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I feel like an agony aunt in a magazine ?!

Hi to you all back again had few hours off guess what doing??? oh nothing exciting sitting in a chair reading kindle then dropped off i will say for 15 mins but may have been hour or more . Just came back to find lotsof blogs , funny how you feel you want to answer them all, well we must all support each other what ever we are all going through the common link is fibro and we all have different things happening in our lives at any one time so it is nice to be there for each other and give someone your opinion and advice. Well i am now going to feed the dog and again walk him in the rain to the top of the road and back and then i am going to have a hot bath and sit and read ( which seems to be code for drop off lately!!!!) i have not got to cook anything my youngest has driven over to have a roast with my other daughter and grandsons i was invited but did not feel up to it to be honest so i will have a bowl of porridge with loads of golden syrup on top and thats me sorted!!! i may nip back on here later but if i dont i hope you all had a lovely day and you have a painfree(heres hoping) evening and lots of love and soft hugs Diddle xxxx

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Is it snowing where you are diddle? I've been on facebook and loads of people both ooop North and darn Sarf say they have snow. It's just raining here, I suppose I'm darn sarf too really.

Don't go getting that little dog all excited thinking he's going for a long walk just to come back when he gets to the gate lol.

I'd love a hot bath but fear I might be stuck there for days. How do you get out??

Just remembered, I've got lamb steak in the oven!!!!



Hi no we have just got rain here and lots of it , dont want snow bad enough on solid ground without ice too o

lol, hope you got to your lamb steak in time . i have got two handles each side so i just pull on them you know the ones all baths have but i am only tiny any way i bout 5ft 4 " and weigh bout 7 and half stone if that so not much to pull up really my Doctor always says its a bonus that you are so tint but i am a funny eater always have been i pick at things rather than have a meal i will eat tub pringles and chocolate bar or cereal i eat meals if i go out or at christmas at my mums and stuff but i prefer to pick and its always the wrong things too. me and my sister keep going to costa coffee and having hot chocolate whipped cream and marshmellows it is lush and fills me out for the day so if i have it in the morning i am ok can eat tea but if i have it mid afternoon thats me done for the day but they are lovely. I used to buy the canned spray cream but i put some on my hot choc eat it and keep putting more on so a can that should be 44 servings would be gone in 2 days naughty but nice. well i hope i dont get wedged in the bath now i will blame you if i do ha ha take care love and soft hugs Diddle x


hi yes the porridge was lush and now i am full .

Yeah may be back later if not sometime tomorrow got to go sort few housing bits and you know what its like in them places i may leave that til tues be quieter than monday. love and soft hugs Diddle xxxxx


I always ordeer food off just eat when I can't cook lol x


And thank you for being my agony aunt :)


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