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Feeling low after FET

Hello all,

Sorry to be blunt in the title of this post, but I'm feeling v low during the 2ww after FET. I know there's no way of knowing for sure, but my instincts tell me i'm not pregnant. (I think I've got a fair idea, as have had two previous embryo transfer, one of which resulted in BFP [before miscarriage] and one which resulted in BFP. Nice to be able to vent on this site - I'm a counsellor, so spend most of my working day supporting others (which I generally enjoy) but at the moment it's pretty tough, when feeling fragile myself. So it's a bit of a relief to be able to say, right now, that I feel pretty awful, (rather than have to put any sort of brave face on, on this forum) and that I'm taking comfort from the support of this forum.

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Hi noper. Im on my 2ww test on friday. We only had one embryo transferred

and this is our first cycle. I understand what you are saying. When the transfer

was done last week I was convinced it had worked but now im not so sure.

Still getting period like pains but that could just be the drugs im still on. Its

so hard trying to stay positive. Good luck, ive got everything crossed for you.

Fingers crossed we are both mummies soon x


Thanks for your thoughts Pumpkin. Yes, the wait is agony, isn't it? But in some ways I'm just feeling like, whatever the outcome, it will be a relief to do the test and know where I am. Hope your outcome is good.


Feeling for you. Hope you can distract yourself enough to at least get through to the testing.

Fingers crossed for you both


Thank you flowergirl. Whatever I can cross on my body, its crossed lol


Hiya pumpkin I hope you are ok hun. This is my second round icsi. I felt same on my first round, i felt a sudden change in my body and temperament. Nobody really understands unless they been through it themselves and that's the good thing about thus site. Chin up hun. Got fingers and toes crossed for you.


Hi Paeroking,

Thanks for your message. Nice to know that so many fingers and toes are crossed, from people on this board. Good luck with your icsi.


Noper I mean lol. :-)


I know the feeling, hun. Need to vent but this is the only place I can think of where no-one is going to get offended.

Embryo transfer 2 days ago and ever since I have been one deep breath away from tears. Hubby is trying to cheer me up and it's all I can do not to swear at / hit / divorce him. I've been blaming the hormones, but I think it's because I secretly don't believe this is going to work, and I'm angry at the entire universe for doing this to me. At every stage of the proceedings I have managed disappointing results, or 'not as well as we could have hoped' as they very generously put it, so I can't see why I have any right to be optimistic now. And I can't stand the 'emotional support' family and friends have been giving - I am not excited. This is not exciting. It's bloody awful. It's a terrible thing to admit but I want to ask the whole world to kindly f*ck off and leave me alone.

You're right though, it is good to vent. Might even attempt a civil conversation with hubby today...


If its any consolation I didnt think I was pregnant when I WAS so fingers crossed things will turn out well for you - THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING IS A WONDERFUL THING!!! stay in touch and send us your Success Story - www . infertility help today . com infertilityhelptoday.com. the very best wishes :)


Hiya pokedandprodded I felt exactly the same after my first round of Ivf, I couldn't stand even being around any family or friends. I havnt been as bad this time so far but still month upon month when periods come, the feeling of disappointment and all the negative thoughts keep creaping back. Feels like nobody really understands what we are going through and that's the beauty of this sight, we ate all in the same boat, we can rant and rave as much as we like and not offend anyone. I know every1 deals with things in their own way but when it comes to it we all feel pretty much the same with infertility issues so truly ur not on ur own hun and I really do hope everything goes well for you.


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