Hi guys, hope ur all well. Can i have a goog old moan. So 9th March had ATOS assessment. Today got the brown envelope....... to my anger i was awarded a big fat 0 for both daily living and mobility. Shocked is not the word. Not that i did'nt get PIP but i got 0 for both. What a joke in the lettet it go's on about i said i could not make a meal which is thr truth and it said " i have decided you can make a meal" how the hell do they know what i can do. Reading the reasoning on the letter everything i said was noted but the decision maker feels i can do everything i said i could'nt. As anyone else had this. I have rang for copy of the report and a call back from my case manager what good that will do i font know..... so angry right now i could scream

sorry for the rant


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  • omg no really just been for mine today and now i think she was twisting and turning the questions and my answers around all i can do now is wait bloody 4-6 weeks. Hugs to you put a appeal in go to your citazens advice they have trained people to help you with this.

  • Phew, Claire, I really understand the feeling of disappointment and outrage - no wonder you feel like letting-off steam when everything you said was somehow twisted to mean something else. I feel how utterly disappointing that result is.

    I'm still waiting to hear my own result in the next 6-7 weeks, but my local CAB tells me that a lot of first time applicants have to go to mandatory reconsideration or appeal (so I'm kind of bracing myself ready for that too).

    I sincerely wish you finding the right 'levers' to support your case, in consultation with CAB or any other organisations that are well-practised in this process, along with any reports and evidence that boost your case. Will you keep us posted?

    Will be thinking of you.

    Best wishes

    Rock Rose

  • I am currently appealing as there were many quotes in the reasoning that were down right lies, though I stated that I think the assessor must have either been "economical with the truth" or "miss-interrupted" what I said. I was concerned that the assessor concentrated more on typing on her laptop than actually listening to what I was saying, she even said I was taking too long trying to explain myself and to hurry up. I think they should tape the assessment so it can be replayed as and when required. I know next time I will record everything.

    Will update you when I have had my tribunal, no date yet for it but I have had acknowledgement that it is going to appeal.

    I also think that assessors do not really understand FM and believe your just making everything up.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have had this outcome and I can sincerely understand your anger and frustration. I would urge you to appeal and try and ascertain the benefit that you are entitled too. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Aw Awful - i feel for you - I have had the same experiences - including being surprised that i got 0 for everything -like you i wondered if i would be awarded PIP and thought i was prepared but i didnt expect how i would feel when i was disbelieved and didnt score anything at all. The whole system seems to be a farce. I have appealed and have signed up to a brilliant organisation - 'Benefits and Work' who provide a lot of help to apply, appeal and go to tribunal if you need to -it seems to be important to do this to show how the system is not working - i think there is an offer on if you apply this week. Also Citizen's Advice are helpful and i think can help you appeal too. Good luck - its not you its them x


    have posted a link to the Benefits and Work site - they are excellent and well worth the modest yearly subscription - i've been with them for advice for years and recommend them

  • I think there's going to be an awful lot if pip declines. I read recently that the mobility people who deal with the car part if you have one. Have had a massive decrease in the amount of cars being issued. They say that many transferring from dla to pip are having higher rate mobility withdrawn. I thought the whole idea was to make it better for us to get around so that we could carry on without being more of a burden on the state. I don't qualify and have had to have an automatic as I can't operate a clutch any more. I am lucky that my partner has helped me finance it. Without the car I couldn't keep working public transport is a no go here and I would be more of a drain on the state. It's all stupid. X

  • I am also disappointed with pip / atos. I am been writing back and forth , they just always have an excuse and never received my letters from my support worker.,fortunately the ones I send, I always send signed for. I still waiting for my mandatory reconsideration reply. I only needed 1 point for daily living component to get the enhance rate. I have someone washing and bathing me 3 times per week. In thier letter it state I can not wash below my waist. I was considering writing to my local MP , but what do we write about !! Good luck to everyone . Xx

  • Sorry to hear this I've had to have a medical for ESA I'm still waiting but like you how do they know what you can & can't do I still work for an hour a day in a school which is about all I can do I have to walk up four flights stairs as no lift in my block flats they said they will write to me that was two weeks ago so I still know nothing it was a joke they made new wait over 45mins till I was seen they even asked what hobbies I has or if I watched soaps every sY is different for me which is what I said hope you get sorted cause I really don't know what I'll do if I get the 0 xxxx

  • Hi, thanks for ur feedback. The wierd thing is they asked me the same thing about watching soaps, whats that about....... hope u get better news than i did.


  • It's a trick to prove that you can sit for half an hour to watch it, this is how so many get no ESA award. Cruel eh?

    Another trick is asking how you got there, how far you walk & sit is what they are watching for.

  • Awww Claire.. I got the same decision last week from PIP

    I feel so angry and let down by them. I have been mostly housebound for around 9 months now and I am only just starting to accept that my life will never be the same

    I was a very positive, energetic and enthusiastic textile artist with my own small business and I loved my work

    I now have to reinvent myself totally but it's difficult without support.. Practically.. Financially and emotionally as I am isolated

    The PIP could've changed that for me but, like your experience. Someone else has decided what I can do.. Even though it's blatantly obvious that I CANT!!!!

    Julie :(

  • Oh Julie thats awful. Cant believe we are disbelieved.xx

  • Lizzy, I just came back to this page and I feel genuinely sorry for your disappointment with that PIP result.

    You sound a good, creative and motivated person, who is currently naturally struggling with this condition, being housebound and constrained from living the life you created so beautifully.

    I understand the need to reinvent ourselves (also being housebound and facing some similar deeper changes transition, where what is familiar and previously flourishing now falls away, so I understand and recognise that inner need and indeed necessity to reinvent yourself / ourselves.

    I was wondering whether you will ask for a mandatory reconsideration for your PIPs decision? And whether you are seeking advice to support the best challenge and hopefully a different outcome?

    I'm in that process too, and because bedbound, can't go to see my local Citizen's Advice, however I'm emailing them for suggestions on how to write the best letter to DWP that helps the decision maker more truly register and understand how my condition affects my daily life - relating to the criteria they base their decisions on.

    I realise that this takes precious energy from an already limited 'pot' - yet I would hate to think of you missing-out on something potentially there to support.

    I heard that domething like 65% of us first time applicants go to mandatory reconsideration and sometimes also appeal, to succeed.

    So I would like to encourage you to consider that if you humanly can.

    I'm in that same boat, and perhaps we can keep posted, later-on, if you wish? I won't be around here next week, but I will be the week after.

    You can also get some good links from others here on site ...or possibly make a request to MDaisy and TheAuthor (or check other posts on PIPs).

    Every encouragement for you


    Rock Rose :-)

  • I am also bed bound ... support is very difficult. They just don't carer.

  • Can I ask, were you receiving DLA before it changed to PIP?

  • No i have never claimed anything and i have worked since being 15 and i am now 42..xx

  • Hi, just read this post and I also had the same reply. I genuinely also cannot do much, if at all. I can't get in and out of the bath, can't walk up stairs can't lift the kettle or put my hands above my head. I can spend days asleep in bed or not sleep for days at all. My reasoning is that because we ha nt got an IQ of a snail and we are not covered in our own shit then we don't need the extra help! My support worker along with CAB have put in a complaint and are going to tribunal. It's as if the descion makers are stuck in the past when us fibro mites were actually hypercondriacts and their is nothing wrong with us. I'm doing a little digging as a lot of us are being turned down.

  • I suffer exactly the same as you. My husband has become my carer. Cant believe there are so many of us saying the same things about the whole process. Its a joke.......


  • Sorry to hear about your troubles with pip, but do appeal I had the same

    got 0 points for both in January but after appeal I got 22 points and

    standard rates for both, most of what was on my report was lies or what

    I said was twisted, but I know its added stress but do appeal, good luck

  • To qualify for PIP at any of the rates you need to get enough points in 2 components - 1 is for living and the other for mobility. Each of these components contains sections on how you cope with your disability on a daily basis. Strongly suggest you get medical evidence ready from your doctors to support your case and present these to the ATOS [Edited by Admin]assessor contract from this [Edited by Admin] when asked about the side effects of your condition. I used medical evidence from my consultant to support what I was saying. Also have your carer there to support you. The ATOS [Edited by Admin will be more careful about making up lies if you have a witness present. Don't hold back on how your condition affects your life but try to keep your answers short and to the point. They are not interested in your long answers regarding your life, your pain, your despair - hey too much typing might give them RSI. Remember ATOS do not care about you - only their bonus. They work to a software program on their laptop. They don't listen to anything else other than what's being asked on their laptop. The ATOS [Edited by Admin] assessor got my name wrong three times during the assessment even though she had my medical notes in her hand. I did not correct her as I was so insulted. Don't forget to ask for a copy of their report. It will be useful if you have to appeal - they know this but won't tell you because the PIP assessment is designed to be unfair to disabled people. Finally please remember the [Edited by Admin] ATOS [Edited by Admin] gets £80 bonus from this [Edited by Admin] government if they ultimately find you fit for work.

  • May I just point out to those saying appeal that you do have another shot at this before appeal and that's via mandatory reconsideration..

    The reason you may have been refused could be because they they want medical evidence, and logically we think that's going to happen at our ATOS interrogation but this isn't the case..

    Please don't get too upset, this isn't about us believe it or not, this is about a certain government and their wanting to inflict more pain and cuts on the weakest..

    For a reconsideration try and get evidence from your gp going back to the date when you submitted the claim and check out any help online..there's fightback, benefits and work who have free advice on part of their site..fightback show you what to do..

    You have one month from the date of the decision/rejection letter to tell them that you wish to have this, then 21 days to submit the evidence...

    Remember though anything you ever send to the DWP send by special delivery NOT recorded as they aren't gto be trusted..

    Also remember we are days from an election and labour are going to sort this out for us, and they will so can I please urge everyone to vote as it's going to be down to the wire and we could have 5 more years of this..

    Btw. I know it's sounds mad but this isn't personal. It's about ideology and golden handshakes for the wealthy...

    Do some reading and don't give up x

  • Hello Claire.omg really feel for you.I had exactly the same happen to me back in 2005.the guy twisted everything I said and awarded me zero points.sank into severe depression.get in contact with your CAB and Appeal.they have trained mine I was awarded 18 points and shed a few tears as found the whole ordeal traumatic.thinking of you

  • I too was awarded zero for daily and mobility. The twist everything you say, I need help making meals, she asked if I take breakfast... no cooking involved breakfast cereal... but this must have been used to say I can cook a meal

    They are devious, i too am in the process of a reconsideration. But in the meantime I am gathering more information to support my claim should it go to tribunal .et them. I am more than willing for it to be in person.. let them see now I am affected

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