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Pain after exercise?

Hey! I'm currently battling the endo-fatigue to train for the Leeds Total Warrior race (raaargh!) in June this year. I used to go running a lot but stopped when my endo first came to its peak a couple of years ago as I couldn't do anything strenuous without excruciating pain/bleeding loads. One lap and two prostap courses later and I'm trying again, and although I'm not in pain all of the time (hooray!), I've noticed that after a run I have a LOT of that horrible achy abdominal pain that screams of endo - does anyone else have this? It doesn't hurt WHILE I'm running but it does very much afterwards, but I'm determined to not let it get in my way - I think the benefits of the exercise certainly outweigh the pain that I'm in afterwards, but wanted to check if other people suffer with this and if it's anything I need to worry about? Thoughts appreciated :) xxx

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Hi Hun. Yes I'm the same after exercise and like you agree the exercise helps. I love dancing but after a bad attack last November I've been unable to attend my classes. However I started swimming once to twice a week. i hope this helps. Take care. Julie xx

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Hi, yes I sometimes have pain after running. I'm trying to get fit again after a bit of a slump due to tiredness and depression after bad news a few weeks ago.

I'm trying to eat very healthily and get fit again. Ran the last two days after nothing for a few weeks so at the start!

I find the pain is either pelvic or in my side where my appendix was removed. Running is high impact as we both know, so swimming and the cross trainer are going to be my choices on some days depending on how I'm feeling.

Hope you do well in your race!



I used to get bad pain and needing to go to toilet with my bowel adhesion after a jog while bleeding. When I had pelvic pain, jogging made it worse once but when I have flank or rib pain, it doesn't seem to make it worse.

I've had Mirena coil in since mid January which made me bleed a lot but seemed to made me stop bleeding all together. I also stop drinking alcohol pretty much, and my jogging time is a bit faster.

Good luck with the race, I will be attending 100km cycling event in June in Dartmoor, so will need more training, too!


Hiya, I always have pain after exercise, i used to be really fit and would go to the gym 3 -4 times a week. I also suffer with extreme fatigue too which stops me from exercising the way i like. Good luck for June love Heidi xx


I find if I exercise regularly, then my body gets used to it, when I have a couple of weeks off, the pain and tiredness is worse. I definitely feel better for doing exercise and kind of look at it that I would be in pain even if I didn't exercise, so I may as well! I get lower back pain and then some in my groin.


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