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Hubby bought us some Hopi Candles on Friday & we tried them last night. The ones he bought were from a health shop & were scented. They were made by Bio Sun, but other makes are available & not scented ones also, & are available online too. Mine was scented Lavender & Jasmine for relaxation & while hubby helped me with mine, we listened to some quiet relaxing music, rather than the blaring of the television. It was weird, hearing the fizzing & popping as the candle burned down, & the amount of wax that was in the tube when we took it out was unbelievable! But at least I now have a clean ear!! Plus, the tinnitus seems to have settled & it was easier to get to sleep last night, so I think it was worthwhile doing.

I hope you get someone to help you with yours Foggy & that the unscented ones don't give you a migraine & they help.

Julie xxx

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  • Awww thank you so so much Julie, I will try and track them down and get a friend to help. I did what you are not meant to do with a cotton bud the other day and the tinnitus isn't quite so bad now, but whether it's because of that or because I'm not quite so stressed, I'm not sure.

    Thank you anyway, how very kind of you, and muchly appreciated. :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Foggy do take care with the Hopi's I could not get them to work for OH it just made him incredibly cross I am sure you will manage much better xxgins

  • No probs Foggy, :-D

    Julie xxx

  • Please, please be careful when using the Hopi Ear Candles as they should only be used by a trained therapist as they can be quite dangerous in the wrong hands. Also, the wax that you saw when you opened the candle up is the 'waxy' residue from inside the candle itself and not actually ear wax.

    I don't mean to come across as a kill joy, but before I had to give up work I was a complementary therapist and hopi ear candling was one of the treatments that I offered to clients.

  • Thank you for the eyes up on this goldilocks, as I don't have anyone to help me put them in I think it may be a bit tricky for me to do at all, with no offence intended to Julie, she has been sooo kind :-)

    If you are a complimentary therapist maybe you would like a sojourn in Devon and come and do some very much needed massage on my back and neck hehehehe.......oh to be able to afford regular massage.

    Thanks for your warning though :-) taken on board :-)

    Foggy x

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