bath lift is fab- atos not so fab

hi all, just giving you an up date 2 weeks ago i broke my right wrist the OT came the other day with a bath lift for me so much better still need help but at last i can have a bath, the other thing is i got a letter from you know who yes ATOS HEALTHCARE what a laugh that is healthcare my arse to go for a medical on the 10th september well i rang them up canceled it rang DWP to complain as on the form i sent in i ask for my doctor to fill in any details they need to know about my conditions got told it may affect my claim how can that be i said i have freedom of choice and freedom of speech i have the right not to use this low life company to look and my medical records and for them to tell me am fit for work they don't know me from adam at leased i see my GP every month we have great doctors but DWP would spend more money on ATOS than give it to are GP'S so i would tell you all if you have a medical cancel it with atos and ring DWP YOU HAVE THE RIGHT NOT TO USE THIS COMPANY the more people cancel the more work DWP have to do

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  • will you loose your benefit or do you have the right to do it the way you are without being peenalised? hugs xx

  • hi hun, i don't get any benefits my husband works i was told by the C.A.B that we all have thr right to have your own doctors and any hospital consultant or doctor to fill in the medical details DWP need you don't have to use ATOS they are not doctors at the medical only health care workers like nurse's even physiotherapy are used as well we have the right to say who fills in are medical details DWP are spending money useing this firm and who is paying we are for the benefit is taken away or not given i have had 3 tribunals so far at the cost of a 1.000 each time an still fighting for the benefit the DWP say's i can get . as i said we have freedom of choice in this country and am sticking to it i am keeping up the fight because if i don't ATOS an THE DWP have won and not not giving up

  • well done, keep your spirits up and win - take care

  • You stick to your guns its our right as you say

  • hi all, up date from DWP .... Had a call from the DLA office they said my GP never fills all the info that they want thats why i need to have a medical with ATOS i said very nicely that my GP is waiting to fill in the form as i have had 2 broken ribs and now a broken wrist due to the falls i have said they are ringing my GP to see if this is true and if i dont hear from her that means the forms have been sent to my GP SO HERE'S HOPING WE GET SOME WHERE THIS TIME

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