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I bought some vit d and calcium tablets 2 days ago so have only taken 4 and i asked the pharmacist if it was ok to take them with the meds i was on the main ones being co codamol and butrans 20 mg pain patch he said they should be fine obviously dont take over the dose prescribed anyway some one has kindly written a huge blog and t has worried me a bit so dont know i should stop them / perhaps i should call NHS DIRECT as doctor not open today i feel ok no thing has happened jus been cautious really and its kind people put on their concerns jus wondred anyone got any thoughts on this please ? love to you all diddle x

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My doctor told me to get some vitamin D tablets - on their own with nothing else - and to take 400 mgs per day. I got some in Holland and Barrett as the chemists only had vit d with calcium. I've been taking them since Tuesday.

I haven't felt any different yet but didn't expect to. I don't know if I will eventually or not.

Sue x


Hi x Having worked in a pharmacy, I would always tell people not to take ANY supplements without speaking to their doctor first - as even the most inoccous supplement could have an effect with what you are taking, or on the levels in your body.

Just to make sure, I would wait and speak to your doctor as your blood levels may need to be checked to see exactly what amount you need - as you can get so many different strengths in different makes.

Hope this helps!!!

And Sue - hope they help you xxxx


Thanks hun. I once asked the pharmacist for some Tesco's own make of sleeping tablets and he checked all my meds and refused to give them to me so I fully agree with what you say about that. xxx


I have seen some people have real problems so I was one of the jobsworth pharmacy assistants any was always careful! Got sworn at a few times, but at least I was making sure I was doing my job properly!!!!

Have a great day Sue xx


Thankyou for all your advice and yes i will not take them today and will wait til monday and call the doctor jus to make doubly sure as you never know so you . thanks again diddle x


I agree with getting a prescription, supplements can be really expensive and got can get more on script...


thankyou for you reply and yes i think it prob is ok but will check with GP mon and make appt to get blood checked thankyou for you kind advice and i really appreciate it you cant be too careful when it comes to meds love diddle x


i agree with Lynn, also its hard for the body to tetain vit d, so dont worry about

taking a small amount extra, cant do any harm at all. i wish you well, love and hugs,


I had a blood test which showed that i am low on vit D so have been prescribed some by the Dr. My prescription is to take three capsules at the same time once a week, then i have to have another blood test 12 weeks later. This seems quite specific so i guess what i am trying to say is check what is a safe level before yiouo begin taking them. I have a deficiency but must only take 3 a week so taking them every day may not be good for you.


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