Vit D or not Vit D, that is the question!?

Hi guys, I have recently has a blood test and as a result been told that a lot of my vitamins and minerals are severely lacking in my body, and therefore I have been given the maximum clinical dose of each especially Vitamin D.

Having researched this in connection with Fibro, there are two schools of thought, which, contradicted each other.

1) As Fibromyalgia and its causes remain unknown, there is a link suggesting that the Fibromyalgia depletes known vitamin and mineral levels, which are required for the body to function at normal levels. Vitamin D depletion can cause chronic fatigue, aching muscles and impact on cognitive functions. It has been noted that several patients with Fibromyalgia also have a severe deficiency in their Vitamin D levels, the true nature of the correlation remains, at this stage, unknown.

2) Vitamin D along with other vitamins and minerals all play vital roles within the body, with Vitamin D's roles contributing to more than 200 different functions. Being deficient with this specific Vitamin, can cause the same symptoms as Fibromyalgia, it is thought that, by taking a high dose of Vitamin D, over a period of 3 months or more, could help, if not diminish symptoms completely.

As Magnesium aids the absorption, but is also proven for its ability to treat aching muscles, it is advised to take a high dose of this together with Vitamin D for a period no less than 3 months.

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  • Hi joeyloejo

    I cannot say i am fully aware the vitamins but i was given vitamin d as had a deficiency. I suggest you ask your GP to explain it to you as a professional they should be able to give all info you need also look at pinned post on homepage and for additional information goodluck hope you get some relief :):)

  • Hi there i'm not really sure of your question. I am also on prescription vit D as my body had less than 20% As this Vit is naturally produced in the body Lacking in it or any other Vit imo would cause some kind of problem. So it makes sense to put back the depleted stores.

    My own personal opinion is that fibro folk are no more likely to to have low Vit D levels than anyone else.

    I do think been deficient in Vit D could cause fibro pain to feel worse though. This is what happened to me. my muscle became so bad I had my vit d levels checked.

    I am hoping after the course of pills the pain won't be quite as bad. Good luck and I hope they bring you some relief.


  • I think many of us are the same as yourself on Vit D supplements but I have to admit not feeling any better after 6 months of taking it but it must do some good I suppose...x.

  • Hello and a warm welcome to our friendly form where you can get advice, support, help and understanding. A visit to our mother site is useful in finding out all about fibro, including links and guides.

    t is said that a good proportion of people in the Northern Hemisphere are deficient in Vitamin D and my own opinion is that it is likely to get worse as we are warned about the dangers of skin cancer and so slapping on the high Factor sun cream. Already there are reports of rickets amongst small children.

    Our own lifestyle does not help in that many fibro people are not able to walk out in the sunshine because of mobility problems or skin rashes. It is a bit of a no win situation.

    Vit D, taken with calcium which helps the absorption, has proven benefits, I would take them.


  • Hello. Yes, if you've been given vitamin d supplements or told you have a deficiency then please do take them. Vitamin d deficiency can cause widespread pain - and I've seen some articles which suggest that a misdiagnosis of fibro can result. I've heard of people whose pain has resolved once they've addressed the deficiency. Good luck!

  • A hello I too like many others have vitimin difitiances. My Dr. put me on a vitamin IV. It helped bring things up to a more normal number. But he has me taking higher then normal amounts of different vitamins such as Iron . Each of us are different in this matter. Find out from your Dr. what he thinks is best for you. Country -Gal

  • Hi JoeyJoeJo

    It is an intriguing question? I would personally take the Vitamin D supplements and if your pain eases there is a good chance it was because of the deficiency. If your pain does not ease then there is a good chance it is Fibro related? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I am taking the Vit D and all the other supplements and medications that the GP and/or Consultants have recommended. I was just intrigued with the two trains of thought and the current studies happening in the US and Europe regarding this issue. I know a few non-Fibro friends who also have vitamin D deficiencies, and their feedback regarding how they feel has also been valuable.

    We are all different and our needs and feelings will fluctuate depending on our genetics. What works for one person, may or may not work for someone else.

    I sympathise greatly with everyone here and in general society especially after my partner of 11 years dying of cancer 5 years ago and now with my systematic changes.

    I hope you all have a pain-free relaxing day and seek out the positives in each of your days. I try to, and find that despite feeling down a really good belly laugh a day, certainly clears the cobwebs! Lol. Sending hugs and laughter your way.

  • Hi again JoeyJoeJo the same appears to apply with Multiple Sclerosis. My beautiful wife lives with this and at a seminar last year we were told that the closer you get to the equator the less chance you have of contracting MS? They are looking closely at any connection to Vitamin D from sunlight as a result? Good luck my friend.

  • vit d3 with k2 was crucial in a lot of weird body aches all over my body.....dr put me on 5000 d3 with k2 in it daily and b12 under the tongue and b complex...and I no longer have tennis elbow , wrist and knee ailments....I was in normal range on test but not at the top of normal range....for me that is key...amazing how going lowish normal can effect nerves and joints

  • Hi Joey - My endocrinologist told me that the prescription Vitamin D was not the correct one and suggested that I get D3 over the counter. My last blood test had me at 80, which I found out is too high now - ha ha. So, what I was taking was the D3, but I was taking 40,000 international units a day, but I am now down to 20,000. We will see how that does. Originally, by the way I was at abut 16 so that is a big difference. Please know that he told me to also take Vitamin K2 with the D3.

    However, I have been taking it for a long time and still have active (and painful) fibromyalgia... I don't think it would hurt, but it isn't the total answer either - at least for me. Best of luck there

  • If they blood tested half the population in the U.K most are low in Vitamin C and D this is down to many factors and life style and also we dont seem to get much sun and when we do lucky if its for a day. Vitamin C can be toped ul with 150ml organge juice every day Vitamin D they just tell you get more fresh air easier said then done. There is no evidance to proof issues with Vitamins affects Fibro people more. May be in the future when they actually start researching Fibro more then we might understand it more. And seem as Goverment has not long released funds into research be a long way off. What we are made to belive is Fibro is cause caused by lack of 3 fluids on the spine and on the brain, so this is the case just top it up and off we go only if it was that easy.

  • Two studies have just started: 1) Europe and 2) USA. They are looking at the impact of Vitamin D in patients with Fibro. I do a lot of research about this, and take every supplement and recommendations from my consultants. I have gone from crippling bed ridden pain, to mild pain in under 6 months. I weaned myself off Tramadol, Morphine and have stopped smoking and drinking. My diet has changed completely. I have a new sleep routine. The results speak for themselves. Now all I have to do is get my body to make a new lumbar disc in my spine and I'll be back to 'normal'! Lol xx

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