Iam having a cystoscopy on Saturday,has anyone had this?

Hi everyone,I think the procedure iam having is a cystoscopy but not sure as I can't remember what the doctor said at the hospital and it doesn't say on my hospital letter.Ive been having urine infections on and off for nearly two years now and it's caused havoc with my fibro.Was just wanting to know if anyone has had this?

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  • Hi there

    I had a cystoscopy when I was about 20. I'm 52 now!

    At the time I was told that the procedure was to try to stretch my bladder.

    I was constantly needing to pee, even after only the smallest amount of fluid.

    I used to have, and still do, have regular UTI's so on my doctors instructions when I can feel a UTI starting I start taking the antibiotics he prescribed.

    I had my op under general anesthetic but I would imagine that it is probably done under a local now?

    Does any of that help?

    If you want to know anything else send me a message either on here or privately. I don't mind which.


    Coz xx

  • I've been told that iam having a general anaesthetic.I think I will have to ring them tomorrow to find out if it is a cystoscopy that iam having.I thought it was a camera inside to see if there is anything??x

  • Hiya

    When I had my cystoscopy as well as having a camera to check all was well inside, they put something else inside which they then filled with air (a bit like a balloon) to try to stretch my bladder at the same time.

    It sounds like you just need the camera.

    Hopefully by doing this procedure they'll be able to find out why you keep having urine infections.

    When you're feeling fighting fit a urine infection is enough to knock you off your feet so having them along with Fibromyalgia as you've said causes havoc.


    Coz x

  • The consultant at the hospital did mention something about an injection in my bladder if all else fails?would that be the thing you have mentioned?x

  • No, I don't think so hun. My problems were that my bladder is too small and the infections I was having. Why don't you write a list of the things you need to know and ring the clinic at the hospital tomorrow. I'm sure they'll be happy to explain exactly what they're planning to do.


  • Thank you coz1 I will do that :)

  • Good luck & don't forget to let me know how you get on :) x

  • Yes I will :)

  • Hi coz1,I have just rung the hospital and found out that iam having a cystoscopy and dilatation where they stretch the bladder and it's under a general anaesthetic x

  • hi...first of all I would find out exactly what procedure your having pet ,ring the hospital they wont mind,that will put you mind at ease...I have had a few colonoscopys..with sedation,where your awake throughout...nothing at all to worry about I promise,i said I was nervous,they were fantastic...a nurse held my hand all the time and it did not hurt at all.........it may have been a little "strange" at times but that was it...I promise you ..I have to have them every year and I don't even think about it ...the worse part is the mixture they give you to clean your bowel out prior to the procedure but hey! I have had worse lol anything eles I can help you with please just ask xxxx

  • I think it's a cystoscopy iam having,it's a general anaesthetic that iam having.I will ring them tomorrow x

  • Hi again

    A cystoscopy and a colonoscopy are two completely different procedures on different parts of the body.

    The first involves the bladder and the other the bowel.

    I think you need to check which procedure you're actually having.

    Coz x

  • I had a cystoscopy a month ago thry put some numbing cream on nithing to it took about 5 mins i had one years ago and tgey knocked me out dnt worry x

  • Bt the way they wnt do it if u have an infection snd on treatment well mine wouldnt thr first time x

  • I will ring them tomorrow to ask about that,thank you x

  • Hi crissy,I have told the hospital that I have an infection still and iam on my 3rd lot of antibiotics and they have said that's o.k x

  • good..as people are saying the two are different procedures ..yes just ring pet xxx and I probly read it wrong...colonoscopy!! lol..sorry...its me age ducky lol xx

  • I had one last week, it may sting for a second as they insert the camera, but it's painless after that. they part fill your bladder with water to see things better. it only took 5 minutes.

    mine was called a flexi cystoscopy.

  • I was told iam having a general anaesthetic,did you have yours under a local?x

  • no, they can but I didn't have any [that I know of]


  • This has appeared three times would you be a kind person and edit two off thanks Gins

  • Sorry about that,iam not very technical at all so how do I do it?x

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