Any implantation tips? Ok to sleep on stomach?


I'm soon to have my FET and have confused myself over what can help implantation- would love to hear what has helped other ladies on here get their BFP?

I watched a YouTube video and a lady who got her BFP listed a whole range of things she did including stopping herself sleeping on her front as that's supposed to be bad- I've since tried and there's no stopping me rolling onto my front in my sleep- I can't seem to sleep any other way! I have trouble sleeping as it is so not sure whether to persevere. My fella sleeps so soundly there's no way he's going to watch me and turn me over lol!

Here's what I'm taking at the mo, aside from my thyroxine and Buserelin and oestrogen - vitamin d, b complex, selenium, zinc, folate, omega 3, magnesium, also a probiotic that helps my digestion (optibac saccharomides boulardi). I stopped taking vitamin c as read that it can be bad for over-vigilant immune systems like mine (not had cytokine test but have every food intolerance under the sun) but I drink orange and eat lots of greens. I'm going to try pineapple core and pomegranate juice this time.

I decided against the scratch in the end as feel like I mainly need to work on my mindset and chilling out and minimise trauma - am enjoying my hypnosis CD which is so soothing. I am going to try the embryo glue which the clinic suggested this time.

Whichever way I will report back and let you know how it goes.

Love and baby dust to all xx

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  • I sleep on my tummy, i also worried bout this but i got bfp so it mustnt make a difference? Im now worried how im gonna learn to sleep on my side ha! I dnt think u can do much to make it work other than takin it easy, and say few prays! My theory is we have no control over whether it works or not so try and stay positive and get spoilt for cpl weeks good luck xxx

  • Thanks so much Hifive, that's really reassuring. And many congratulations! I guess a baby bump will make for side sleeping :-) good luck xxx

  • Hi, there's so many things out there it's confusing!

    I did acupuncture, pineapple core for 5 days, kept feet warm and ate warm foods!

    Most of all though I took it easy and occupied myself meeting friends etc

    Good luck with your FET x

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi,

    Keep your feet warm as it keeps the uterus warm. Don't go in for really hot baths, Avoid caffeine, sleeping on your stomach should be fine as long as your not uncomfortable, drink lots of water, no heavy lifting, don't use strong chemicals i.e bleach etc. Don't know if these are all right but I stuck to them and got a BFP. Good luck in your journey!! xxx

  • Thank you xx

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