Feeling pretty poorly and in need of cheering up

Good afternoon everyone,I haven't been on here much since the weekend as it was my sons 5th birthday and it's the kids school holidays so my eldest always has the iPad.We only have one iPad as my laptop isn't working so it's a struggle to share it between us all but at least we have one though.My physical health seems to be deteriorating fast and it worries me.I still haven't been able to take my son out for his birthday or this week and it was his birthday Sunday :( My fibro is so bad,iam having to use a walking stick now indoors and am virtually almost housebound.Plus I think I may have another urine infection which iam devastated about as I had a cystoscopy and dilatation about a month ago as was having urine infections for two years and it looked as if the procedure had helped but alas now the dreaded symptoms have returned.Also,I have mould patches on my bedroom and bathroom ceiling and have been getting a sore and dry throat and slight cough so I just hope that I don't get ill from that as well.I feel pretty miserable ATM and desperately in need of cheering up.Depression is getting hold of me again,I've made an appointment to see my g.p as there are quite a few things I need to discuss.The other thing is that it is getting increasingly difficult for me to not only go out of the house cos of physical health but also cos I don't want to go out.Its like I have a phobia of going out but will mention it all to the doc.Ive put in a referral for CBT counselling again and also stress management as well plus have a physio appointment to ask about hydrotherapy.I just want to curl up and die though sometimes as living is so hard :( I just feel sorry for my youngest son though as he is stuck at home with me ill and he wants to go out.Ive said that we will make some cakes that I got from the supermarket,I feel so ill though and just want to stay in bed.My carer isn't coming till 2.30pm so not long to wait now till I get a rest.I look aweful and my hair is so greasy and smelly,it's so embarrassing when my eldest son has his friends round but I think they are used to it by now.I got upset this morning as my son was taking the Mickey out of me cos of using a walking stick.I tried to explain to him that it was being cruel and he said sorry in the end.Unfortunately having a dad who used to be disrespectful towards me and say nasty things was not a good role model when he was growing up.How is everyone coping with the colder weather now?Iam dreading winter as I don't want to be this ill all through winter :(

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  • Oh Haribo my friend. Your message is so sad I wish I could help you out. Try to break the problems down - you had an op on your bladder and renal tubes only a month ago, so it seems likely that what your are experiencing now is just your body settling down.

    Are you up to dry shampooing? You know that stuff you can spray on and rub in? Get that on your shopping list.

    Perhaps it might be worth sitting down with your boys and talking about your health ability. Can you get family counselling? They probably have some anger and confusion that is being directed at you, but a counsellor could help tem vent it in a way that doesn't hurt your feelings.

    Do you have a friend who can pop in and help you to lift your mood. You need someone to look after your mental and emotional health as well as the carer for the physical aspects.

    Big hugs and love from me xoxoxo

  • Awwwww (((hairbo))) I'm so so sorry you are feeling so rough at the moment. I think this time of year is hard for a lot of us with the prospect of dark days and cold weather. I wish I could wave a wand and make everything better for you, but I don't think that would work, I would probably turn myself into a frog or some such thing :o Maybe next week when zeb is back and firing on all cylinders we could take you out on a mother virtual outing, as long as you promise not to get sick on the curly wurlys again ;-) :o ;-)

    I'm sure both your sons really do understand how you feel and despite your elder one being cheeky this morning, I'm sure they love you bits. I'm glad he apologised though, otherwise that would have been very naughty !!

    I'm glad you have got an appointment to see your GP, it seems like you need a thorough reappraisal of everything that's going on for you at the moment, maybe you need to increase the meds for your depression and perhaps get the pain management team to look at the meds you are on too. I do understand all too well the feeling of wanting not to go out, just to curl up in by ball and hide, I try to find reasons every day to avoid going out, which is naughty of me, but sometimes it's what you need to do to preserve yourself, and that at the moment haribo is what is most important ! You need to take care of you as much as you can and to accept every bit of help that is on offer.

    I'm sending you loads of positive healing vibes, and do feel free to pm me if you feel like it, I will help all I can, I don't like to know you are feeling this bad :-(.

    Special, rarely issued Foggy hugs .....

    Muchly Foggy x

  • Gentle hugs


  • Thank you jillylin :)

  • Thank you so much zosie and foggy! I feel like crying reading your messages.What you say zosie is just what I need but unfortunately I have no one.There is one friend whom I met on here who lives nearby me and she has fibro but she rarely goes out and hasn't actually been round to mine yet as I've always gone round hers.She is not too great herself ATM as well as she hurt her leg recently.Perhaps when I have a day when iam not too bad I should go round hers for a visit but it would be nice if I had friends whom could come round mine for emotional support.I feel so lonely and sad cos my life is empty apart from my kids and the boyfriend I have is not mature enough to support me emotionally.Family counselling sounds good but where would I go for it?Thank you foggy for the hugs they are so much appreciated ATM.I wish you could wave a magic wand for all of us,even if you do turn yourself into a frog lol.The virtual trip would be great,and I will try and hold back on the curly wurlys but can't promise you though! :D I've actually decided to try out dark chocolate as it's better for you,I brought some Lindt dark choccy and i find it bitter but after a while I got used to it so iam going to try green and blacks organic next.Ive just realised that I haven't even asked how you both are so please excuse me for being so rude :O how have you been zosie and foggy? :)

  • Hello haribo. Sorry you're feeling so awful. Could you and your friend with fibro who lives nearby Skype each other? Xx

  • Oh what a good idea crop, I know you have an iPad haribo, so you could FaceTime friends, that may cheer you up a bit ??

    Foggy x

  • Hi crop,does that work if the other person has an iPhone as I don't think she has an iPad?x

  • If other person has iPhone and you have iPad you don't need skype. You can just do FaceTime :) x

  • How do you do it?x

  • On your iPad home screen press the FaceTime icon and then enter your friend's iPhone (Apple) ID email (they can tell you what that is) and your iPad will call their iPhone. When they answer your face appears on their iPhone and their face appears on your iPad. How cool is that? :) still can't believe what tech can do xxxxx

  • Thanks crop xx

  • Hi haribo, so sorry to hear you are poorly, wish there was a way I could help, all I can do is support you on here, you could always pm me also if you wanted someone to talk to, regarding the choccy I eat dark chocloate and I find the best to be Sainsburys in the red packaging, it doesnt taste bitter at all its quite nice, Lindt is expensive and I dont find it as nice as Sainsburys, its also there fairtrade one, do try it hairibo......take care, look forwarding to hearing from you that you are feeling better, sending you a really huge gentle hug...Dee xxx

  • Thanks dee,how have you been?xx

  • You know it might be nice if fibrofoggiest could turn us all into frogs then we could hibernate for the winter. wish I lived near and could at least visit. Take care love, gentle hugs sue

  • Thank you sue,that would be nice if we could then we can all wake up to the summer weather xx

  • Hey Haribo,

    I'm ok but all struggling at the mo. I'm trying really hard to keep positive but it's wearing.

    Ask your GP about counselling options, they tend to be the first point of call and if not google it in your area. I suppose the problem with us all having fibro is that we can't always be as good a friend to others as we would like! Don't feel bad about that. Part of coping with this illness is learning to put yourself first without feeling guilty.

    Remember when you feel overwhelmed to break the problem done into pieces and feel proud when you tackle each one. Don't give yourself a hard time for not being able to fix everything in one go. Any small accomplishment is a big win.

    I'll keep you in my thoughts Haribo.


  • Thank you zosie,that really helps :) sorry to hear your having a hard time,is it your fibro symptoms?xx

  • Morning All :)

    I bring you happy healing vibes may your day be better than you expect. May your pain levels be calm and low. Tackles every job gently and steadily give yourself time dovt push yourselves too hard. Today is just another step forward we can conquer our pain and evolve into better fibro beings so try to be positive use breathing techniques and try to find something to focus on a hobby or past time to delve into. We need to prepare our selves for autumn now the nights are even longer. Suggestions Photo albums creative ways of retaining memories lets have suggestions please ideas guys!


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  • Thanx I am just an example who would you really like to be member of the month.

  • Do you have to vote for someone then?xx

  • Yes nominate the person by sending a pm to Mdaisy as easy as that so nominations for November are going on now! We have not set a closing date yet but probably around the 21st

  • O.k,thanks gins.What is her email?x

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  • Hey Haribo,

    Well done for tonight! Big achievement and I'm really proud of you. Yes to your earlier post, my fibro is getting worse. I've had to cut down my hours at work and I've started to accept that I have a disability. It took me 15 mins to walk down the road which should take a normal person 5 mins at the most. I've cried a lot tonight but reached out to my best friend for a chat and we were soon have a laugh or two. Funny illness this.

    :( xoxoxo

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