Wassen coenzyme Q10 fatigue buster!!!

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd share my views on coenzyme Q10. I was recommended this by a colleague at work who was suffering from fatigue . My colleague stated that she had started taking this herbal supplement and we see in two weeks she had seen an improvement in her levels of energy . As a long-term sufferer of fibromyalgia and more recently chronic fatigue syndrome I thought I would try this herbal supplement as I suffer from debilitating fatigue. So I went to boots and bought myself a packet with the whole deal of scepticism thinking well at least I'll try it. I was absolutely astounded that within a week the fibro fog has lifted and I could manage to do a full days work without feeling the bone aching fatigue that I usually suffer . I have recommended a particular brand of coenzyme Q 10 called Wasem because my colleague had tried several other brands and found this brand to be the best, even though it only has 10 mg of enzyme compared to other brands with 100 mg . The herbal supplement is relatively cheap Costing under 6 pounds for a 30 day supply if you take one tablet a day. Due to my really, really bad levels of fatigue I decided to take two a day. That works out at a cost of £12 a month . What can I see it is the best £12 of I have spent in my whole life. I am not saying that it will work for everyone but it is wort a try. On the back of the success of taking the coenzyme Q 10 I have started to take wassem magnesium-B. Since I started taking this I have noticed a reduction in my pain levels. Just as if the edge has been taken off. I am not saying this is a miracle cure, rather it has enabled me to function at a level that I haven, been able to for years. The lifting of the fibro fog is in and of itself enough of a positive impact to motivate me to carry on taking the Q10.

Good luck for anyone who tries it. I hope it alleviates the fog and increases the energy levels.

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  • I may just try that if I can find it here in states! The good lord knows I have tried just about everything else!!

  • Hi I went to a health shop yesterday an he advised me to start the same supplement bio-quinone q10 gold . Fingers crossed 🌸

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences of this. I would like to urge anyone suffering with suspected heart failure (which could be manifested as Lymphedema or many other conditions) to consult their GP prior to starting this supplement, as this is advised by Boots pharmacy on their website.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with this supplement.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I agree with Ken. I would further suggest that it's always wise to run any new symptoms or possible new med's/treatments by your gp first.


    hamble :)

  • Hi! Glad you have had good results from the Q10 as my GP recommended this to me because of the statins I take - he said it helps to reverse the muscle damage which give you extra aches caused by statins...always a double edged sword to medications!

  • I am taking digestive enzymes for 2 years. My energy level went up a little. I have just started an adrenal support and i have been able to work full time last week. My enrgy levels have gotten a lot better. I still take magnesium as well. I tried the ubiquinol Q10 and got some pain, so i beleive i was over supplementing and it was interfering with my digestive and natto k enzyme possibly. Not sure. I stopped taking coQ 10. I sometimes believe the dosage is off. If the medical community does their studies on men only, i blelieve it could be the same for natural supplements. I would half the dose for a woman. I am not a nutritionist. This is just from my own experience.

  • The wassem brand is very low but affective. I have really noticed a difference and so have my colleagues at work! Previously to starting Q10 I had been bed ridden for 2 months with chronic fatigue. I am not saying it will work for everyone but it is worth a try. My colleague is a health professional and said that it can lower your blood pressure in some people hence the recommendation by boots. As Ken said run it by your Doctor if you have any concerns. I really don't like taking medication but would always try to find a natural product if possible as I think they have less bad side affects than prescription medication. Having said that I realise that for many people the pain is so sever that they feel they have no option. Horses for courses and all that.

  • I have recently started taking the Wassen Coenzyme Q10 and today I feel absolutely amazing! This past 15 months has been horrendous, I just hope and pray it's not a one off! Actually looking forward to waking up tomorrow 😀

  • Glad it's helping you.

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