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I attended the above assessment. Received a reply from the Jobcentreplus on the 30/10/12 explaining that I had been placed in the Work Related Active Group, but nothing that related to the ATOS Aessessment. I rang the number at the top of the letter and spent 20mins waiting to speak with someone. I told that this letter was the result of my Assessment and I should write to the address for a copy of Medical and a full written statement.

The Medical Report Form arrived on the 28/11/12, which I found to be a very honest Assessment, but no written statement. I read with interest until I got to page 17 and the PROGNOSIS-

Which states - Expected Change - Functional Problems - I advise that work is unlikely in the long term.

Reason for the Opinion Given - The available evidence suggests improvement is unlikely in the longer term.

I have now wrote back to them asking them to please re-examine the decision or at least send me a full explanation of how I would be able to fulfill the terms of the Work Related Assessment Group which they are asking me to under take in my present medical condition, when it clearly states not only in my medical records, but also suggested by the ATOS ASSESSOR.

I will keep you all informed of the outcome along with the new large zip now fitted to my bum

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Like i have said on many occasions,they are all a law unto their selfs.I wish you all the best,i to am awaiting on the results of my atos medical i had jst over two weeks ago.And yes my anxiety is through the roof when i read some of these posts.And its quite clear their are a lot of very ill people,n yet they r getting pur in the work categories. .bloodymakes my blood boil :( Fee


Hi kevman, I too am awaiting the outcome of an ATOS assessment and honestly have no idea which way it might go. Well done for following through and questioning what looks like a very dodgy decision given the evidence. Good luck and keep us posted! Jane x


Well I hope you get that one sorted out, how can they put you in the WRAG if improvement is unlikely, good luck xxxxx


I'm awaiting an Atos assesment and the thought of trying to prove how much pain I'm in to someone,who in all probability won't be able to grasp the enormity of fibromyalgia, makes me feel sick:( but two things worth remembering is that,, I believe an assessor should have completed some traning on fibro and you can ask to have your appointment recorded.Atos deny they need training but it is an issue that MP chris Grayling had put forward. Warm wishes x


I've been put into the WRAG too!! I'd like to know why when my points add up to about 129 which means I should be in the support group!! I'm sure they make it up as they go along!! XX


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