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POO TALK -sorry- Daily diarreah is it fibro as gp blames everything on my fibro?

Hi all

Bit of a horrid load of poo talk so apologise!

But daily i have diarreah think irs been over 4 months now! no bugs tummy not distended but it attacks when i least expect it too!

i get nervous leaving the house so taking immodium alot ascant be caught walking nowhere near a loo and i runalot of events and cant keep running off 10-15 mins at a time :(

is it fibro? any advice welcomed and thanks in advance as it scares me :( ( my dad has bowel cancer)

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Honey have you spoken to your GP you certainly should not have it so often you might have a bug in your tummy so the doc could be helpful certainly samples should be investigated. So go in the morning ok hope this helps x gins


I know IBS can be diarrhoea or constipation but for that amount of time even if it is that (which many people with fibro does have) it is worth checking out at the docs.

Hope it gets sorted soon, even if just to out your mind at rest. Go docs.

hugs xx


Any sudden change in bowels should be taken seriously, so do not be fobbed off, try another doctor in the practice if you can.

I had this and was told for years that it was IBS, and was told to eat loads of fibre, then I started bleeding just a little too.

I had a colonoscopy, and have inflammatory bowel disease, and was told no fibre except fibogel etc, )sorry I can't think what he called the fibre) so had been unknowingly making myself worse for years!

Go as soon as you can, because worry can make this sort of thing worse.

Take care, Cazx


Bowel problems can be a part of Fibro if you have IBS as a symptom BUT the symptoms of IBS are similar to many other conditions, some serious, so it must never be diagnosed without thorough testing. You need a referral to a gastroenterologist.


Chronic IBS is part of my fibro... I also have diarrhoea and for the last four years. At first my go thought it was related to gallbladder removal problems, but after being given questran to soak up excess bile it did not improve. My go referred me to a gastroenterologist who ran a whole load of tests as well as monitoring my bowel and bladder output for 7 days in hospital. The upshot is that with constant diarrhoea I now have a low capacity bowel and irritable rectum. Proven by two hours of pressure testing and 3D anal scan. Testing is the only way to put your mind at rest eh?! Hope you get some answers soon... gentle hugs


Hi Moop

Have you ever read 'The First Year: IBS' or 'Eating for IBS',both written by (FibroAction PAB member) Heather Van Vorous? A lot of the info is also available for free on I found Heather's evidence based approach enormously helpful after the medicos basically said there was little more they could do for my (then severe) IBS.


hi i too suffer from biuts of diarraeh and have to go when i want to go i have ibs and fibro BUT it doesnt matter what any of us have got we are all very different even though we hav the same and i like the others here think ou really should call your gp monday and get an appoitment also to save time i would take a sample with you i do hpe you get it all sorted out but with bowel cancer n your family too i think you ned especially to get it looked into it is prob nothing but always best to go to the right people i wish you luck love diddle xxx


Thanks all i have been seeing my gp and i have had tests and nothing! :( oh well x


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