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Could it be metal poisoning ??


I am a 34 years old man. Immigrated to a very cold place (-51 Cel/with no Sun) in Canada from India a year ago. Suffered with extreme anxiety for 10 months due to a family issue. Missed meals. After 10 months started suffering from fatigue, muscle cramps, bone pain, digestive problems, weight loss, hair loss, depigmentation of joints, balance problem, and urinary incontinence.

I came back to India (cause its warmer and canadian docs failed to diagnose) for treatment and got diagnosed with No Vitamin D and B12 left in body. Doctor prescribed supplements and injections. Took them all. Its been 5 weeks since my course completed. I am in India as of now. Going back to Canada in a week.

My muscle cramps have increased by 50%. My bone pain has increased by 50%. My fatigue has increased by 30-40%. Instead of seeing any ( not even slight) improvement, I am getting worse. I cant walk even 500 meters. My weight is going down with every passing month. I have lost 10 kgs. It scares me.

1.Am I also suffering from some Metal poisoning that might have gone unnoticed ? Like Mercury ?

2.Could I be deficient in Magnesium too ?

NOTE: My blood, sugar, liver, kidney, pancreas, prostrate, calcium, iron, Thyroid ( TSH/T3/T4), Stool, Urine is all normal. My diet for the last 7 months is excellent that includes lot of fresh fruits, green veggies, eggs and abso no junk. I don't smoke or do drugs or consume alcohol; I never did. My both parents and my sister are abso healthy and so were my grandparents. I know vitamins take a long time to work. I know I should get my bone tested for osteoporosis. I am posting here because my GP has no answers for me.

Thanks !

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Hi Boynotwell, you have a lot going on and I do sympathise. I have read of there being a link between mercury fillings (I have rather a lot of them) and Fibro, although when I asked my dentist about this he dismissed it - he pointed out that there is no higher incidence of Fibro amongst dental staff who are in daily contact with mercury. I do know that mercury fillings are banned in Italy! so I'm not sure. I take a magnesium supplement as it it supposed to help as a muscle relaxant but I'm not sure that I notice any improvement with taking it! I wish you well, x


Hi Boynotwell,

You really are having a bad time of it. I was wondering if this is the right forum for you to get the help you need. This forum is for people suffering from Fibromyalgia, and also, none of us are Medics, just fellow sufferers.

From what you've said, and the symptoms you've described, in my opinion, you sound quite ill, and I think you should be going back to your doctor and asking for a specialist's opinion.

I really hope you get the answers you're looking for, and that your health problems get sorted out soon.

Best wishes GJ


I shouldnt think that filling are the problem. Almost all my teeth have fallen out due to fibro and it has made no difference to my health. :P


Hi Boynotwell

I am so very sorry to read of how you are suffering and I would consider discussing this issue with a different doctor and explaining what you feel is the problem and asking them if they feel it could be this?

I want to wish you all the best of luck in finding the answers that you are looking for.

All my hopes and dreams for you




When 8 doctors fail to diagnose the root cause, you are not left with the mental and physical energy to see another doctor. I am going back to Canada where the next doc, a naturopath, is going to charge me $140 per visit and tests @ $200-250 per test. This is not covered under medical insurance.

I will try to limit my posts on the same subject. Luckily I got a good answer on supplementing Magnesium for cramps from a fellow sufferer.

Thanks !


Hello Boynotwell,

You do seem very worried and all this stress is not good for your health.

The stress can cause many of the symptoms you are describing, including dramatic weight loss.

The weight loss can then cause further stress and it can become a bit of a nasty cyclic problem.

You are seeing a Dr and if he suspected anything at a deeper level he would investigate,, much can be told with routine blood tests and the Dr has covered things very well for you.

It is so easy to jump on the route of heavy metal toxicity in frustration and desperation,, to be honest I feel your symptoms are more down to worry at present.

If you have not had any history of fractures I wouldn't go running down the osteoporosis road.

There is many links between D, Magnesium and B12, and you have been definately diagnosed with deficiency of D and B12 and think it only sensible to add in Magnesium.

It is common that people with Fibro are deficient in these nutrients and feel you are on the right road of suspecting Magnesium may be a problem.

I always recommend 1/3 tsp of magnesium citrate (not magnesium oxide) powder mixed in half a glass of water 2- 3 times a day, the citrate is less likely to give you a soft stool and is a much nicer form of the mineral.

You should see a rapid relief, if you are getting enough. 1/3 tsp would be about 2gms of Magnesium powder.

A tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar can be added to this to help with the uptake of the magnesium and if you use medication to reduce stomach acid the A C Vinegar is essential.

My gut feeling is that you should find this of enormous benefit with the muscle cramps and leg problems, don't be running or rushing, take it easy.

Please do let me know how it goes for you and try not to worry, the symptoms of fibro can be very distressing at times.

Best Wishes, Ray

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THANK YOU. I will let you know.


Your most welcome!



Hello Again

Sorry you are feeling that the treatment you received for the lack of sunlight is not helping but these things take time. If you are not eating that would make you lose weight. You mention eggs is that your only protein? You could have an iron deficiency. You can have tests for metal poisoning and perhaps you should go for this if worrying you. I did have my fillings replace but you do need to get a dentist that understand the reasons why as otherwise they can make things worst.

Easy to say and hard to do you need to work on your stress levels.

How easy is is to change your GP? Getting a second opinion?

Gentle hugs.


Hi Boynotwell,

I think perhaps you need more B12 even daily injections,to get your levels up.

You need folate (Vit B9 ) to help with the B12 absorption, what is your VitD level now.

You mention metal poisoning, where from?

Your GP says thyroid tests are normal, it may be a good idea if you post them here, for others to see and give their opinion.

You have had some positive feed back on fibro, but you need help also, from the thyroid forum.

Post your letter again,with any blood test results, and there ranges to the thyroid forum.......



Hi Boynotwell,

Magnesium oil,called Better You.

Super saturated mineral oil, faster tissue absorption, you spray it on the area of pain.


Think it might be too soon for the treatment to take effect seeing as you seem to have been so low, but sounds like your doctor is probably on the right track. Did he not indicate how long the treatment would take to show any good effects. Vit B12 injections usually continue for life ie when you start to feel tired and run down you go for another injection, works out at about every 3 months for most people. Are you suffering with Pernicious Anaemia by any chance?

Loss of weight will be due to stress I think

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He said just once in life injections. Did not tell how long wd it take to show results.No PA. Been 10 weeks no effect still.


Hi Boynotwell

Post again to Thyroid UK/ Health Unlocked with all your blood test results including TSH FT4&FT3

You are showing signs of B12 D and other Vit deficiencies.

The list of symptoms of B12 deficiency is a long one,but the list gets longer, while the deficiency remains untreated !!!!!!!!

I am from the thyroid forum, I have hypothyroidism and I have B12 deficiency and self medicate B12 by injection daily.

You may also need to go down that route of self medication, you cannot sustain these symptoms for long.

It is scary, going through the B12 D symptoms, I hope you find a GP to listen, and I hope you get those much needed B12 injections, if not you know you need to self medicate.



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I got all my b12 injections. I got all my Vit D capsules. I am extremely aware and take care of my gut. 12 weeks but still no results. Hair fall, skin pigmentation, weight loss - 10 kgs, balance problem, low memory, fatigue, bone pain, muscle cramps.

With this I work 40 hours a week, make my own food, wash clothes, do groceries and clean my apartment.



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