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First FET, any tips?

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Hello lovely ladies!

I am gearing up for my first FET and have my follow up appt from failed IVF and signing papers/going over FET protocol today..

I’m excited to get started again. I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on the whole process? I have been exercising again as I stopped last Nov to give my body a rest for the IVF but since getting our BFN have started again, I plan to keep going until I start prognova which then I will concentrate more on just yoga and walking (just walking after transfer too 😉)..

I’m in two minds about taking holiday after the actual transfer? I didn’t after my last fresh. I’m an Accountant and although I have a busy-ish work load, I never feel stressed at work.. I guess I’m just thinking too much about if it doesn’t work then I have take time off for nothing.. What’s everyone else’s thoughts on taking time off directly after transfer?

Also, any other words of wisdom would be amazing!

Thank you and wishing everyone else well on their journeys xxxx

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Maybe if you just take the day or a couple of days? I’ve always taken the whole tww off but my job is physical. If you feel your job will take your mind off it then maybe it’s the best place to be. Good luck xx

Thank you! A bit of both really! It will take my mind off it but still, want to feel like I’m doing all I can do perhaps taking a few days will be good. I hope your wedding plans are going well. Take care xx

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Tugsgirl in reply to Jenjen84

Taking a few days off sounds like a good compromise. Yes all going well so far. Speaking to our photographer today xx

I would have the time off. I found it was more peace of mind for me, knowing that I did what I could to minimise stress. My first round I had only the first week off and went back to work the second week, but this time round I’m having the full 2 weeks. Good luck x

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Jenjen84 in reply to beauty1984

Thank you.. I think a few days off won’t hurt! I’ll just have to force myself not to do stuff round the house! 😂 xx

Wishing you lots of luck for the transfer!! I’ve had 7 embryo transfers with 4bfp’s and always rested for the first few days. There’s lots of debate and studies indicating that test post transfer isn’t necessary but it’s so precious that whatever the outcome you need to feel comfortable that you gave it the best chance. The last few transfers have been abroad and both flights and gentle walking to the terminal etc have done no harm but take the opportunity to rest and pamper yourself!

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Jenjen84 in reply to Abbie40

Thank you..! I’m really hoping a BFP is on the cards this time! A few days off won’t hurt.. My problem is I’m so figgity and always want to be doing stuff! 😂 xx

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Abbie40 in reply to Jenjen84

I’m the same and currently on my 2ww. Currently watching Loose Women’ i’m 7 days post 5day fet and tested positive on a FRER test 2 days ago but being v cautious until I have my bloods next week.

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Jenjen84 in reply to Abbie40

Oooo, wishing you so much luck for test day and hope the positive line gets stronger! Xx

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Abbie40 in reply to Jenjen84

Thanks so much!!! V scared as had this joy before and 2nd lot of bloods indicated chemical pregnancies but have to remain positive. Wishing you lots of luck!!! Keep us posted :) x

Also, to all the lovely ladies on here please ensure you’ve been tested fully for any immune issues. Unfortunately I had 5 miscarriages at different stages purely due to undiagnosed Factor V Leiden (a blood clotting genetic condition). I was tested for this finally following 3 consecutive chemical pregnancies. Once I was put on Clexane injections a few days pre transfer and 6 weeks post partum I was able to have a healthy baby. V frustrating and heartbreaking that these things have to be learned along the way!!

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2wwques in reply to Abbie40

Abbie40 that just happened to me!! I had a chemical pregnancy and then a miscarriage from natural conception. Then, my first FET ended in a chemical miscarriage so they tested me and I have factor v also! We are starting progesterone and all the autoimmune stuff tonight - including blood thinners. I also told my super stressful job I’m out! So I am hoping these things help make this one go well and stick. Praying 🙏 you think it will?? And agreed that I wish they teated me before the last transfer. He may still be growing, if 😭

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