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Endo diagnosis + pain after exercise?


Hi all, I'm seeing my GP next week (armed with the Endo UK pain and symptom diary and history diary) to talk about endo. She diagnosed IBS 4 years ago (I get diarrhoea about once a day and can take about 4 packets of imodium instants in a week), and always offers contraceptive pills or the coil when I complain about painful sex or frequent periods (my cycle is about 24/25 days in length and extremely heavy). What were your experiences with your GPs? Did anyone go to a national endo centre?

I was wondering if anyone experiences sharp abdominal pains (not stitches) after they exercise? It completely ruins the endorphin high that I'm on and is immensely painful. It's like a shooting, stabbing pain and always in the abdominal/ovary area.

I hope I finally get a referral to an endo specialist and can get a laproscopy to see what is actually causing all my symptoms!

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Hi! Sorry to hear you’re going through all that pain and not getting the help you need. I struggled with my GP as he tried to make my pain seem like it was nothing I really had to fight to get sent to get an ultrasound and only when I got those results did he agree that I need answers and sent me to a specialist (i’m now waiting for my lap that’s jn a couple of weeks). I did the same as you i brought a pain diary and a filled out form from endometriosis UK and pushed to get seen by a specialist. I think if you want the answers you might have to fight for it but don’t give up!

Also about what you mentioned about the exercise, i only really have it around my period but if I go to the gym whether it be weight lifting or cardio I will always end up in so much pain afterwards. You are definitely not alone!

Part happy, but part sad to know that others too are suffering in the same way! Glad you got seen and good luck for your lap! I will keep on fighting

Hope things go okay with the gp! I changed gp to get diagnosed and they’ve been very supportive since.

I also get a similar pain after exercise, and it worsens my bloating (who goes to the gym to get bloated? Lol). I find avoiding direct core work makes it a bit easier.

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I can sometimes look about 4-5 pregnant and wear extremely stretchy and baggy clothes as I get so bloated. I once got asked if I was pregnant as my stomach was so distended. Glad to know that someone else gets the same pain, and not so happy if you get me! I've tried switching up different exercises, but even after yoga I get it, so can't seem to find a middle ground. Other times, I don't get it at all!

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Omg you could be me! Lol.

I do yoga everyday using the “yoga with Adrienne” monthly playlist. I skip anything with “core” in the title and remind myself to do planks on my knees (even on good days) and basically figure out how to adapt things.

I try to listen to my body, working out when everything is inflamed would be like running on a sprained ankle, but I still try to keep up with working out when I can as I believe the long term benefits out weigh the cons. If I’m ever unsure I give myself a “10 minute rule”, I turn up for 10 minutes and if I still feel crap I’ll sit out. It’s reduced a lot of anxiety and means I still get to maintain the social aspect and sometimes I even feel better.

I used to feel self conscious in the gym but now I tell myself people will think “look at that badass pregnant lady lifting weights”

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