Very angry to say the least!!!!

Good morning to all my fibro friends,it took me so long to write my post and now it's disappeared :( And Fibrofog is so bad so it's taken me even longer,so here goes again! Yesturday I saw my new g.p whom I thought would be caring and supportive about my recent troubles of late (have been in flare for two months) and been having urine infection type symptoms again with kidney pain.I have been really weak and tired,increased pain,migraines nearly every day,nausea,stomached cramps,diarrhoea on a couple of occasions,dizziness and the dreaded urine infection symptoms despite urine results as clear.Plus been getting more and more depressed as well and having problems getting out due to physical and mental problems.According to my g.p Iam fit and healthy and my muscles are not weak,fibro is just what you are told when you have been excluded from all other conditions,it is because Iam depressed despite me saying that Iam depressed because of physical problems,it doesn't affect your balance,I can walk normal and shouldn't use a stick,there's no reason for me to be house bound and live a normal life.I ended up in tears and afterwards I wish I had said that if Iam fit and healthy then why do I need two carers and can't work and struggle with the normal day to day things.Its like it's not a condition according to her.She said I would have to see a mental health doc before I can get my antidepressant changed as I said I would like to try a different one.Ive got to wait till my follow up with urologist to tell him about my kidney pain,no referral to pain management,no migraine meds only 600mgs of ibuprofen 3 times a day when needed,and nausea tabs and ibs tabs.I asked for vitamin D and B12 blood test as well as some other ones.She said that fibro doesn't cause low vitamin deficiencies and when I asked about the flu jab as my immune system is weak she said my body is healthy and that I shouldn't think of myself as ill!!!! It seems like she is blaming everything on depression and doesn't understand the condition at all!Iam disgusted,very angry and upset and now it means that I shall have to join a new g.p surgery as she is the only one there :(

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  • Oh Haribo what a terrible experience !!! This illness is bad enough beside having a Dr speak to you like that, I'm so sorry this has happened to you! I would report her, how old was this woman? how dare she speak to you like that, I'm so angry on you behalf Haribo, depression is a PART of fibro not the cause, my GP don't know much about fibro but he would never speak to me like that.

    Sending you lots of gentle hugs

    Maxx xxx

  • She is a Spanish lady,about a similar age to me I think.I can't be bothered with reporting her I just want to find a decent docter.Thanks for the hugs xxx

  • How rude! I'm furious for you. It's unbelievable that in this day and age that some doctors still don't understand fibro or even acknowledge it exists. GRRRR

    It sounds, sadly, like you will need to find another GP (sometimes its easier than trying to get non-believers to see sense) and I hope you can find an understanding and sympathetic one. If it were me I'd be writing to the practice manager and complaining about the way you were spoken to and treated, making a particular point that fibro is a recognised condition - and not something people would choose to have.

    Big hugs

  • Thanks Lucy,I don't know how to find a good g.p,will just have to keep joining g.p practises till I do.I really can't be bothered with complaining ATM,she wasn't rude to me just ignorant of fibro :(

  • way over here in america, USA...there are some doctors that do not believe that fibro is anything more than a bunch of attention seeking, drug seeking behaviors..My neuro said that when doctors cannot find a reason for your symptoms, they throw it into the "garbage bin called fibro" She told me

    from day 1 that doctors and people are not always very understanding...

    It upset me..then she told me that she wouldn't be a good doctor if she

    didn't tell me what to expect and that's the attitude that goes with fibro...

    she said that if any doctor had questions, she would talk to them...Now

    that was bad that she said that about fellow doctors..

  • It's just so unfair though that we don't get treated like other people do with other conditions.How are you Karen?xxx

  • It's been so dark and has been drizzling - really cold winds. That's not good for anyone's mood over here. It's dark by 5pm. I sure miss the sun and the warmth. On Saturday, I will be cleaning the house so I can start to decorate for the holidays. I also have to work, work..but at least it's from home.

    Sending you some warm thoughts..Send sunshine back. =)

  • Hi really sorry to read this. I would report her. Not only to the practice manager but also PALS too.

    This has to stop as it makes me so angry being spoken too and treated like this.

    This Doctor needs some sort of training if she dosnt believe this exists!!

    Sending some hugs on the way and hope you do manage to find another Gp.

    Take care x

  • Thank you Jules,maybe I will complain now.Thanks for the hugs,when I do go for my flu jab next week I will see about joining a different doc and ask to make a complaint xx

  • Hi Haribo,

    Reading that made me angry and defensive of you.

    We must accept that some people don't want to change their views, or don't want to take the time and energy to do so. If there is a garbage bin or whatever called fibro, then I believe there should be a bin for crappy would be overflowing...imagine it, legs akimbo, stethoscopes dangling over the edge, failing arms...

    I had a rheumatologist tell me to exercise more, which at the time was fine health wise, but I was working full time and commuting 3 hours a day...she said try swimming (but my local pool is only open when I'm at work) but she didn't understand that concept...she said 'I swim every morning in my pool'...yes that's right she had her own damn pool.

    It upset me at the time, but now I find the absurdity of it hilarious.

    So my chum, find a new doctor. It's taken me years to find mine but he is lovely. Once you find a good one who cares, you'll feel sorry for the others for their ignorance and lack of humanity. Put them in the mental bin....

    Big kisses! Mwah

  • Aww zoisie,this has made me chuckle so much and it is so appreciated especially as you are feeling so poorly yourself.I like the idea of the bin for doctors,what a great sense of humour you have :D Thank you so much and I hope that you get some relief soon.Lots of fluffy cuddles and kisses xxx

  • I used to be a ballet dancer so I know that it isn't lack of exercise that contributes to FMS. I wish they could have it even for a day. They'de change their tune then.



  • You poor lamb. Can you see another GP at your practice?

    Gentle hugs


  • Thank you jillylin,I can't see another g.p there as she is the only one so will have to change again :(

  • I know it's a hassle but there a brilliant and compassionate GPs out there. Keep looking, you deserve one who will support you.



  • Oh Haribo

    How awful for you. What a nasty gp. If she talks to all her patients like that then they will vote with their feet and change.

    You could ask Fibroaction (at the top), to send the surgery some information and leaflets to put her straight. I have asked them to send stuff to my rheumatology clinic as there is no information there at all. Perhaps in Spain they do not recognise fibro and if that is the case then she wouldn't know how to treat you anyway.

    Do not permit her to say it is all in your head. I trusted my gp for ten years when she told me my lupus symptoms were anxiety and depression, I thought she was my friend and I didn't know any better. My life changed when I moved to a different gp.

    You are feeling very overwhelmed by all your symptoms and illnesses and justifiably so, but try to stay strong and not be bullied or intimidated by her.

    Are you under a rheumatologist? If not can you get a referral?, you could say you would like to confirm her diagnosis if she objects!

    If you have been having urinary symptoms with pain, then surely that deserves a referral to a urologist. These are simple measures she could do for you, as they can't be explained away. She is a General practitioner, not a specialist, so she is at the limit of her experience.

    Perhaps when you have proper recognition of your condition, your migraines may ease too as you won't be under so much stress. Maybe seeing a mental health person, (and I understand your reluctance) will be a help in the long run.

    Try not to dwell on the injustice of it all, you will get there in the end.

    Sending some spare Zeb's fluffies to you. x

  • Hi bluebell,what a lovely name! I think that I would rather change g.p surgery than send her some info but perhaps it would be useful in the meantime and to put an end to her ignorance.How do I do that?Iam not under a rheumy any more and I would much rather wait till I see a different doc to ask if I can be re-referred.I really don't want to see her again now.Iam under a urologist and I have an appointment next month.Thank you for your help and support and of course the lovely fluffies! They will be added to my rather large collection of fluffies now in my petting zoo :D

  • Hi Haribo

    If you go to the top of this page you will see the Fibroaction logo on the right. Click on this and there is a list of items across the top. Under that and again to the right there is a web address you click on and loads and loads of information about Fibroaction comes up. There are different sections regarding symptoms etc, also events, help, too much to say here. If you prefer to open another tab it is www.

    I think you will find it very useful, I know I have.

  • Can I send an email to them to ask whether they can do it?x

  • Woops, I think our mails crossed, yes of course, but it is I think it also comes up if you Google it.

  • Sorry Haribo, only gave half the information. When you get on the site click on Get Involved, then on Raise Awareness. You can get leaflets and posters sent to hospitals and surgeries, just tell them where.

    I have made it sound complicated, but it isn't really. There is so much other stuff which is interesting, particularly on the Healthcare Professionals section. This reports all the latest findings and explains things like Vitamin D and Magnesium, illnesses replicating fibro, and reverse, central nervous system stuff, really good, reliable info.

    I really do recommend it.

  • Oh my good lord Haribo!!! WOT!!!! I cannot believe that. I feel angry for you. How dare she!!! Please please put complaint in and go see someone else as soon as poss. That is outrageous. Doctor have a duty of care. You can read about it on google. I know how awful you have been feeling and it must have been so hard for you to get to docs and taken every bit of your energy and motivation. Please do not take on board what was said. We all know she is very wrong. I'm sending you lotsa strength to help you to fight back against this unfair view. If I can help in any way please let me know. Love xx

  • Thank you so much!how are you today?xxx

  • What a total imbecile, beggars belief. Has this doctor ever been diagnosed by a psychiatrist? think they may have sociopathic tendencies.

  • Hi,I had a dr who asked if I'd thought about taking up jogging as if I exercised more I'd feel better physically and mentally. Before I was hit by the car that caused this whole mess I loved horse riding, cycling, cross country running, weight training. I would run through the woods for hours with my dogs, leaping streams or just splashing through them. There is nothing like running,endurance, peace and quiet and the feeling of well being. I was fit as a fiddle, and I miss it so badly knowing I will never run again. So I gave that up and chose this !! Hmm, crazier than I thought. Mind you, I have chronic rhinitis too, so at least my nose runs.

    Good luck in your search.

  • Just had a great vision of your nose running free through forest!

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