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the beta blockers made my asthma flair up, so the doc said come off them, that was wednesday morning.......... asthma attack wednesday evening, but i must say i was only in A&E 45 mins, nebulizer and a course of steroids and me digging my heels in as there was no way i was going to be admitted. Any way back home feeling terrible and loads of fibro pain, Thursday could hardly walk or breath friday much the same , saturday ambulance called for another nebuliser as my breathing went down bank again, i cant get a full breath, Today got up feeling terrible not breathing right totally exhusted , called for an appointment to see the doctor, not my doctor, she is on holiday........ i was told ,,,,,,,,, dont u think this fibromyalgia is all in your head get on with things i am sure its not as bad as you are making out ............ go home and rest for a few hours i am sure u will be ok then............ I feel terrible still out of breath pains in every joint and now not sure of what to do i feel ill :-(

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If you are unable to breath properly you need to see a doctor. If you think its urgent call an ambulance, if not, try and see an out of hours doctor or go to A&E. Dont take chances as asthma can deteriorate very quickly.

When you see your own doctor I think you should mention the conversation with the other doctor about fibro being all in your head. She/he wouldn't say that if they had it!.

Take care and let us know how you are xx


Oh sounds like you've had a terrible time of it all,i suffer with asthma and also C.O.P.D. I have a nebulizer given to me by my hospital,i use it 4 times aday, every day,you should enquire at your local hospital if they do that there, it does make a whole big difference and puts your mind at ease knowing i have my nebulizer there for when i have an asthma attack or my breathing is very bad.Maybe your asthma nurse or doctor could give you advice, try and get a doctor who listens and takes you seriousley, love and big gentle hugs to you xxxxx


I also suffer from asthma I also think you should go to A&E

as they have all the equipment there get tested out quickly

Wish you the very best and hope you feel better soon



oh you have been through itm and still going through it by the sounds of it , oh how nice to tell you its all in your head lol i dodnt think a masacist would want this in their head what is wrong with people they make you so mad dont they like yes i really love to have pain all over my body so i miss out on lots of events i love it playing games in my head with how bad the pain can get arghhhh bless you best you go to see your normal gp when they return and i would def tell them about the response and comments you got off the other gp love to you diddle x


I feel for you and think you should get the help you need for your asthma first and try and forgive the ignorant doctor for his/her ignorance, I too suffer with asthma and find getting upset by anything makes my breathing worse. So take the advise about getting your breathing sorted as a few days ago if breathing and my heart beating wasn't automatic I would not have been doing either because of the pain I was in

gentle hugs and get breathing better soon, but make sure you deal with this ignorance when you are much stronger xxxx


Morning danhan,

I have asthma and i used to be just like you, my lungs were terrible, i had chest infection after chest infection and i used to go to a friends to use his nebuliser.

I was smoking thats why i was so bad and i have give up now and i dont get that bad now, So know exactly how you feel with the not being able to breathe hun. It is the most scariest thing. You cant breathe so you panic stress and tense up and that will be doing your fibro no favours. :(

I take seratide now and it helps me loads.

You ignore that doctor hun, what an absolute a**e it makes me so mad.

Do you not have an asthma nurse you cans see?

You rest and take care hun, and i hope your breathing gets better quick.

big hugs, kel xxx


thanx everyone for your support, i am feeling a bit better today and managed to sit at the allotment giving my son orders on where to dig, i also was watching the chickens all 46 of them, they are so funny to watch, we do have some friendly ones so i landed up with 3 sat on my knee. i think the fresh air had done me good maybe i might sleep tonight i haven't had any sleep for the past 4 nights so fingers crossed

huggs Nic x


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