appealed and won its all the lies that they put the last one said get on the couch i said to so called doctor you will have to help me to get on it he said IM NOT HELPING YOU when i got the med report he had put i had no problem getting on and of the couch i asked the doctor why he hasnt asked me to pick a coin of the floor he said because i no you carnt do it yes your right on the form it said had no problem picking coin of floor said had no problem taking coat of didnt have coat on said i had no problem getting up from chair with no arms on i did not sit down at all i could go on for ever so i got my appeal date this time i got a welfair advizer to sort it out for me 2 days before the hearing welfair advizer rang me up told me i dont have to go to appeal its been upheld in my favour i got 800 pound back pay its ust all the stress i have now got another letter to another med at bootle so it all starts again like it has for the last 8years this time though im having the med recorded anybody else had the same prob as me


Hi I`ve just had a thought too! Next year too there will be no funding for advise centers for Benefits so I`ve heard! So if they put you in one group then you want to appeal there wont be anyone out there to help us! So again our fingers in the vise!!


Hi Nanna please know I do not mean to sound as if I am criticizing you in any way and I can understand that you have a great deal on your plate already. I do believe that the best thing for you to do with regard to ESA etc would be to seek advise and help from the CAB.

Sadolrad I believe you are right and I think that there is already a test case in the courts along the lines of human rights regarding 2 individuals with mental health problems. I believe that if they start to cease our benefits because we dare to appeal that is exactly what would happen. I know that I would definitely be going down that route if they do that to me.

Cortina - you are pointing out a very valid point. I keep reading posts from WCA's when I think to myself how weird thats exactly what they said about me and it was not true. I am going to put together a blog/poll where I shall post some of the lies and inaccuracies that were on my report and see how many others have had the same comments. I think that this would be very interesting and with permission and obviously keeping all names anonymous I would like to show it to my MP and maybe the BBC as well. I have already started a letter to the BBC as they have already been taking an interest in this and have actually intervene on a viewers behalf with ATOS. I shall have to put my head down and put it together.

Nanna - Please do take care and all the best of luck with your operation this week, I hope all goes well.

Colleen. xxx


Hi to everyone i really thought it was a one off i am gobsmacked and very annoyed its happening to everyone, i dont mind showing anyone report obviously minus names. it took alot of guts to write blog as im a really shy person.

hugs to everyone xxxxx


Well done to you Nanna and of course Names will not be included and I would not show it to MP or anyone without permission but I believe that if we can show that they consistently use the same lines and the same lies it will prove that the WCA's are not worth the paper they are written on (which we already know anyway). About being shy, Nanna the beauty of the forum is that you dont have to face people but so far on here I have found everyone to be very pleasant, helpful and understanding. You would be amazed at how many similarities there are health wise with the others on the site. In similarity to you I have underactive thyroid, hiatus hernia, IBS, Over active bladder and have suffered with clinical depression for many many years, and then to top it all (excuse the pun) I am actually 4ft 11" LoL. I will be working on my blog/poll to get it on the forum as soon as I can. I have the feeling that it will be very very interesting indeed. And again good luck for Thursday. Colleen. xx


thankyou for your concern, and we do have similar symptons , i bet you take alot of medication.

hugs x


Like you I requested the report. And I was awarded no points after being on Incapacity for around 20 years. I have COPD & EMphysema too, he claims to have listened to my lungs and he claimed I did not have emphysema, yet x-rays and CT scans as well as breathing tests proved it. My fibromyalgia and exhaustion was non-existant and was not even discussed! I would say that approx 95% of the things he claimed he did were not done and I took it to appeal. The judge took the easy way out by agreeing with the ATOS doctors report and I lost my appeal. But in saying that if I were you I would go ahead and appeal. You will still be paid whilst appealing. And I am under the impression that if these ATOS docotrs have healing hands then we have no need for GPs and consultants.


Ozzy Girl I do hope you will be able to join in with my poll when I get it done, Im hoping to get a record of falsehoods in these reports as I believe they are saying the same or very similar things in all reports, For instance a reoccuring one I keep reading in posts is that "the client was able to climb the stairs without assistance or difficulty" This was said about me and is completely untrue. Another one I have noticed is "client was able to sit still on a chair for 45 minutes comfortably" again said about me and again totally untrue. I had to move around constantly as I cannot sit still in one position for long due to discomfort.

Nanna - Yes indeed I do take a lot of medication, indeed I believe I rattle when i walk lol. I dont really take any medication for the pain beyond Ibuprofen as I have a bad reaction to stronger painkillers so I just try to manage it and have become use to being in pain now so I probably have a higher tolerance. The worse thing that I do struggle with is constant toothaches although I have been told there is nothing wrong with my teeth and the dentist said I have "Toothache Syndrome". Also recently I have had to give in and take prescription medication for migraines. I take normally thyroxine (underactive thyroid), clonazepam (restless leg syndrome), Mirtazipine (depession), Nexium (Hiatus Hernia and IBS) and the latest addition to my medication family is propranolol (this is for anxiety attacks and migraine) I got myself into a terrible state after the medical and became very distressed. I was convinced I was going to have a heart attack or my heart was going to stop. My blood pressure was high and I was having horrendous headaches. My mother got me to my GP after a few weeks of this and it was diagnosed as anxiety and panic attacks. The medication has calmed me down a lot and the headaches have improved. It just goes to show what a huge effect on your body and health stress can have.


Oh and Nanna I forgot to mention my best friend Zopiclone (sleeping pills) without which I would never get a decent sleep. x


Hi goodness that is alot im on ramipril, atenolol, co-amalfruse for blood pressure, thyroxine for thyroid, nexium, citlopram for depression, then simvastatin and amytripyline to help me sleep. ive been touched by all everybodys comments hving a op on nose tomorrow so wont be on computer, so i dont want anyone thinking im not bothered



Unbelievable!!! With IDS, and the Tory party we have even now, are giving commission to these supposedly ATOS/CAPITA assessors ( they don't deserve the title Drs) to stop us, disabled people in general from our entitlement. It's survival of the fittest: Not only are the Tory party trying any means they can to compensate for the deficit, they are feeding off the most vulnerable, and even killing us. This could almost be perceived as a hidden agenda, of genocide, on societies most weakest people in society, who to them are scum, and forfeit their right to life!

I have just filled out my PIP form, and now suffering from excruciating all over body pain, and I'm on 45mc of buprenorphine! I am only living in my bedroom, now been a week and am thinking of going up to 55mc???? Not sure if I should or not quite sure what to do???

I wish you all well and send out universal loving and healing thoughts to you all xxxxx

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