Magnesium - does it help fatigue?

Hi, a friend of mine told me that her fatigue was helped by magnesium injections. I've only tried magnesium supplements but gave up because the taste was vile (these were pure and in tablet form from health shop). I've now bought some Floradix from the health shop but there was another liquid compound suggesting iron and other vitamins eg some of the B vitamins and Vit C were good for fatigue. There is another compound that has Magnesium and Vit D which I was drawn to but this was suggested for healthy teeth and bones, even though I have had a Vit D deficiency in the past. In the end I bought the iron one so will see what impact if any it has on my fatigue, then I could the magnesium one. I just wondered about others' experiences with magnesium.


K x

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  • Morning Kirkby, I take magnesium-D and black garlic every eve, I get them on line from healthspan they help the immune system plus cramps my doc suggested I took Q10 200for energy every morning and they do work to a Degree bearing in mind u have all the pain to contend with but they are worth u giving them a try, go to site I said u cn get all of your vits on there and don't have to go out if you don't feel like it hope this helps, by the way there isn't any taste with mine, gentle hugs to you .....Dee xx

  • Hi Dee

    Many thanks for that. I do get terrible pmt cramps - this month they went on for 30 days so I think I should try it for that too!


    K x

  • Hi

    I was recently in hospital with "period pain" I had adenomyosis, they gave me buscopan it helped with the period pain. I thought they were trying to say I had IBS but its used for other types of abdominal cramps.

    If your having such bad PMT cramps you should get it checked out, I had it for years and it got so bad I ended up in hospital so many times it was as I said adenomyosis and I've just had a hysterectomy and feel so much better re fatigue

  • I also take magnesium and garlic from healthspan!! But NOTHING helps with my tiredness and fatigue! I take magnesium cos I read that it strips the blood vessels of fatty deposits!! And as an overweight person and a smoker I need all the help I can get!! But I swear the garlic protects me against colds!! XX

  • I used to take Magnesium Maleate and I found it helpful in terms of raising levels of energy, but when I developed Interstitial Cystitis it made my bladder worse (Interstitial Cystitis is a nasty friend of fibro, the inner layer of the bladder deteriorates so urine burns the bladder wall, pain and 24/7 wanting to pee). All of the magnesium I have found is in an acidic compound, so I have stopped it now. But there is evidence that Malic Acid which naturally occurs in most apples is also beneficial to fibromyalgia, so Magnesium Maleate is a good compound to take. I found that although the tablets were a bit big, they were not unpleasant in flavour and easy to take, I found them on the Internet quite easily.

  • Hi Judith

    Thanks for letting me know that side-effect because I have suspected interstitial cystitis, as advised when I went to the bladder clinic a couple of years ago. The 'frequency' gets much worse when I am premenstrual which this month was about 30 days long, so very debilitating. Yes, I'd heard about Malic Acid and the goodness of apples so thanks for reminding me.

    K x

  • Personally I would ask your GPs advice or pharmacist before you take any supplement or even over the counter medicine .... On my meds I cannot take over the counter cough and cold remedies which I didn't realise... Until my GP told me..... As Jilly points out as well as myself some supplements can irritate existing conditions .... We have so much wrong with us its always better to ask first before spending money on something that sounds so innocent but can interact with our meds and actually make us feel worse.

    VG x

  • Thanks for that, VG. I'm due to see my GP next week so will speak to her about it. However whens he prescribed the Vit D supplements via the surgery they made me constipated whereas the ones in the health shop were fine!

    K x

  • A good healthy diet, plus maybe a daily multivitamin and mineral pill should answer all your nutritional needs.

    There's no point in buying supplements which your body doesn't need and can't use, unless your doctor has diagnosed a specific deficiency.

    Basically you just get very expensive pee!

    There is no miracle cure for the tiredness of fibro - whatever the main cause, it doesn't appear to be nutritional deficiencies, or we would all have been cured aeons ago.

    Good pain management and pacing are really our only options for controlling that awful, crushing exhaustion which is so characteristic of fibro.

    I rarely suffer this nowadays, thank God, tho' I do get tired easily, but when I was working full-time, I can remember wondering how the hell I was going to stand upright or put one foot in front of the other for the next hour - I can fully understand why people are prepared to try anything which might help them.

    Giving up work is an effective option, but oh, so very difficult for the majority of us!

    Moffy x

  • Yes, that has always been my thinking, doing it via diet. I do - or did - have a Vitamin D deficiency so obviously they needed a boost, and the best way to do it is via the sun (when we get any!) Even then, humidity with the sun is no good either!

    People are well meaning with their suggestions but like you, I am inclined to think that if it was a cure-all, there'd be nobody left with fibro. Another one that one of my family keeps suggesting is natural hormone patches (even though they're not 'natural' according to my GP).

    Yes, giving up work, certainly helped certain health issues eg on the mental side, anxiety etc, but the fatigue just seems to be getting worse, in spite of not working and in spite of having absorbing hobbies.

    K x

  • My Doctor suggested I took Q10 200 supplement, more for energy than anything, im giving it a go, has any one else tried it ?? ...Dee xx

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