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I feel like crying ... when are the DWP going to sort things out? just had another letter from ATOS

I couldn't believe what has come in the post... An ATOS health questionnaire - feeling really ill at the moment and really fed up of the constant paperwork. the only good thing is having done one, I can refer to it and also all my paperwork and make it better this time around.

Still not getting any money so why the hell should I keep filling things in????

Really tearful right now.... have managed to get my meds but still hurting....

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They just dont understand that streessing people like us makes us worse and they still dont give us any money.

I dont get the system at all, sorry havent helped you.

Sending a big gentle hug hun, kel xxx


hi miss kittycat put them away for today and if you can make a cup of tea get on couch and get a blanky and snugell in the blanky and 4get the form till monday . and have a good mothersday i am sending al ay soft hugs and best wishes :-D <E


at the moment i'm fighting the dwp for both esa care component and dla. they have decided that i can work, when some days its hard to remember who i and trying to tell the dla, that you can have unexplained pain anywhere, apparently, you can only have pain in certain places.I also have a doctor that will not send me any where as he has decided that ME and FM cross over so i don;t need to go anywhere else.


Thanks guys, going to snuggle up with my better half and my cat with a hot water bottle and watch Jeremy Kyle!

Going to leave them till sunday morning when my better half is at work and I have some peace to read through it. Have also had a letter from my local council about my council tax - as the dwp say I'm not entitled they have stopped my council tax benefit and have got to fight them now..... oh well.

Peace till sunday xxxxxxx hugs to you all xx


I use to be assessed every year for DLA , I used to get so anxious n stressed it made me very ill. I asked my doctor if fibro is curable, he said no , i said will you tell these people that then , he did and I was finally after years of stress i was left alone, don't give up n remember when you fill out any form regarding your fibro fill it in as if its your worst day , we forget sometimes how bad this crap can get .good luck xx Lydia


that's good advice Lydia. am sorry to read of your distress MissKitty. the bureaucrats who send out endless forms have no idea what misery they cause. the system stinks. am glad to read you're going to snuggle up and put the forms aside for today. chill and get some mental rest x


These forms are not the best I must admit, the amount of questions alone is rather daunting. Try not to get too wound up about them and leave it a day or two to let your head calm down before completing. If you find it too stressful you could always ask someone like the CAB to help as they are well used to completing them.x


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