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When do you know what ailments to attribute to Fibro?

I was diagnosed with Fibro and ME two years ago. I just get on with things now, using Tramadol and co codimol to get through the days. When I'm ill I attribute that to ME and any pain I have I attribute to the Fibro. My right knee is excruitiating, I used to run marathons, and this pain feels different to the fibro pain, as when I walk sometime it feels like someone has hit my knee inside out with a sledge hammer and it collapses, but I cant be sure it not the fibro?. Also one of my nipples became inverted at the end of last summer. I did go to the doctor and she examined me and said it was strange but it seemed fine, and may be due to all the meds and the fibro. My nipple is still inverted and I have a deep pain in my breast, but I still cannot work out if its just me worrying, if its the fibro or if it is due to the medications.

Do you think that when we are diagnosed with this illness then everything as just written off as being part of the condition. In a way you feel even more lost after diagnosis.

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Hi there aliatfusion,

I have fibro and ME an a few more and i never know what is responsible for what. I am a person who really needs to know what is causing what but i just dont get any answers from my gp as she just says, well you have a few conditions that cause similar symptoms. Great thats not what i asked lol.

You should get your breast seen to hun, i have sore breasts sometimes but its just like when you arepregnant sort of soreness (sorry i am not very good at describing lol)

Also i ahve a few problems with my eyes and my gp says it could be the meds?

What we have to live with ehh.

hugs, kel xxxx


Yes, symptoms can get dismissed as being Fibro. It is a real, real problem.

Fibro pain should not be predictable localised pain. That kind of pain in your knee suggests that there is something else going on, though it may be something linked to the Fibro, such as hypermobility or Myofascial Pain.

IMo you should get a referral about your breasts. Whilst a nipple becoming inverted may not be a problem, I cannot see a mechanism whereby Fibro could cause inverted nipples. Don't let your GP dismiss this.



i think Lindsay is right. I too have pains in my knees like you describe but i have been told it is arthritis not the fibro. i am concerned about the dismissal of the breast pains. the inverted nipple shouldn't be a problem but you describe another chest pain. I think you should ask for a specialists opinion. did your doc check for lumps? I know sometimes fibro roams but we can also fall foul of other things too!


Thanks Lindsey, I've just checked out Myofascial Pain and it does fit with the 'lightening strikes' I seem to get. Thanks for that, and yes I have decided to see my GP again. I'm 50 in six months so maybe I could have a mammogram a few months early.


I think it's tempting to put new symptoms down to " just " Fibro . For one thing GP's seem to get excited at having something they can tag symptoms on to , sometimes it feels like being a pest if you keep going back to the doc with a list of symptoms . But if a symptom is ongoing, getting worse or not responding to meds you're all ready taking then I think it's time to see your doctor.

I'm a fine one to talk , I've been saying I'm going to go for 4 weeks now and haven't !




Hi Alia, I definately wouldn't be fobbed off by your GP as regards your breast being a symptom of fibro. It could be nothing but without further investigation how can she be sure. I had a breast problem some years ago that seemed insignificant and it wasn't so please go and get it checked out. My consultant told me he would rather see me and it be nothing rather than it go unchecked.

Whilst there are some things that can be attributed to fibro my GP has often said to me that we cannot assume this is the case. Be assertive and let them know you will not be fobbed off. Take care and let us know how you get on. Love Angela xx


Thanks ladies, yes I have an appointment booked for the 23rd and I will discuss it all then. Will keep you updated Ali x


i have not read the comments i have just seen your letter. what ever dont let the gps fob you off i was going mad with worrey i keept going to gps with pains in my breast that made me keel over icollapsed up town endid up at gps they tested my heart that was ok.the time now is 9months i got up had a bath drying myself a i noticed i had a rash round part of my nippell i made app to see duty nurse to be honest i had lost faith with the docs she examed me and said i would like a doc to see this i well get a lady doc if poss she returned with the head doc [ at times i was told the pains i got in my breast cheast was fibro ] so he came in and examined me got me sat in a chair faceing me and just said i,m sorrey but you have breast cancer ali you might not have anything too but dont take it for granted its allways fibro becouse our body.s are all mixed up with this illness.i,m here 6 yrs on you speak up ALI and i hope all goes well weth you.please let me know how it goes for you,whishing you and everyone lots of freedom from pain &good nights sleep jenny xxx


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