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Knee Problems with Fibro anybody else out there

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Well i don't write that often only when i have question really but i do read other posts on here a lot. Anyway my question today is about knee problems. I have had this ever increasing problem which swaps knees when it wants to.The front of my knee is now quite numb with a tingling burning effect it is very painful, i cant bend my knee or put any weight on it. Around the sides of my knee is very tender,i can't get up from sitting as i cant put any pressure on it. I have had x rays and CT scan but nothing showing up at all, the doctor said it sounds like arthritis all the signs are there but it is not. i know its all to do with fibro. My brain not sparking correctly. has any one else got knees like this and what do you take or do if you have.

14 Replies

Hi, I put Volterol gel on my knees. I find it helps me a little.

It might be worth a try for you too?

Good luck.

Best wishes.

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Yes I agree volterol is good for pains short term I have 4 tubes lol ! Just layer a couple of coats on its good and it works. 🖒

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Me too, mine is arthritis and the xrays show it. I beoke one last year and the other's a replacement so they both give gyp from time to time. As well as voltarol I use a preparation from a pound type shop!

Bell's Healthcare Muscle Rub. It contains some traditional stuff that is well attested, but of course check first.

this is not an advert but a link for checking ingredients. It contains Cajuput along with stuff I already knew about. Seems we've used it for a while. My 80 year old herbal quite likes it

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I have just looked at the bells healthcare range and it looks pretty good now to find out where i can buy it from

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I had the same problem and x-ray didn't show up the Arthritis.

You need to ask your GP for a referrel for a MRI Scan. This may pick up on anything untowards.

I also have Menscus tear(cartledge damage) I now get Corisone steroid injections with really help.

Go back to your GP and ask to be referred to Orthopedics.

Pls let us know how you get on xx

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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing such problems with your knees.

I use biofreeze spray which I have found works really well. I get very saw/raw pain in both my elbows, it is the only thing I have found helpful.

I buy mine from Amazon. You can get biofreeze in a roll on and gel too I think. The spray seems to be more economic. You can purchase various sizes.

I hope you find something that brings you relief.

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what does it do it sounds as if it freezes you ????

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i will go to my doctor the poor woman must be sick of seeing me LOL

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Hi tasha2

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue. I have a knee problem but mine is arthritis as my knees swell and and go a reddish colour. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi Tasha, I too have this problem mine especially hurt going up & down the stairs.

I have Osteoarthritis and after cortisone injections in both knees the relief was almost instant but short lived. The pain that followed was horrendous so much so I wouldn't have them again. I now use a heat rub on my knees which does help :)

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Hyper mobility often occurs in FM. In fact some research suggests it may account for much of the pain issues. Knees are particularly prone to this and can become very painful. I have quite bad hyper mobility and my knees can be really painful. Have found hydrotherapy helpful as it strengthens the knees gently and this helps with the pain.

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Your knee symptoms sound like mine. I wear a knee brace when I have the symptoms. You can get different kinds from Amazon. I have ones where you can adjust the tightness. This helps stop my knee giving way.

I also use Biofreeze. It's active ingredient is Menthol. I think how it may work with Fibro pain is that it may confuse the brain with another sensation and for a while they seem to cancel each other out. It has a higher percentage of menthol than other similar gels but is expensive. I have Googled how to make mentol lotions/rubs etc and it seems easy so next time I will make my own and save a lit of money.

As to making the area fell frozen as you mentioned. Sometimes I do not feel anything or it feels hot or cool. Again, confused messages perhaps, but it does give some relief.

It does smell of menthol but this evaporates.

Hi- nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours) I too get knee pain, I was told its OA not fibro and my bones grind together on bad day and they go weak. I rub in my voltarol gel and wear supports, I got these form occ. therapy at hospital. Sometimes my skin feels like its going to tear open too..It does settle down and flare up you will learn how to deal with it, as we do with everything else.!!

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Yes I seem to have the same problem with my knees when I sit for a long time my knees lock and they hurt in both my knee caps. I suppose we just have to live with it when you have fybramyalgia otherwise if we say anything we allways have a problem. Frightened to say to much to my dr as she may think I'm a hypochondriac. Hope you get your knees sorted soon. 🤗

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