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Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked recently?

Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked recently?

Hello Everyone,

I have been experiencing increased fatigue, pain and more headaches recently.

I asked the GP to check my Vitamin D and the results came back this morning

Yes, you've guessed it I need treatment for Vitamin D deficiency!

On the FibroAction website there are a series of factsheets by Lindsey Middlemiss called the Expert Patient. Please see below some information taken from one of these articles about Vit D & low Magnesium levels

'Vitamin D deficiency is very common, although many people don't have symptoms and may remain unaware of the problem. But as possible symptoms include fatigue, muscle pains and muscle weakness, it is easy to see how these could seem to worsen symptoms of Fibromyalgia Syndrome. It can be diagnosed through a simple blood test.

Low levels of magnesium may occur in people with chronic diarrhoea, conditions that cause poor absorption of nutrients from food, and those on long-term proton pump inhibitors (e.g. lansoprazole, omeprazole, etc). These risk factors are relatively common in peple with Fibro, so magnesium levels should be considered. Symptoms of low magnesium levels include fatigue, vomiting, muscle weakness, tremor and muscle twitches. However, because most magnesium is found intracellularly, a blood test may only show up a low magnesium level in severe cases. Magnesium comes in many forms and some are more easily absorbed than others. If magnesium is not well absorbed, it acts as a laxative (e.g. milk of magnesia). Some people find that chelated magnesium or magnesium malate are more easily absorbed'

To read the whole article please click on the link below,

Now I'm awaiting my new addition to my breakfast and bedtime medications !

Yours rattling !


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I got my vit d level done a few weeks ago and started on new vit d tablet.

I found that the tablet made me feel ughy so have started taken it at night.

I am due back at gp next week.

I am feeling slightly better but wondered is this just my imagination?

Anyway am taking it as a plus and am getting on with it. :)


I also have very low iron levels and have ferrous fumerate on repeat prescription haven't had Vitamin D levels checked though x


Hi all, I'm on a lot of tablets for other probs with my health ,blood pressure and such like ,quite high doses ,I've always thought that you couldn't take vitamins or over the counter meds as it will affect the tablets that your on .I'm also on tablets for an under active thyroid .

I have such a poor apitite I've often woundered how I'm supposed to get the vitamins that my body needs ,has any one else got this problem ? I have an apointment next Tuesday for a blood test so I will ask if they will check all that they can ,just to see if I'm low on vitamin D and any thing else Big Gentle Hugs for one and all xx Tina


Hi, I had my Vitamin D levels checked about six months ago. They were found to be quite low, so I am now on Ad - Cal D3 tablets. They are meant to be tutti frutti flavoured, but I think it's just like chewing dodgy chalk tablets!! Is anyone else on these tablets?? I think the least they could do is to make them in nicer flavours, like ice cream or chocolate. Hope you

have a pain free day xx


Hi Cutebird,

When I mentioned to friends they said they were on these and the taste was horrible but my prescription is for tablets Pro D3 400iu twice a day. Looks like I got off lightly there!!!

A visit to Willy Wonka sweet shop for some afters might be in order for you !!


Hi Mdaisy, I think that sounds like a very good idea!! But I've made a start by eating some Viennese Truffles from Thornton's today!!!


Yes, I have Vitamin D deficiency, but not only that, I have Vitamin B12 also! What I want to know, if I remember, is what's next! I just feel it's one thing after another.


Snap Freya19, my B12 is low too !


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