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Does anyone know if fibro can make you have early menopause?

Good morning everyone,just lately I have been experiencing hot flushes on and off,I never had them before.I know that fibro can make you feel the heat or cold more and normally Iam cold but I seem to be getting hot and sweaty quite a lot now.My depression has worsened over the last few months and sometimes Iam very irritable.Ive also had recurrent urine infections for two years and a few months ago had a cystoscopy and dilitation.The consultant told me that it's a procedure that they do for post menopausal women and it seems to work.When I googled the menopause symptoms recurrent urine infections was one of them.This is making me wonder if I could be going through it myself but Iam only 39 though.Has anyone been through it themselfs at a younger age?xxx

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Hi. About 4 years ago, may be a bit longer, I also started getting hot flushes (before I was diagnosed with fibro) I was about 44 at the time, my periods were all over the place, (having 2 in a month or not having any for months, still the same one) the doctor had some blood tests done and said it wasn't the menopause, I didn't have the urine infections tho, I still have hot flushes and get really hot doing anything like house work and I sweat a lot, even tho I was always a cold person. so I'm 49 now so don't know if its the menopause or fibro, I also have depression and I go through periods of been very irritable and just want to be left alone.

I would ask you GP to do a blood test to see if you have started the menopause, 39 is quite young, do you know what age your mother was when she started the menopause? apparently if she had the menopause at a young age you are more lightly to have it young also.

Mazz xx


Hi Mazz,I don't know what age my mum was but will ask her though.I wouldn't know how my menstrual cycle is as I have a merina coil in and since having it have no periods at all now.But I did have a bit of light bleeding recently.Thanks for your reply xxx


Hi haribo... SNAP ..... I'm also fibro sufferer,39, sweats for no reason.... I was never a sweaty person but the last 3 months(ish) I've been totally exhausted & have been sweating on my face,neck,under my boobs,in the creases of my elbows etc & I asked the Dr & he said that there wasn't anything I could do about it ..... It's really horrible & stupid that I have to sit in front of a large fan most of the day.... I think it could be menopause or at least hormone related.... But get told I'm too young***


SNAP 37 years ! ..... hope it is not the menopause as i have only one child and would like one more !! :)


This is something I've been wondering myself for a while. I think its best to speak to our Gp's as the menopause is something they can definitely help with :)

I feel for everyone as I can't tolerate the sweating either and I must admit I thought it was possibly connected to medications too it could be either.

I hope you all have GP's that listen like mine does so its makes it easier for you to discuss, be strong and ask do you think its possible I'm having early menopause can I have the test please?

I'm going to because I'd like to know one way or the other :o

Stress isn't good for us so if we can eliminate stress factors we're helping ourselves to keep that balance which is hard to manage.

Happy warming fluffies for everyone and good luck :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)



39 is a bit early for the perimenopause ( lead up to menopause) but not unheard of. Women often tend to follow their mothers so if your mum had an early menopause I think it is possible you might. You could ask your `GP to do a FSH test ( folicle stimulation Hormones) and that would give you a better guide as to whether you are perimenopausal.




Hi I know everyone is different but mine did start at 39 too. I am now 47 and my periods finally stopped, after going from not being able to leave the house from fear of the hideous flooding and missing periods, in April of this year. The hot flushes are dire along with the emotional roller coaster ride. I was lead to believe that you cannot have the FSH test until you have been period free for a few months. I cannot go on HRT because I have a breast cyst problem. I wonder if it has anything to do with when the Fibro started. Mine started in my early teens but like the majority not diagnosed until I was 40, just being treated as a hypochondriac and pushing on when I should have been doing the opposite and pacing myself. I hope you have a nice doctor who is understanding and can help you. Good luck xx


Hi everyone, I started the menopause young - my gp found I had menopausal hormones in my blood when I was 42. She thought it was the stress of caring for my mum who was blind and had dementia, but I did already have fibro so it might have something to do with it.

I didn't stop having periods altogether until I was 47, so if you want another little one, my advice would be to go for it now, Mdaisy, and good luck! xx


Thanks to everyone who has replied.I spoke to my mum today and she had it when she was 52.I definitely won't be having another baby so I really don't mind at all,just can't stand the hot flushes,had one this morning and one when I went out shopping in the cold.I came over very hot and sweaty despite it being cold! Will have to see my g.p but she is not very sympathetic and dismisses the fibro as a condition so don't know if she will do a test.I still haven't got round to changing g.p yet xxx


I was told one of the symptoms of fibro is inability to control your temperature, like thermostat gone. I get very hot and sweaty at times, usually when carrying out tasks but also very cold and unable to heat up inside when in pain or sitting at rest.


Hi Haribo

I'm 54 and seem to be going through the change now so definitely not early. Getting sweats at night last night. I don't know if it's the change, my virus or Fibro! My feet were cold and my to half was sweating. It was a nightmare! X


Hi Haribo.

I started the menopause around 49 and went on HRT.

Around 54/55 I came of HRT.

Because of it I hadn't had any of the symptoms. However, I started to get those awful sweats about 56. The doctor did hormone tests twice over the following year and some count they use said I was definitely out of menopause.

The sweating, with drips running down your face, is very embarrassing and distressing.

I also get chills so people question why you are wrapped up in the sunshine.

The worst chills are during the night when your insides feel like a bloke of ice. I can't move and no number of blankets help.

I have a knew doctor who immediately diagnosed FM. She has seen the symptoms before.


you can have a blood test to no for sure try eating a few nuts every day and order some magnisam ok from chemist have found this to be a great help for me good luck


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